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Some American Men

Some American Men

by Gloria Emerson

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Emerson's special qualities that make her journalism in the New York Times notableshe is also a National Book Award winner for Winners and Losersserve well here to delineate portraits of men in their struggles with work, duty, love and manhood. She makes clear, for example, in these cross-generational closeups of American males that ``visible emotion'' is seen ``as a form of surrender,'' even as men suffer deeply; that masculinity is considered to be on endless trial, never fixed or complete; that helplessness is unbearable to men; that work offers a man the chance to assume he is in command. Predictably, there is much talk here of war, of men's emotional responses to armed battle. Candid interviews in a chapter on ``Love and Other Great Risks'' catch men talking unguardedly of how lovefor woman, for father, for childmakes them feel. A fresh picture of American culture and its worn-out stereotypes emerges through this reporter's perceptive essays. November
Library Journal - Library Journal
The feminist movement has been with us for some time now and women are beginning to experience some of its benefitsbenefits which should overflow to men but have not done so in any significant measure. One reason is the lack of understanding about what it means to be a male in American society. This book does a good job in increasing that understanding, by sympathetically offering a penetrating look into the lives of a number of American men: black, white, old, young, soldiers, physicians, widowed fathers, and more. Journalist Emerson keeps commentary to a minimum and does well in letting the men and their lives speak for themselves. She says she was surprised by what she learned; readers should get surprising insights, too. Recommended. John Moryl, Yeshiva Univ. Lib., New York

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