Someone Else's Shoes: The Best Foot Forward Series

Someone Else's Shoes: The Best Foot Forward Series


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Big Round Records

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  1. Take a Walk in Someone Elses' Shoes  -  Swingset Mamas
  2. Team Work  -  Uncle Brothers
  3. You Hurt My Feelings  -  Troubadour
  4. Give a Little Love Away  - Marcy Mancer
  5. Everyone Can See a Different Me  - Cliff Tetle
  6. There's No Place for Bullies in Our School  -  Hill Brothers
  7. What a Difference  -  Cosima
  8. Say Something Nice About Someone  -  Happy Crowd
  9. Be Nice to Old People  - Jamie Broza
  10. Being with You  - Jamie Barnett
  11. Just the Way You Are  -  Kelsey Friday & the Rest of the Week
  12. Please Stop Hurting My Feelings  - Mike Soloway
  13. There's No Such Thing as Normal!  - Dan Dan Doodlebug
  14. Value You  - Kim Webster
  15. Feel the World Dancing  - Jim Papoulis

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Cathy Fink   Composer
Danny Quinn   Composer
Jamie Barnett   Composer
Jamie Broza   Composer
Cosima Grunsky   Composer
Jim Papoulis   Composer
Tom Gardner   Composer
Happy Crowd   Composer
Kim Webster   Composer
Mike Soloway   Composer
Cliff Tetle   Composer
Dan Mackenzie   Composer
Swingset Mamas   Composer
Kelsey Friday   Composer
Leeann Leftwich Zajas   Art Direction
Bob Lord   Executive Producer
Shaun Michaud   Mastering
Nancy Doan   Producer
Victor Cockburn   Composer
Rich Witkowski   Composer
Leo Schaff   Composer
Judith Steinbergh   Composer

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