Sociology of Medicine

Sociology of Medicine

by William C. Cockerham

ISBN-10: 1858980216

ISBN-13: 9781858980218

Pub. Date: 01/28/1995

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Table of Contents

1The Sociological Relevance of Chronic Illness3
2Max Weber, Formal Rationality, and Health Lifestyles29
3A Critical Theory of Medical Discourse: Ideology, Social Control, and the Processing of Social Context in Medical Encounters45
4Ageing, Status Politics and Sociological Theory65
5Socioeconomic Status and Health: How Education, Income, and Occupation Contribute to Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease87
6Acculturation and Symptoms: A Comparative Study of Reported Health Symptoms in Three Samoan Communities92
7Depression among the Homeless104
8Uncertainty and the Lives of Persons with AIDS119
9Migrant Labor and Sexually Transmitted Disease: AIDS in Africa131
10HIV Transmission Through Social and Geographical Networks in Uganda152
11The Patterning of Health by Social Position in Contemporary Britain: Directions for Sociological Research161
12Chronic Illness over the Life Course: Class Inequalities among Men and Women in Britain184
13The Effects of Women's Employment: Personal Control and Sex Differences in Mental Health210
14The Sociological Study of Stress227
15Low Status Control, High Effort at Work and Ischemic Heart Disease: Prospective Evidence from Blue-Collar Men243
16The Image of Health: Variations in Perception by Social Class in a French Population253
17Social Stratification and Health Lifestyles in Two Systems of Health Care Delivery: A Comparison of the United States and West Germany284
18Fitness and the Postmodern Self298
19Self Care: Japan and the U.S. Compared313
20Reshaping of Self: A Pendular Reconstruction of Self and Identity among Adults with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury325
21Life Mirrors Work Mirrors Text Mirrors Life ...354
22Using Alternative Therapies: Marginal Medicine and Central Concerns369
23Carribbean Home Remedies and their Importance for Black Women's Health Care in Britain383
24The "Eclipse" of Folk Medicine in Western Society397
25The Redefinition of the Situation: The Social Construction of Spiritual Healing Experiences416
26Toward a New Sociology of Medical Education437
27Learning To Doctor: Reflections on Recent Accounts of the Medical School Years453
28Professional Socialization and Social Control: From Medical Students to General Practitioners463
29Gender and Medical Socialization474
30The Social Position and Internal Organization of the Medical Profession in the Third World: The Case of Singapore485
31The Patient's Right to Information in Japan: Legal Rules and Doctor's Opinions502
32Convergence or Divergence in Third World Medical Education? An Arab Study512
33Women in a Women's Job: The Gendered Experience of Nurses528
34Paying the Hospital: American Problems and Foreign Solutions549
35All Change in the NHS? Implications of the NHS Reforms for Primary Care Prevention563
36The Reorganization of the Medical Profession588
37Rationalization and the Deprofessionalization of Physicians613
38Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries: Health Policy Responses to Epidemiological Change635
Name Index643

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