Sociology / Edition 9

Sociology / Edition 9

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by John J. MacIonis

ISBN-10: 0130988162

ISBN-13: 9780130988164

Pub. Date: 04/28/2002

Publisher: Pearson

This Sociology book offers a fresh and contemporary perspective with a focus on the major methods, theories, and findings of the field. Its emphasis on cultivating a global perspective, its multicultural view, its focus on critical thinking, and its abundance of boxed features highlighting and personalizing contemporary applications appeal to readers across all


This Sociology book offers a fresh and contemporary perspective with a focus on the major methods, theories, and findings of the field. Its emphasis on cultivating a global perspective, its multicultural view, its focus on critical thinking, and its abundance of boxed features highlighting and personalizing contemporary applications appeal to readers across all academic backgrounds. Develops and illustrates the significance of sociology as a perspective in Ch. 1 and notes explicitly in each chapter the benefits of applying the sociological perspective. Thought-provoking Social Diversity boxes highlight how issues affect women, people of color, or other segments of our population. Critical Thinking boxes assist the reader in shaping questions, identifying relevant evidence, and reaching reasoned conclusions about their social world. Global Sociology boxes examine the fascinating cultural diversity found throughout the world and lend a global and comparative view to issues. Sociology of Everyday Life boxes reveal how the sociological perspective encourages new understandings of familiar life experiences. Profile boxes introduce the key men and women who have shaped the discipline of sociology

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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Summary, Key Concepts, Critical-Thinking Questions, Applications and Exercises, Sites to See, and Investigate with ContentSelect.)


1. The Sociological Perspective.
The Sociological Perspective. The Importance of Global Perspective. Applying the Sociological Perspective. The Origins of Sociology. Sociological Theory.

2. Sociological Investigation.
The Basics of Sociological Investigation. Science: Basic Elements and Limitations. The Methods of Sociological Research. Putting It All Together: Ten Steps in Sociological Investigation.


3. Culture.
What Is Culture? The Components of Culture. Cultural Diversity: Many Ways of Life in One World. Theoretical Analysis of Culture. Culture and Human Freedom.

4. Society.
Gerhard Lenski: Society and Technology. Karl Marx: Society and Conflict. Max Weber: The Rationalization of Society. Emile Durkheim: Society and Function. Critical Evaluation: Four Visions of Society

5. Socialization.
Social Experience: The Key to Our Humanity. Understanding Socialization. Agents of Socialization. Socialization and the Life Course. Resocialization: Total Institutions.

6. Social Interaction in Everyday Life.
Social Structure: A Guide to Everyday Living. Status. Role. The Social Construction of Reality. Dramaturgical Analysis: “The Presentation of Self.” Interaction in Everyday Life: Gender and Humor.

7. Groups and Organizations.
Social Groups. Formal Organizations. The Evolution of Formal Organizations. The Future of Organizations: Opposing Trends.

8. Deviance.
What Is Deviance? The Foundations of Deviance: Structural-functional Analysis. Labeling Deviance: Symbolic-interaction Analysis. Deviance and Inequality: Social-Conflict Analysis. Deviance and Social Diversity. Crime. The Criminal Justice System.

9. Sexuality.
Understanding Sexuality. Sexual Attitudes in the United States. Sexual Orientation. Sexual Controversies. Theoretical Analysis of Sexuality.


10. Social Stratification.
What Is Social Stratification? Caste and Class Systems. The Functions of Social Stratification. Stratification and Conflict. Stratification and Technology: A Global Perspective. Social Stratification: Facts and Values.

11. Social Class in the United States.
Dimensions of Social Inequality. Social Stratification and Birth. Social Classes in the United States. The Difference Class Makes. Social Mobility. Poverty in the United States.

12. Global Stratification.
Global Stratification: An Overview. Global Wealth and Poverty. Global Stratification: Theoretical Analysis. Global Stratification: Looking Ahead.

13. Gender Stratification.
Gender and Inequality. Gender and Socialization. Gender and Social Stratification. Theoretical Analysis of Gender. Feminism. Looking Ahead: Gender in the Twenty-First Century.

14. Race and Ethnicity.
The Social Meaning of Race and Ethnicity. Prejudice. Discrimination. Majority and Minority: Patterns of Interaction. Race and Ethnicity in the United States. Race and Ethnicity: Looking Ahead.

15. Aging and the Elderly.
The Graying of the United States. Growing Old: Biology and Culture. Transitions and Challenges of Aging. Theoretical Analysis of Aging. Death and Dying. Looking Ahead: Aging in the Twenty-First Century.


16. The Economy and Work.
The Economy: Historical Overview. Economic Systems: Paths to Justice. Work in the Postindustrial Economy. Corporations. Looking Ahead: The Economy of the Twenty-First Century.

17. Politics and Government.
Power and Authority. Politics in Global Perspective. Politics in the United States. Theoretical Analysis of Power in Society. Power Beyond the Rules. War and Peace. Looking Ahead: Politics in the Twenty-First Century.

18. Family.
The Family: Basic Concepts. The Family: Global Variations. Theoretical Analysis of the Family. Stages of Family Life. U.S. Families: Class, Race, and Gender. Transitions and Problems in Family Life. Alternative Family Forms. New Reproductive Technology and the Family. Looking Ahead: The Family in the Twenty-First Century.

19. Religion.
Religion: Basic Concepts. Theoretical Analysis of Religion. Religion and Social Change. Types of Religious Organization. Religion in History. World Religions. Religion in the United States. Religion in a Changing Society. Looking Ahead: Religion in the Twenty-First Century.

20. Education.
Education: A Global Survey. The Functions of Schooling. Schooling and Social Inequality. Problems in the Schools. Recent Issues in U.S. Education. Looking Ahead: Schooling in the Twenty-First Century.

21. Health and Medicine.
What Is Health? Health: A Global Survey. Health in the United States. The Medical Establishment. Theoretical Analysis of Health and Medicine. Looking Ahead: Health in the Twenty-First Century.


22. Population, Urbanization, and Environment.
Demography: The Study of Population. History and Theory of Population Growth. Urbanization: The Growth of Cities. Urbanism as a Way of Life. Urbanization in Poor Societies. Environment and Society. Looking Ahead: Toward a Sustainable World.

23. Collective Behavior and Social Movements.
Studying Collective Behavior. Localized Collectivities: Crowds. Dispersed Collectivities: Mass Behavior. Social Movements. Looking Ahead: Social Movements in the Twenty-First Century.

24. Social Change: Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Societies.
What Is Social Change? Causes of Social Change. Modernity. Theoretical Analysis of Modernity. Postmodernity. Looking Ahead: Modernization and Our Global Future.

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