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Soldier of the Year

Soldier of the Year

by Jose Zuniga, Tom Miller (Editor)

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A staunch Republican and patriot who loved the Army, Sergeant Zuniga was a military journalist who served in the Gulf War and was honored as the Sixth Army's 1993 Soldier of the Year. A gay man whose wife was a lesbian, he had been hiding his sexual orientation behind the ``happily married'' facade. But living a duplicitous life was increasingly hard on him, and his crisis of conscience was dramatically resolved when he delivered a coming-out speech during the gay/lesbian demonstrations in April 1993 in Washington, D.C., before an audience of nearly a million. The Army reacted swiftly, stripping him of his rank and threatening him with a court-martial for a minor uniform infraction. Since his discharge-which was honorable-Zuniga has been busy speaking out for gay rights and expressing his disgust over President Clinton's ``don't ask, don't tell'' compromise, which Zuniga calls a ``sellout to homophobes and bigots.'' His book includes a vivid picture of San Francisco's Castro Street culture (Zuniga was stationed at the Presidio in that city) and a poignant account of his relationship with his macho father and tenderhearted mother. This well-told personal story avoids shrillness and self-righteousness, and wins admiration for Zuniga's courage. (Oct.)
Library Journal
Sixth Army Soldier of the Year for 1992, Zuniga was discharged from the U.S. Army after coming out as a gay man at the 1993 March on Washington for gay and lesbian rights. A journalist before and during his four years of service, Zuniga would seem uniquely qualified to tell the tale of one gay man's service to his country. He offers a mlange of his own life story, from his youth as an army brat through his development into a gay rights activist after his discharge; a history of the mainstream politics behind the 1993 battle to lift the ban on gays in the military; and tales of infighting in the lesbian and gay rights movement in the 1990s. Unfortunately, this award-winning journalist's prose is consistently overwitten and often chronologically muddled. Still, Zuniga's centrality to this debate warrants inclusion of his title in larger public libraries.-Eric Bryant, "Library Journal"

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