Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep

Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep

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by Garrett Smith, Matt Stone

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"Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep" is the ultimate guide to customizing your diet and lifestyle practices to your unique physical and metabolic needs. You'll learn how to maximize your health practices and minimize your time and effort—no more driving yourself to exhaustion in hardcore fitness classes. No more strict, unsustainable


"Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep" is the ultimate guide to customizing your diet and lifestyle practices to your unique physical and metabolic needs. You'll learn how to maximize your health practices and minimize your time and effort—no more driving yourself to exhaustion in hardcore fitness classes. No more strict, unsustainable, and impractical approaches to
nutrition, either. Solving the Paleo Equation will help you not only avoid the ravages of adrenal fatigue, low metabolism, dwindling sex drive, and sleep problems—all-too-common consequences of
overzealous workout regimes—it will help you rehabilitate from the unhealthful "health" protocols you've pursued in the past.

Throughout this book, naturopathic physician Dr. Garrett Smith and independent health researcher and best-selling author Matt Stone address the main areas that the "health seeker" often dangerously ignores, like:

- Sleep: One simple change in your bedroom could restore a normal cortisol rhythm!
- Stress: Practices to keep your home and workspaces from raising your adrenaline and sapping your testosterone!
- Exercise: Simple, free, reliable ways to self-monitor to avoid burnout and overtraining, regardless of the type of exercise!
- Nutrition: Learn about the four "Anti-Stress S's" and their powerful affects in the body!

Instead of regurgitating the old-school saw to "eat clean and exercise more," Smith and Stone focus on the basic pillars of true health and outstanding physical and mental function: sleep, stress, exercise, and nutrition. By analyzing and improving the fundamental areas of physical function—sleep quality, sexual performance, digestion, blood sugar regulation, body temperature, etc. —virtually every system of the body dramatically improves as well.

In "Solving the Paleo Equation", Smith and Stone go beyond simple Paleo theory and take readers on a journey toward a practical and useful understanding of how their bodies work. Using the simple tools of a thermometer and basic biofeedback markers (urine concentration, temperature of hands and feet, mood stability, bowel transit time, etc.), you will learn how to eat and live the most healthfully for YOU.

"Solving the Paleo Equation" is not a health formula, philosophy, cult, fad, or movement, but an education. It's the manual on do-it-yourself health enhancement.

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Meet the Author

Dr. Garrett L. Smith is a licensed naturopathic physician in three states (AZ, WA, OR) who practices primarily clinical nutrition and functional medicine in Tucson, Arizona. He has written online for 180 Degree Health, The Performance Menu, and the Weston A. Price Foundation. He earned his naturopathic medical degree from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and his B.S. in Physiology from the University of Arizona. Also a certified strength coach, he has trained and competed in many sports, ranging from baseball to triathons to Olympic weightlifting. He can be found online at His main goal is to teach people that good health can be obtained without the typical neurotic and fear-driven approaches that have become so trendy in these times.

Matt Stone is an independent health researcher, #1 Amazon bestselling author of more than 15 books, and the founder of 180DegreeHealth, a controversial website that has challenged the status quo on health with a combination of cutting-edge science and radical common sense since 2006.

In his most popular books, Eat for Heat and the Diet Recovery series, Stone lays out explicit instructions for achieving a high metabolic rate, the details of which are Stone's greatest discovery in his decade of intensive research.

