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Someone Irresistible

Someone Irresistible

3.1 7
by Adele Ashworth

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London is the place to be in 1851. The crisp spring air is vibrant and alive with excitement in anticipation of the unveiling of the magnificent Crystal Palace. But can a star-crossed love finally bloom in the midst of the tumult?

Mimi Marsh has adored the brilliant and dashing Nathan Price in secret for years. One brief, rapturous moment is all they have


London is the place to be in 1851. The crisp spring air is vibrant and alive with excitement in anticipation of the unveiling of the magnificent Crystal Palace. But can a star-crossed love finally bloom in the midst of the tumult?

Mimi Marsh has adored the brilliant and dashing Nathan Price in secret for years. One brief, rapturous moment is all they have shared, and she yearns passionately for more. But since that night, Nathan has known the exhilaration of triumph...and the pain of personal ruin. How can Mimi hope to win back his trust and affection in light of all Nathan has been through? With her soft gaze and gentle words she invites him back into her soul -- and Mimi sees the desire that burns in his eyes whenever she enters the room. The only woman ever to have captured this wounded man's love, Mimi is now the only one who can save him. But will proud, wronged Nathan ever embrace the power of her passion -- and open his guarded heart to a miraculous, once-in-a-lifetime romance?

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Lisa Kleypas
Adele Ashworth is a thrilling new discovery. . . she is certain to become one of romance's most beloved writers.
Publishers Weekly
A showing of dinosaur bones, dubbed The Great Exhibition of 1851, serves as the catalyst for Ashworth's latest novel (after Winter Garden), a tangled romance between a blue-collar paleontologist and a young, high society widow. Professor Nathan Price has made the discovery of a lifetime an intact Megalosaurus jawbone fossil. Before he has the chance to reveal the treasure to his peers, however, he's distracted by Mimi Marsh, the golden-haired daughter of a famous dinosaur sculptor. The two take a stroll outside and share a brief kiss, but when Nathan returns to his senses and to his precious jawbone, he discovers that the fossil is missing. Two years later, Nathan comes to Mimi with a plan to reestablish himself in the field and discover the identity of the person who ruined him. A talented dinosaur sculptor in her own right, Mimi never stopped loving the disgraced professor, and she agrees to help him in the hopes of rekindling their romance. Though highly sensual, their romance is impeded by Nathan's perennial mistrust of Mimi, who had a strong motive to steal the fossil, and by Mimi's tiresome seduction attempts. Ashworth aptly conveys the impact that fossil discoveries had on Victorian society, but her characters lack the sympathetic dimensions and intelligence of those of her previous novels. (Dec. 4) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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Chapter One

October, 1853

Mimi Sinclair sat at her workbench, in her private studio in back of her Chelsea townhouse, studying the paperwork that accompanied the Pteranodon skull she was ready to draw and sculpt. It was an amazing discovery, this one, a rare fossil found by a French archaeologist, turned over to her for processing by her father. He still kept his studio behind his home in Holland Park, but he was out of the country with Richard Owen at the moment. It was all for the better that she do this sculpting anyway, as her father's eyesight had deteriorated considerably in the last few years and his arthritis had recently begun to worsen. This replica had to be exact and without flaw for a year long display at Owen's Zoological Garden, so Mimi had accepted the work for her father. Of course nobody but those in her family knew that she did the craftsmanship herself, but that was beside the point. As a woman, she wouldn't be able to receive great acclaim for her efforts, though in this small regard she accomplished something both worthy and praised. Artistic talent ran deep in the family, in the blood, and she took pride in hers, even if it came in little, sometimes insignificant, amounts.

She'd been working a great deal more of late, and she liked that it kept her mind active and was time well spent. Since Carter's death she had found less and less to do while in mourning, aside from household management. Calling on friends was inappropriate, and Mimi despised not being social and attending a party or two each month. God should never have made her a widow at so early an age, butobviously God hadn't asked for her opinion on the matter when he'd taken her husband so suddenly. Art and sculpture were all she had now, as she was still in half mourning. Soon, though, she would be able to regain her social gregariousness. It wasn't in her nature to be quiet and solemn anyway. In truth, she despised the somber nature she'd been required to accept these last two years.

Laying her sketch pad on her lap, she began to draw with her pencil. The afternoon sunlight shone a brilliant, pale yellow through the long clear west windows behind her, illuminating her drawing as she worked. She had placed an old cushioned settee in her studio for such a purpose so that she didn't have to carry whatever fossil she might be sketching at the moment to her living quarters just to be able to sit comfortably. It was peaceful, too, in the solitude. Rarely did anyone bother her here.

