Someone Killed His Boyfriend

Someone Killed His Boyfriend

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by David Stukas

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It's tough being fabulously wealthy Michael Stark's closest pal—particularly when you're an underpaid copywriter for feminine hygiene products, with a lousy apartment and no lover of your own. But Robert can't resist Michael, even though the man's motto is Money Can Buy Happiness. And reformed megaslut Michael can't resist strapping southerner Max Crawford, who…  See more details below


It's tough being fabulously wealthy Michael Stark's closest pal—particularly when you're an underpaid copywriter for feminine hygiene products, with a lousy apartment and no lover of your own. But Robert can't resist Michael, even though the man's motto is Money Can Buy Happiness. And reformed megaslut Michael can't resist strapping southerner Max Crawford, who has agreed to marry him in a wedding that promises to be New York's ultimate gay event.

While Michael busies himself booking the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Homosexual—and ordering enough exotic flowers to strip a tropical rainforest, Robert commiserates with Monette, who shares his envy of Michael, his affinity for practical jokes, and his inability to find a lasting same-sex love. Little do they know that what lies in store for Michael is far from wedded bliss.

The big day finds Michael, Robert, and Monette mingling with hundreds of Michael's closest friends, plus a crowd of drag queens in rustling taffeta. Curiously, the groom's husband-to-be is nowhere to be found...and neither is Michael's priceless Matisse painting.

What's a jilted lover to do? Purchase the finest rifle money can buy and vow to kill the SOB, that's what. With a reluctant Robert in tow, Michael tracks Max all the way to Provincetown, where, amidst throngs of beautiful thong-clad boys, Max turns up dead before Michael can shoot him. Primary suspects Michael and robert swiftly go into full Hardy Boys mode, accompanied by their own personal Nancy Drew, Monette. When the clues indicate that the culprit is a murderous Bette Davis impersonator, Robert must endure the ultimate test of friendship. Does he dare go undercover with Michael in a drag revue to smoke out the real killer? Does he dare not to? Before you can say, "accessory to murder," Robert and Michael have made their drag debut in heels, sequins, and enough makeup to make Joan collins look pasty, determined to find the real killer before the killer—and the cops—find them!

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Publishers Weekly
A clever combination of mystery and social satire with a dash of fantasy, this debut novel takes the reader on a romp through gay and lesbian neighborhoods from Manhattan to Provincetown. Fabulously wealthy Michael Stark picks up every gorgeous young man he meets, much to the envy of his loyal follower, ad copy writer and narrator Robert Willsop. But when Michael is ready to settle down, he gets his comeuppance at his extravagant wedding to supermodel Max Crawford, who leaves him at the altar and absconds with his priceless Matisse. A merry chase takes Michael and Robert through posh Newport to the gay bars and drag shows of P'town, at first in search of the missing painting but later after Max's murderer. Chapter headings amusingly spoof movie and song titles or movies ("Beach Blanket Himbos," "It's My Party and I'll Be Smug if I Want to," etc.), while character names are often puns; e.g., drag queen Beyonda Sea, who wants money for her charity called SFA (not Saks Fifth Avenue, as Robert guesses, but Sequins For All). Often hilarious, sometimes silly and occasionally clich?d, this fast-moving farce gives a riotous view of the gay rich boy scene of sex, money and outrageous flamboyance. A bright, eye-catching dust jacket of a beach scene perfectly conveys the flavor of the text. Those readers who miss Joe Keenan (Blue Heaven; Putting on the Ritz), both gay and straight, will appreciate this promising and witty writer, who is at work on a second novel. Agent, Alison J. Picard. (Sept. 11) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
People who think gay men are shallow, superficial, and hypersexual will doubtless be thrilled by this series debut, starring rich, buffed Michael Stark and his plain-James best friend Robert Willsop. Poor Robert, who ekes out a meager living writing ad copy for feminine hygiene products, is condemned to watch as a string of luscious hardbodies parades through Michael's bedroom, while any chance he has for an evening of delightful, anonymous sex vanishes as quickly as his watch and wallet, stolen by one prospective paramour after Robert downs one too many. But even slut-and-a-half Michael is willing to give up his wandering ways when he meets gorgeous Max Crawford. Witty, attentive, and ultra-moneyed, Max seems too good to be true. And he is. On the eve of their wedding, he decamps, leaving Michael at the altar of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Homosexual-amid a profusion of flowers and a bevy of Bette Davis impersonators who'd hoped to serve as bridesmaids-and taking Michael's Matisse instead. Michael traces Max to Provincetown and sets out for there (with a brief stopover in Newport to see Mom) seeking revenge. Whether Robert joins him out of loyalty or in hopes of finally getting laid isn't clear; what is clear is that, once Max turns up dead, both boys are in water even hotter than at the spa. Why Stukas chooses to play it straight when none of his characters does is anyone's guess, but his camp-free, irony-free, wit-free approach is just plain dull.

