Solo Banjo Works

Solo Banjo Works

by Béla Fleck

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Rounder / Umgd

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  1. Ruben's Wah Wah
  2. 2 Fourteen
  3. Liberec
  4. Free Improvision #2
  5. Assunta
  6. Old Joe Clark/June Apple
  7. Max and Gus
  8. Beaumont Rag
  9. Kingfisher's Wing
  10. Earl Scruggs Medley: Nashville Syline Rag/Ground Speed/Shucking the C
  11. Jeff Davis Medley: Jeff Davis/Fort Monroe/Danville Days
  12. Yaha Yaha
  13. Beatles Medley: I Feel Fine/Here, There & Everywhere/Eleanor Rigby/
  14. The Rings of Saturn
  15. Green Willis/Whiskey Before Breakfast
  16. Killer Bees on Caffeine
  17. Oma and Opa
  18. Solaris/Flapperatte/Red Pepper-Spicy Rag
  19. Triplet Fever
  20. Bach Violin Partita in D Minor
  21. Did You Ever Meet Gary Owen, Uncle Joe?
  22. Middle Eastern Medley: Improv/Hilmi Rit/George and Gladys Kazatski
  23. Twisted Teen
  24. Au Lait

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