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Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's probably going to take that long to break all the ingrained habits this book cuts through like a knife. It's a good dose of sense that I sorely need after all the health programming I've been subjected to throughout my life, from religion to diet and exercise books, and killer aerobics classes. I don't *know* that this is going to work, but I do know that those other programs and prescriptions don't work, and have messed up my metabolism, made me food and exercise phobic, and left me with the metabolism of a sloth. I like Matt and Garrett a lot--they make me laugh, and what they say sounds sensible to me. We'll see. Having read Dr. Schwarzbein and Dr. Maffetone, I already knew my metabolism was messed up and my stress has to be managed. But I'm not going to carry those two docs around, much as I appreciate them. I'm carrying Garrett and Matt around. They make me feel good, and I'm going to give them a chance to prove what they say is true. I received an advanced copy of this book to review, and I appreciate that, but I'm giving it 5 stars because it's pretty hard to make me feel encouraged about diet, exercise and feeling good after all I've run through, and I do feel encouraged. I'm going to watch the health markers they name, and follow the feedback they tell me to follow and see where it leads--hopefully to a temperature above consistently above 97.8, and warm hands and feet for the first time in my life, for starters. Thanks so much for writing and sharing!
SandraHart More than 1 year ago
This book was a good read for me personally; as I am very interested in the topics it covered (stress, nutrition, exercise and sleep) and read articles and books regarding those topics on a daily basis. It was nice to have all the topics, and then some, covered in one easy- to- read source and to compare their advice to other recommendations. I was particularly interested in the chapter regarding body fluids and am going to give the cutting back on fluids advice a try. This could be a challenge since I’m accustomed to having a glass of tea by my side at all times. I also liked when the authors discussed their personal results when trying various methods discussed in the book. It certainly makes things more relatable to the reader. I found it refreshing to see that they are not shy about saying negative things regarding big corporations and big government such as Monsanto and the Food and Drug Administration. Perhaps this will pique the interest of people who are not familiar with some of the appalling things that are going on with these businesses and agencies. Thanks for doing all that research and summing it up for us Matt and Garrett. Oh, and if you’re perchance wondering if any of the senior population is interested in your books, the answer coming from this 69 year old female is yes. As for recommending, it’s a thumbs up.
JessicaAlden More than 1 year ago
I have been following Matt Stone's work for 4+ years after finding him 'accidentally' online as I was searching, yet again, for help with postpartum depression and the many other symptoms(allergies, digestive issues, exhaustion, etc.) of what I was to discover were all signs of adrenal fatigue. I will be the first to admit I follow Matt's advice as PART of my personal wellness 'program', if you will. Since following Matt's advice my allergies have disappeared and my depression and other issues were well on the mend. I found I was in need of more help, and for me that has meant working with a coach and using other alternative and spiritual healing techniques to heal and find peace with my past, and these things are furthering the healing, along with Matt's advice. This said, I really enjoyed this book. It is one I asked him to write several years ago for those of us who were grateful for the science and also found it a lot to grasp. I wanted him to write something that was more 'user friendly'. I think he accomplished that with this book. I've read others' reviews and also understand their frustration at the 'vagueness' they describe with regard to 'what to do with your diet'. To this I would say, I understand AND this is precisely the point Matt and Dr. Smith are attempting to make. We are all unique individuals and no one thing is going to work for us every moment of our own lives, let alone everyone in the world all at the same time. The one thing we can count on in life is change and many of us are fearful of this fact. So when we go into this book looking for answers and then find more questions, I can understand the frustration. And yet, there is liberation and freedom in the questions and open endedness of this book because these men share great questions for us to stop running and begin to become aware of what our bodies are saying to us. I have learned, through my own healing and work with many others, our bodies are our compass to traverse this life, they guide us and help us to understand how to live and thrive, if we listen to them and follow them. We have been taught to seek answers outside of ourselves; that we cannot trust ourselves and must follow the advice of the 'experts'. Matt Stone and Dr. Smith know this to be true and I believe are attempting to convey this message and help us begin to take our power back. I believe the authors of this book do a great job of starting to bring us back to ourselves; to empower us to trust our own bodies and selves to find what works for us to live a thriving life. I believe this is what they are ultimately saying here and they do so with fun, down to earth, relatively easy to understand and implement information. My favorite lines from the book are " Do not allow yourself to become victimized, "hermitized", and paralyzed by health information of any kind. Paying attention to your health should be about enhancing your life, not obliterating it." This is fabulous advice for anything in life. I was one of these people and Matt Stone has helped me to overcome that and I am so grateful. :) These men do a great job of simply having a conversation with the reader and that feels good and real. I did get a bit lost in the world of weight training as this is a foreign realm to me, but I am sure others understand it and will benefit from it. The general premise came through, and can again, be applied to life in general..."Take it easy and listen to your body." I believe the advice and information about addiction was incredibly eye opening and fascinating and too could be applied to many facets of life, not only exercising. I enjoyed the focus on grounding. I am very vaguely familiar with 'Paleo'. I choose not to ascribe to any certain diet or lifestyle. My understanding from the book is that Paleo basically means getting back to basics, to our roots. This means simplifying our lives, keeping our stressors to a minimum, eating delicious whole real food, being in and on the earth as it is in us, moving in a way that feels good to us, participating in life in a way that also feels good to us. I find these ideals refreshing, honest, and life affirming. They have helped me and my family. The information regarding EMF's was particularly intriguing to me as there have been some extra difficult behavioral issues in our home lately and I am going to be unplugging and reconsidering some things to see if it will help. I am a Self Discovery Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Wellness Educator and I have, and will continue to, recommend this book and information to my clients for consideration in their own well being. I recommend this book highly. Thank you Matt Stone and Dr. Garrett Smith for sharing your gifts with the world. :)
RenegadeRN More than 1 year ago
This is not a cookbook "do this, not that" or eat this, not that" it is not even an "eat during these times and NEVER during these times" type of book. Matt and Garrett did an excellent job of showing the interplay of environmental factors, excercise, sleep and stress has on us and our metabolism. If you think were are the sum of "calories in and calories out - so to lose weight just cut calories" then I challenge you to read this book. If you are looking for a primer to better health, then I suggest this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and well organized. The information is timely as we need to get back to a balanced approach to eating and exercising. The book is divided into 4 main sections - stress, nutrition, exercise and sleep. I especially liked the Metabolism Report Card chapter as it gave specific information on how to measure my metabolism every day without spending money on tests or gadgets. If you have lost your health by dieting, following crazy eating plans and over-exercising, this book will help you find your way back to balance.