Solving the Puzzle of Your Hard to Raise Child

Solving the Puzzle of Your Hard to Raise Child

by William G. Crook, Laura J. Stevens, Cynthia P. Crook

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Pediatrician Crook (The Yeast Connection) and Stevens (How to Feed Your Hyperactive Child), the mother of two children, here effectively demonstrate how food-related allergies may be linked to hyperactivity and other behavior problems, learning disabilities, tension, fatigue, depression, mood swings, headaches, abdominal and leg pain, ear infections, colds and respiratory problems and other disorders. Potential allergens include refined and processed foods loaded with fat, sugar, artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives and other additives, as well as yeast, wheat, corn, citrus, eggs and/or milk. The authors explain the harmful role of pollutants and possible side-effects of antibiotics as well. Slightly condescending is the header ``Laura comments'' for Stevens's remarks, and one wishes the information on food-allergy vaccines was more detailed or, as is the case with some books in this genre, that a list of recommended physicians was included, but these are minor drawbacks. This is an otherwise excellent, reassuring and necessary guidebook, replete with case studies, diets, checklists and questionnaires, offering unorthodox, but well-documented, methods for treating often elusive problems that frequently are not addressed by the medical establishment. Illustrations. Author tour. (October 30)
Library Journal - Library Journal
The authors contend that hyperactivity and other behavior problems in children are often caused by allergies to foods, pollens, molds, pollutants, or the yeast that grows unchecked in the body when antibiotics are taken. They discuss at length experiential and scientific evidence for this theory and the detection of allergies through elimination diets. Other pieces of the ``puzzle'' discussed are vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, psychological components of behavior problems, school placement, and drugs for hyperactivity. Interested parents and professionals might well wish to pursue. Amy Goffman, Children's Rehabilitation Ctr., Charlottesville, Va.

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