The sketch soon took on a shape of its own. The Pteranodon was a relatively small creature and would be easy enough to construct. She would start it tomorrow, probably. With notes from Monsieur Lamont, the French archaeologist who found and delivered the fossil, she should be able to build a very good likeness. It was all they had anyway. There really was no definite way to mold a reptile millions of years old with any precision, or at least that was her opinion. Much of it was guesswork, although the scientists were getting better every day as more and more fossils were recovered from deep beneath the earth.

The Pteranodon fossil sat across from her, on a wooden four-legged table that had lost its polish years ago. She studied the angle of the jaw, the long, sharp beak. The jawbone wasn't very large, and she'd heard that this particular beast was something of a birdlike dinosaur, which was how she intended to portray it when she finally got to the sculpting -- as a bird, with wings spanned wide. Mind was looking forward to it.

"Mrs. Sinclair, there is a gentleman to see you. Are you at home?"

Mimi glanced up to find her parlor maid, Stella, standing at the doorway, her starched gray uniform signaling to all the half mourning status of the household. Her reddish-brown hair looked slightly unkempt, her cap tilted to one side, but then for Stella this was custom. She was an attractive girl, as was required of a parlor maid, but regardless of the negative impression she might give because of her constant flustered look, Mimi kept her because she liked her.

Without stopping the motion of her fingers on the pad, she replied, "A gentleman?"

"Yes, ma'am. He's waiting in the morning room. Said he wants to discuss a bit of work." She raised her brows and lowered her voice. "Very nicely dressed, he is, too, though he didn't have a card."

Mimi wiped the back of her hand over her left cheek, brushing stray hair off her face, curious because Stella rarely offered opinion on callers since it was not of her station to do so. He must have made an impression. Handsome, probably. The work part, however, intrigued Mimi more. He likely wanted a sculpture for home or yard decoration. But she remained extremely selective about her sculpting, creating only from fossils and other scientific drawings, and only a few people in all of England knew she did this kind of artwork. She didn't care at all about pottery birdbaths, clay bowls, or metal statues, but she would decline his offer personally.

"I'll see him, Stella."

Her maid curtsied and walked away, her light footsteps tapping on the wooden floorboards as she returned to the front of the house.

Mimi stood and tossed her pad and sketching pencil on the chair. Then she smoothed her boring gray work skirt, rolled down the sleeves to cuff them, and brushed her blond hair with her fingertips until all loose ends fit neatly inside the bun at her nape. Following that, she hurried as fast as was proper to the front of her modestly fashionable home to meet the...

Someone Irresistible. Copyright © by Adele Ashworth. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Meet the Author

I've always loved to write, but after my first attempt at a novel (nine chapters of Plastic City, the story of underwater-dwelling orphans in the twenty-third century that I wrotein the sixth grade), I took some time to get my bachelor'sdegree and to try my hand at other careers before I returnedto my first passion: creative writing. After lots and lots of perseverance, hard work, and a bit of very good luck, My Darling Caroline went on to win the Romance Writers of America's RITA® Award for Best First Book of 1998.

I live in Texas with my family, exploring history as Idelve into the hearts of my characters.

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Someone Irresistible 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately read this book AFTER I read "When It's Perfect", which follows this book and was a confusing experience since it's plot was so related. I try to use the release dates to get series books in order. Yet another reason I like standalone reads.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1851 London, Nathan Price feels he is about to achieve his life¿s goal of acceptance by the scientific community on a par with the renowned Professor Owen. However, before showing his exhibit of the Megalosaurus jawbone to the ensemble, a distracted Nathan follows the lure of dinosaur sculptor Mimi Marsh. When he returns to his moment in the sun, he opens the curtain and to his shock it is revealed his prize and the accompanying notes are stolen. He believes Mimi is an accomplice of the thief, her father, but has no proof. Instead of accolades, Nathan receives pity and disdain while Mimi marries someone else.

Two years later, Nathan returns after a self-imposed exile, but still feels humiliated and plans to expose Mimi and her father. However, his plans for revenge go awry because he still loves her. The widowed Mimi feels the same, but she knows the truth behind what happened to the jawbone and must decide between her beloved and her cherished family.

SOMEONE IRRESISTIBLE is an irresistible Victorian romance that brings alive an era to a level rarely seen in a historical novel let alone in a romance. The fabulous story line blends the tidbits, especially dinosaur mania, into the intriguing plot so that the audience feels the period without the tale slowing down. Nathan is a wonderful lead, but Mimi owns the novel as she carries the world on her shoulders and in her heart. Award winning Adele Ashworth proves once again that her novels belong on sub-genre fans' short list as one of the top books of the year.

Harriet Klausner

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago