Soil Carbon Dynamics: An Integrated Methodology

Soil Carbon Dynamics: An Integrated Methodology

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by Werner L. Kutsch

An integrated view of the current and emerging methods and concepts applied in soil carbon research.See more details below


An integrated view of the current and emerging methods and concepts applied in soil carbon research.

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List of Contributors vi

Preface ix

Editorial Acknowledgements xi

1 Soil carbon relations: an overview Werner L. Kutsch Michael Bahn Andreas Heinemeyer 1

2 Field measurements of soil respiration: principles and constraints, potentials and limitations of different methods Jukka Pumpanen Bernard Longdoz Werner L. Kutsch 16

3 Experimental design: scaling up in time and space, and its statistical considerations Jens-Arne Subke Andreas Heinemeyer M. Reichstein 34

4 Determination of soil carbon stocks and changes Mirco Rodeghiero Andreas Heinemeyer Marion Schrumpf Pat Bellamy 49

5 Litter decomposition: concepts, methods and future perspectives Mirco Francesca Cotrufo Ilaria Del Galdo Daniela Piermatteo 76

6 Characterization of soil organic matter Karolien Denef Alain F. Plante Johan Six 91

7 Respiration from roots and the mycorrhizosphere Fernando E. Moyano Owen K. Atkin Michael Bahn Dan Bruhn Andrew J. Burton Andreas Heinemeyer Werner L. Kutsch Gerhard Wieser 127

8 Separating autotrophic and heterotrophic components of soil respiration: lessons learned from trenching and related root-exclusion experiments Daniel Epron 157

9 Measuring soil microbial parameters relevant for soil carbon fluxes Werner L. Kutsch Joshua Schimel Karolien Denef 169

10 Trophic interactions and their implications for soil carbon fluxes Edward Ayres Diana H. Wall Richard D. Bardgett 187

11 Semi-empirical modelling of the response of soil respiration to environmental factors in laboratory and field conditions Markus Reichstein Ivan A. Janssens 207

12 Modelling soil carbon dynamics Pete Falloon Pete Smith 221

13 The role of soils in the Kyoto Protocol Pete Smith Pete Falloon Werner L. Kutsch 245

14 Synthesis: emerging issues and challenges for an integrated understanding of soil carbon fluxes Michael Bahn Werner L. Kutsch Andreas Heinemeyer 257

15 Appendix: Towards a standardized protocol for the measurement of soil CO2 efflux Michael Bahn Werner L. Kutsch Anderas Heinemeyer Ivan A. Janssens 272

Index 281

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