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Someone Killed His Boyfriend 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Michael Starks informs his friend feminine hygiene products¿ copywriter Robert Willsop that he is in love and going to marry Max. Since Michael goes through men at a rate faster than a paid professional, Robert remains skeptical that this is just the flavor of the day for his promiscuous pal. When Robert meets the gorgeous Max he thinks of ways to kill Michael because he wants the hunk in his bed and not in that of a saddle tramp like his bud.

Though jealous, Robert agrees to help Michael with the gayest wedding in the history of Manhattan. However, in front of well over a thousand guests, Max jilts Michael. Not long afterward, Max is killed with the obvious murder suspect being his fiancee. Robert and Michael accompanied by the six foot four inch lesbian Monette must find the real culprit rather soon.

Fans of gay mystery tales will probably want to pass on SOMEONE KILLED HIS BOYFRIEND as the amateur sleuth investigation takes a major rear seat to the cast¿s lifestyle. Robert is the key player who keeps the plot moving forward. Readers, regardless of sexual preference, will understand his depression and his concerns many common to anyone not just gays. Michael¿s ego makes him somewhat obnoxious (except in bed) and don¿t challenge Monette in any sport as she¿ll kick your butt further than a soccer ball (stereotypes?). The three caballeros turn David Stukas¿ novel into an amusing romp that focuses on the lifestyle of the rich and poor gay.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
Awakened from a dream in which Rupert Everett is mad about him Robert groggily reaches for the phone to hear the voice of his best buddy, the incredibly handsome and wealthy Michael. It seems that Michael has met the man of his dreams in a sinewy Southerner, Max. Robert has no lover to call his own, nonetheless he is a good friend to Robert and assists in planning Robert and Max's wedding, which is certain to set New York's elite and not-so-elite on their ears. There will be jungles of exotic flowers, fabulous refreshments; nothing will be overlooked. Going about his task with about as much brio as he can muster Robert seeks the understanding and sympathy of his tall lesbian friend, Monette. After all, while Robert has but a pittance Michael has everything - that is until the big day. The groom is punctual but his bridegroom is nowhere to be found - nor his priceless Matisse. Thus, a trio of the most unlikely sleuths is set in motion to solve the question of the missing mate-to-be. All they discover is a dead Max. The possible killer? A Bette Davis impersonator. As it turns out there's not too much mystery here, but there is a great deal of merriment and mirth. It's a fun off-the-wall take on life in the gay lane.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr Stukas' writing style brings to mind that of David Sidaris, the witty writer who brought us 'Barrel Fever' and 'Me Talk Pretty One Day'. Every word seems chosen for just the right comic effect and they hit their mark. I laughed out loud as I read the book. The characters are well drawn--the neurotic Robert, who seems puzzled by the bizarre folks he seems to find around him; the vain Michael who is surrounded at all times by gorgeous men and the sensible Monique. Various drag queens and other outrageous characters weave a wonderful comic texture throughout the book. My favorite scene is when they all attend a leather/bondage party at the home of an art dealer and Robert is left to contemplate how one should properly shake hands with someone who is completely trussed from head to toe and is unable to do anything but blink. I don't think Emily Post wrote any guidelines for that one! Dont dismiss this book as gay interest only if you are straight--Robert is sort of an everyman whom you will find easy to identify with as he goes on his journey to solve the murder of Michael's boyfriend and is continually befuddled and amused by the outrageous goings-on around him. I can't wait for more books from David Stukas!