Soldier of Fortune Murders: A True Story of Obsessive Love and Murder for Hire

Soldier of Fortune Murders: A True Story of Obsessive Love and Murder for Hire

by Ben Green

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John Wayne Hearn, a Vietnam veteran unable to find success or happiness in his post-Vietnam life, decided to continue his career as a freelance soldier and advertised his services in Soldier of Fortune magazine. At the same time, Debbie Bannister and her family in Florida were seeking a way to get rid of her sister's ex-husband, and Bob Black in Texas was actively looking for someone to murder his wife Sandra. The Bannisters and Bob Black found Hearn, and deadly contracts were struck. Hearn, a weak man who was unable to sustain relationships with women, became obsessed with Debbie Bannister, who manipulated him for her own goals. Ultimately, three murders were committed. A second part of the story involves the ``wrongful death'' suit brought against Soldier of Fortune by Sandra Black's family. It was the first of many suits against Soldier of Fortune pitting the first amendment issue of freedom of the press against responsibility for criminal wrongdoing. Well written, suspenseful, and fast paced, this book will be popular with ``true crime'' fans. Recommended.-- Sandra K. Lindheimer, Middlesex Law Lib., Cam bridge, Mass.

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