Solar Water Heating--Revised & Expanded Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water and Space Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating--Revised & Expanded Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water and Space Heating Systems

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by Bob Ramlow, Benjamin Nusz

A complete array of solar water heating solutions.See more details below


A complete array of solar water heating solutions.

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New Society Publishers
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Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series
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Second Edition
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8.72(w) x 7.68(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments IX

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 History 5

Chapter 2 Conservation and the Economics of Solar Water Heating 11

The True Cost of Fossil Fuel 13

A Brief History of Fossil Fuels 15

Life-Cycle Costing 17

Chapter 3 Types of Solar Collectors 23

Flat Plate Collectors 24

Evacuated Tube Collectors 26

ICS Collectors 30

Concentrating Collectors 32

Pool Collectors 33

Comparing Solar Water Heating Collectors 34

Air Collectors 39

Chapter 4 Other System Components 41

Storage Tanks 41

Heat Exchangers 46

Pumps 47

Piping and Pipe Insulation 49

Solar Fluids 51

Other System Components 53

Chapter 5 Solar Water Heating Systems 65

Introduction 65

Pressurized Antifreeze Systems 68

Drainback Systems 77

Integral Collector Storage Systems 82

Thermosiphon Systems 84

Open-Loop Systems 86

Draindown Systems 87

Refrigerant Solar Water Heaters 89

Solar Heated Pools 90

Solar Heated Hot Tubs and Spas 94

Chapter 6 Solar Space Heating Systems 97

Liquid-Type Solar Heating Systems 99

Liquid-Type Systems without Storage 99

Liquid-Type Systems with Storage 101

Heat Delivery Methods 110

High-Mass Systems 119

Air-Type Solar Heating Systems 124

Chapter 7 Choosing the Right System for Your Needs 129

Siting a Solar Energy System 130

Sizing a Solar Water Heating System 137

Sizing a Solar Space Heating System 143

Sizing Components 150

Sizing Expansion Tanks 156

Sizing Air Heating Systems 157

Chapter 8 System Installation 159

Installing Solar Water Heating Systems 159

Handling Solar Collectors 161

Mounting Solar Collectors 165

Mounting the Heat Exchanger 181

Plumbing the System 184

Testing the System 192

Installing Solar Pool Heating Systems 193

Installing Radiant Floor Tubing 194

Chapter 9 System Operation and Maintenance 203

Charging a Pressurized System 203

Charging a High-Mass System 209

Finishing Up 209

Controls and Power Sources 210

Maintenance 218

Appendix A Wire Sizing Chart 225

Appendix B Metric Conversions 227

Appendix C Temperature and Resistance Conversion Chart for 10K Thermistors 229

Glossary 231

Index 235

About the Authors 245

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