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A Soldier's Embrace

A Soldier's Embrace

4.3 3
by Julie Romero

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Kidnapped from a stagecoach, debutante Elizabeth Davenport escapes her gold-thirsty captors with her virtue intact, only to find her heart stolen by the dashing Cavalry Officer who rescued her. Elizabeth is anxious to leave behind the dirty, dusty West, but not the Cavalry-committed bachelor, Lieutenant Ryan. Though separated by class, her heart cannot forget


Kidnapped from a stagecoach, debutante Elizabeth Davenport escapes her gold-thirsty captors with her virtue intact, only to find her heart stolen by the dashing Cavalry Officer who rescued her. Elizabeth is anxious to leave behind the dirty, dusty West, but not the Cavalry-committed bachelor, Lieutenant Ryan. Though separated by class, her heart cannot forget him.

Lieutenant Eric Ryan fails at nothing, except romance. Determined not to break Elizabeth's heart, he pushes her toward another. But he has a nagging suspicion there is something hidden behind her fiancé's scholarly manner. With Eric's desire growing for Elizabeth, he finds himself on new ground. However, he's soon to realise that falling in love could be dangerous for both of them.

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Soldier's Embrace 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Molly Copy provided by author for review Absolutely AMAZING! Julie Romero is my new favorite historical author! She pulled me into the story, gripped me completely and kept me on a roller coaster ride throughout. I wasn't sure where I would land by the end of the book but WOW! I was quite pleased with the outcome. Elizabeth Davenport's character is strong and full of fight and beauty, as she finds herself kidnapped by what she thought was Calvary men. Traveling with her Aunt back to Denver and her soon-to-be fiance, her stage is robbed and she's kidnapped by these Calvary men, one of whom bears a VERY strong resemblance to her intended; so much of a resemblance that for a minute she thinks he has a twin. But, he wouldn't lie to her....would he? Traveling along side Elizabeth, I felt for a moment as if I could feel everything she felt, the trembling, the attack, the rescue. All of it was as if I was Elizabeth. Lieutenant Eric Ryan was a Calvary man among the Civil War, that every woman would swoon over. I know I did just from reading about him coming to rescue Elizabeth! I could feel the pounding of hearts, the sweating, the pain, the instant attraction between Ryan and Elizabeth, even as they both denied what was in their hearts. The action of the rescuing, the Indians, the stage robbers, all stole my breath away! It was amazing! Julie Romero did a fantastic job at creating a passionate and vibrant historical romance novel. I love her writing style and her ability to fully capture my attention with just the first page. The action she fills the spaces with, the words and characters, all come to life before me as the reader, and really gripped me. I highly recommend this novel to all history lovers, all romance lovers! Julie Romero is an author who's work quickly finds a place in your heart, and takes you back in time among the horses, the Civil War, and a time where, when you found true love, you clung to that and never let go. Definitely ROSE THAT RULES ALL rating from this happy reader, who is looking forward to more of Romero's work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Julie Romero's A Soldier's Embrace is an old-style Western, a compelling mixture of heroes, villains, violence, intrigue, and, finally, love against all odds. Romero's work isn't always completely original; in many ways, it's an homage to great Westerns of the past, such as The Virginian. Nevertheless, Romero clearly knows the genre, and her skillful writing makes A Soldier's Embrace a must-read for lovers of historical fiction. The novel is centered around Elizabeth Davenport, a spoiled debutante. She comes from a prominent banking family that has fallen upon hard times. Her parents decide to relocate from the gentrified East to Denver, Colorado for two reasons. One reason is to profit financially from the West's gold rushes. The second reason is for a cynical marriage between Elizabeth and Denver resident Warren Sheffield, a accountant who supposedly hails from an upper-class family back in the Eastern United States. Elizabeth is riding in a carriage going out to Colorado. Suddenly, it's accosted by a gang of bandits, led by a once-revered military officer- Captain Reynolds- who has turned into a thieving renegade. Not only are the occupants robbed; Elizabeth is kidnapped. Adding to her horror is the fact that one of the bandits- Arnie- looks virtually identical to her betrothed. She is quickly saved, however, thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant Eric Ryan, a brave but emotionally-distant junior officer from nearby Fort Laramie who tracks the gang down and boldly rescues her from the clutches of her captors. Eventually, the pair find safe haven at the fort. Elizabeth rests there for a short while, and then moves on to Denver and to the loving arms of his timid fiancé, Warren. She may have found physical safety in the city's better neighborhoods, but she is far from secure. She realizes that she no longer loves Warren. Instead, she loves Ryan, who treats her coldly. She feels as if she's cheating on Warren, but the haunting image of Arnie won't leave her mind. Secretly, she knows that Warren must be somehow related to this sadist and thief. This is, indeed, familiar territory to the reader. Still, the book never seems tired, thanks to Romero's vivid characterization. Both Elizabeth and Ryan are fully-realized characters. Both can be irresistible, and both can be infuriating. Mystery also makes A Soldier's Embrace much more than just genre fiction. Oftentimes, the characters are not what they seem. To Elizabeth's snobbish family, Ryan is a rough-hewn soldier but, throughout the text, there are hints that Ryan's heritage is anything but pedestrian. Warren is complicated, too. Why, exactly, does he so closely resemble a violent felon, and why is he so enigmatic? He claims that he comes from a wealthy family, but the Davenports never see or hear from any of his family members, and only rarely does he speak about them. The book becomes a great cat-and-mouse adventure, as Ryan tries hard to balance his love for Elizabeth with his desires to seek out and subdue Captain Reynolds and Arnie. This leads to a true show-stopper ending with gunfights,attempted bank robberies, expressions of love, and even a touch of philosophy as the heroine transforms into a strong woman. Again, Romero's work isn't original, but for those persons who love traditional Westerns, A Soldier's Embrace is as good as it gets. ---Jonathan Maxwell is the author of Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I bought it because I'm a fan of historical fiction and this one is one of the best I've read. Ms. Romero describes each scene in such detail I feel I'm there with the characters. The story about Ellie is sweet. She's young and full of fantasy about life and love. Eric is sexy as hell! The story has a lot of intrigue, which kept me guessing. I was surprised to find it's also funny, not something you normally find in this kind of story. I liked it so much I bought a copy for my sister in law and I've told all my friends about it. Anyone who likes love stories, the West or history would find this to be a great read. I can't wait for her next book.