Someone Like Him

Someone Like Him

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by Karen Kendall

Another sparkling, sexy and fun story about a small–town girl and a city slicker who aren't looking for love but find it when a pampered Doberman unleashes their passion.


Another sparkling, sexy and fun story about a small–town girl and a city slicker who aren't looking for love but find it when a pampered Doberman unleashes their passion.

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I grew up in Austin, Texas, and have been writing since the age of four, but did not complete my first "masterpiece" until the age of eleven: a Regency spy thriller version of Orwell's Animal Farm. For some strange reason, this proved to be unmarketable. I began my first romance novel at the age of twelve but noticed after fifty-three handwritten pages that the story didn't seem to have a plot. Many years later, while at Smith College, I began to understand why plot was an important element of a book.

I now live in Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband and a menagerie of animals. I'd love to hear from my readers at P.O. Box 70185, Marietta, GA 30007-0185, or at

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was wonderful! One of the best I've read in a long time. I couldn't put it down and I fell in love with the characters. Grab a blanket, a cup of hot tea, and enjoy! You're in for a treat!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lavender 'Vinnie' Hart starts out with a real dilemma. Her younger brother needs her support to maintain his studies at Gotham Young Scientist Academy once he has been accepted. This comes at a price of having to pick up her Midwest life and move to the Big Apple. Of all the jobs in New York, this Kansas transplant ends up as a dogsitter for a canine that lives better than half the New York population after lasting a mere hour at a realtor¿s office. Of course, this job has its perks as poor Vinnie is suddenly living in a Manhattan penthouse with an architect named Nicholas Wright. She actually snagged the job when she saved poor Daffodil, the spoiled but funny dog, from a pond. Nicholas is not that fond of the pooch, but it was an inheritance from his recently decease aunt and he feels that obligation to watch for the dog as a last act of love for her. He is more worried about succeeding in life as his childhood memories were always filled with attention getting and he never really grew out of it. With time, they actually find themselves falling for each other. Life is good for just the three of them as they start embarking on a relationship that he sometimes attempts to retreat from with such emergency deflation tactics as envisioning Jane Reno in lingerie. Unfortunately, as is always in life, a third party wants to crash their happily ever after world. Dana Dvorak is Nicholas¿ heartless love that schemes a plan to get rid of the spoiled Doberman Pincher and the sitter that watches the dog. The story is an amusing one with Dana offering little more than sex to compete with Vinnie¿s all around wholesomeness. Then there are the comic relief antics of Daffodil to keep the story light. Overall, an amusing and entertaining read. I highly recommend this one.
harstan More than 1 year ago
After only one hour on the job at a Manhattan realtor, Kansas transplant Lavender ¿Vinnie¿ Hart is fired. She is concerned because she needs the money to bankroll her twelve-year-old brother Adam¿s attendance at the exclusive, but expensive Gotham Young Scientist Academy.

Nicholas Wright mourns the loss of his seventy-five old madcap Aunt Edna who recently committed suicide her style when she learned her health was failing. Nicholas inherits her dog Daffodil, but needs a dog sitter. Though she has limited experience except for volunteer work and her comment on circus work is outrageous; Nicholas hires Vinnie after she gets Daffodil out of a pond. As Vinnie and Nicholas become acquainted through a matchmaking canine, they fall in love, but his soulless squeeze Dana Dvorak has a plan to rid Nicholas of the dog and the Midwest intruder.

Readers will enjoy this amusing look at single life in Manhattan especially from the eyes of the transplanted Jayhawker. The story line contains a charming cast of characters except for dental drill Dana, who offers no competition except her body to the wholesome friendliness of Vinnie. However, the big scene-stealer is Daffodil whether she cons a biscuit or interrupts a kiss. Nicholas and Vinnie learn never costar with canines and children as they are too smart. Readers will take pleasure form this lighthearted romantic romp.

Harriet Klausner