Socialist Thought: A Documentary History / Edition 2

Socialist Thought: A Documentary History / Edition 2

by Albert Fried

ISBN-10: 0231082657

ISBN-13: 9780231082655

Pub. Date: 06/03/1993

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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Columbia University Press
Publication date:
A Morningside Book Series
Edition description:
Revised Edition
Product dimensions:
5.53(w) x 8.47(h) x 1.52(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

Table of Contents

Preface to the Morningside Edition
Ch. IGeneral Introduction1
Ch. IIEarly French Communism14
2Morelly: Code of Nature17
3Jean Jacques Rousseau: Discourse of Inequality31
4"Gracchus" Babeuf43
aLetter to Dubois de Fosseux
bManifesto of the Equals
cAnalysis of the Doctrine of Babeuf
dExcerpt from the Trial of Babeuf
Ch. IIIUtopian Socialism72
2Claude Henri Saint-Simon73
aLetter from an Inhabitant of Geneva
bThe New Christianity
3The Saint-Simonians: Exposition of the Doctrine of Saint-Simon: First Session; On the Necessity of a New Social Doctrine102
4Charles Fourier: Selected Writings126
5Robert Owen: Discourse Delivered at New Lanark151
Ch. IVThe Emergence of the Proletariat185
2Chartism: "Crown and Anchor" Petition186
3Louis Auguste Blanqui: The Man Who Makes the Soup Should Get to Eat It191
4Pierre Joseph Proudhon: What Is Property?199
5Louis Blanc: The Organization of Labor230
Ch. VEarly German Socialism238
2Johann Gottlieb Fichte: The Closed Commercial State239
3Moses Hess: The Philosophy of the Act245
Ch. VIMarx and Engels276
2Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844280
3Theses on Feuerbach292
4To J. Weydemeyer (March 5, 1852)295
5Preface to the Critique of Political Economy295
6Inaugural Address of the Workingmen's International Association300
7To L. Kugelmann (October 9, 1866)305
8Engels's Explanation of Capital306
9To F. Bolte (November 23, 1871)314
10Engels: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific317
11Engels: To F. Mehring (July 14, 1893)324
Ch. VIIAnarchism328
2Michael Bakunin: To the International Workingmen's Association of Locle and Chaux-de-Fonds330
3Peter Kropotkin: Mutual Aid344
4Syndicalism: Georges Sorel: Reflections on Violence353
5Guild Socialism: G. D. H. Cole: Guild Socialism Restated364
Ch. VIIIRevisionism375
2Ferdinand Lassalle: The Workers' Program377
3Fabian Socialism: Sidney Webb: English Progress toward Social Democracy389
4Jean Jaures: Idealism in History403
5Alexandre Millerand: Saint-Mande Program415
6Eduard Bernstein: Evolutionary Socialism422
7Karl Kautsky: The Road to Power434
Ch. IXBolshevism446
2Georgi Plekhanov: Socialism and the Political Struggle448
3Vladimir Lenin457
aWhat Is to Be Done?
bState and Revolution
4Karl Kautsky: Dictatorship of the Proletariat480
5Leon Trotsky: The New Course489
6Joseph Stalin497
aThe Foundations of Leninism
bOn the Problems of Leninism
Ch. XContemporary Socialism: Two View511
2Antonio Gramsci512
aMarxism and Modern Culture
bThe Modern Prince
3C. A. R. Crosland: The Future of Socialism526
Ch. XINewer Currents in Socialist Thought542
2Andre Gorz544
aFarewell to the Working Class
bEcology as Politics
3Zillah Eisenstein565
aDeveloping a Theory of Capitalist Patriarchy and Socialist Feminism
4Cornel West583
aProphesy Deliverance! An Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity
5Samir Amin604
aThe Future of Socialism

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