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Solo's Journey

Solo's Journey

by Joy Smith Aiken

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The territory held by old feline warrior Dom Bryndle, called a Quorum, is home to a well-disciplined tribe of feral stray catsand one wet-bottomed kitten named Solo. On the other side of the Great Fence live the Owners, a carelessly cruel breed useful mainly for the ``grail'' they discard, for the ferals have forgotten the ways of wild cats and come to depend on the Owners for survival. Solo feels the tug of the old ways, and heeding the voice that speaks within him, he reluctantly accepts the mantle of leadership. After saving his fellow Quorum members from the final depredations of the Owners, he leads them on a perilous journey to a promised land where all can live free and wild. Although it clearly follows in the footsteps of Watership Down, this slim first novel is so syrupy-sweet as to be almost indigestible. Aiken develops an imaginative language for her characters to speak, but stops short before creating an equally clever animal society, relying instead on a model that comes uncomfortably close to America in the 1950s. (November)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Barely out of kittenhood, Solo emerges to lead his pack of feral cats on a trek from their home near the Great Fence to a place of safety far from the dangers and temptations of the beings known as Owners. Less buoyant than Tad Williams's Tailchaser's Song (LJ 11/15/85), this cat fantasyAiken's first novelnevertheless captures the same range of emotions and charm as Richard Adams's now-classic Watership Down and should appeal to fans of both books. JC

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