Solar and Planetary Dynamos

Solar and Planetary Dynamos

by M. R. E. Proctor

This volume represents a comprehensive record of research into the theory of dynamos.See more details below


This volume represents a comprehensive record of research into the theory of dynamos.

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Cambridge University Press
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Publications of the Newton Institute Series
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Preface; 1. Magnetic noise and the galactic dynamo; 2. On the oscillation in model Z; 3. Nonlinear dynamos in a spherical shell; 4. The onset of dynamo action in alpha-lambda dynamos; 5. Multifractality, near-singularities and the role of stretching in turbulence; 6. Note on perfect fast dynamo action in a large-amplitude SFS map; 7. A thermally driven disc dynamo; 8. Magnetic instabilities in rapidly rotating systems; 9. Modes of a flux ring lying in the equator of a star; 10. A nonaxisymmetric dynamo in toroidal geometry; 11. Simulating the interaction of convection with magnetic fields in the sun; 12. Experimental aspects of a laboratory scale liquid sodium dynamo model; 13. Influence of the period of an ABC flow on its dynamo action; 14. Numerical calculations of dynamos for ABC and related flows; 15. Incompressible Euler equations; 16. On the quasimagnetostrophic asymptotic approximation related to solar activity; 17. Simple dynamical fast dynamos; 18. A numerical study of dynamos in spherical shells with conducting boundaries; 19. Non-axisymmetric shear layers in a rotating spherical shell; 20. Testing for dynamo action; 21. Alpha-quenching in cylindrical magnetoconvection; 22. On the stretching of line elements in fluids: an approach from different geometry; 23. Instabilities of tidally and precessionally induced flows; 24. Probability distribution of passive scalars with nonlinear mean gradient; 25. Magnetic fluctuations in fast dynamos; 26. A statistical description of MHD turbulence in laboratory plasma; 27. Compressible magnetoconvection in three dimensions; 28. The excitation of nonaxisymmetric magnetic fields in galaxies; 29. Localized magnetic fields in a perfectly conducting fluid; 30. Turbulent dynamo and the geomagnetic secular variation; 31. On-off intermittency: general description and feedback model; 32. Dynamo action in a nearly integrable chaotic flow; 33. The dynamo mechanism in the deep convection zone of the sun; 34. Shearing instabilities in magnetoconvection; 35. On the role of rotation of the internal core relative to the mantle; 36. Evolution of magnetic fields in a swirling jet; 37. Analytic fast dynamo solution for a two-dimensional pulsed flow; 38. On magnetic dynamos in thin accretion disks around compact and young stars; 39. The strong field branch of the Childress-Soward dynamo; 40. Evidence for the suppression of the alpha-effect by weak magnetic fields; 41. Turbulent magnetic transport effects and their relation to magnetic field intermittency; 42. Proving the existence of negative variation of electrical conductivity; 43. Spherical inertial oscillation and convection; 44. Hydrodynamics stability of the ABC flow; 45. Dynamos with ambipolar diffusion; Subject index.

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