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Son of Death

Son of Death

4.0 2
by Nikki McCoy

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When Seth, a Keeper of the Gods, finds the two men he is destined to live eternity with, he must defy the very Gods themselves to save his mates and preserve the existence of man and love.

Discovering love with the one person who is fated to compliment everything that you are is blessing enough, but what do you do when another knight in shining


When Seth, a Keeper of the Gods, finds the two men he is destined to live eternity with, he must defy the very Gods themselves to save his mates and preserve the existence of man and love.

Discovering love with the one person who is fated to compliment everything that you are is blessing enough, but what do you do when another knight in shining armor sweeps you off your feet?

Jamie found a second chance at life when Loland rescued him from the ignorance and abuse of those who should have protected him. For years they struggled together to cope with Jamie's powers of precognition and his ability to absorb energy from living things.

After centuries of waiting for his other half, Seth finally met Loland, a man that embodied all he'd ever dreamt of in a mate. Meeting Loland's lover, Jamie, and finding that they are both his mates only made the pot sweeter. But while exploring the love they find as mates and the D/s relationships they crave, all three must challenge the will of the Gods and the twisted plans of Jamie's mysterious family.

Ultimately, Seth knows there is nothing he wouldn't do to save the lives and love of his mates.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of hot M/M/M menage man-love, BDSM aspects including mild breath play, explicit sex, graphic language, graphic violence and off-screen rape.

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Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date:
Keepers of the Gods , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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300 KB
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18 Years

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As soon as Jamie heard the spray of water hitting tiles in the bathroom next to their room, he sprang into action. It was a short trip to the kitchen where he filled and started the coffee machine, then prepared two mugs with just the right amount of sugar and cream.

Theirs was a small house, but shabby by no means. The kitchen was almost as large as the living room, and while that wasn’t saying much, they managed to keep them both free of clutter. This gave their home a cosy atmosphere instead of inducing the claustrophobia one would expect to feel in such small spaces.

There were two bedrooms—one they shared, and one which had been deemed Jamie’s office, although that was more of a title than a fact. A jumbled collection of decorations and household items that Loland had accumulated over his years as an interior decorator reigned supreme.

Every week, Jamie was forced to clear a path to his work station, consisting of a worn pine desk, chair, computer and fax machine, but he didn’t mind. He loved to imagine the kinds of homes that would eventually house each piece as he was working.

Jamie returned to their bedroom and began to rifle through the clothes inhabiting Loland’s side of the closet. Most of them had either designer tags or were close knock-offs. The significance of the names on the material went right over his head but he knew it was important to his partner.

He’d also been keeping tabs on the outfits Loland wore on his dates with his boyfriend. He knew exactly which shirt to match with which pants to give Loland a fresh look every time he went out.

It had been odd at first, helping his lover prepare to meet another man. No other Dom Loland had met had ever had him this flustered. For that matter, no other man had piqued Loland’s interest enough for him to want to engage in more than just casual scenes at the club. Jamie knew this one was special. The energy Loland gave off following each date was sizzling with love and lust, and somehow it only enhanced their own relationship.

Loland had informed him that this was another actual date, not a club rendezvous, so Jamie decided on a pair of dark greyy slacks and a long-sleeved, white button-up shirt that shimmered even in dull light. After laying the clothes neatly on the bed so as not to wrinkle them, he went in search of Loland’s watch, cell phone, and wallet, lying in various places throughout the room, and lined them all up on the dresser.

He warily eyed his lover’s vast shoe collection and was tempted to pick out a pair to save Loland the hassle of having to choose, but he remembered the one time he’d made that mistake. Instead of the usual ten minutes it took for Loland to decide on his footwear, it had taken the man forty minutes to find the perfect outfit to match the shoes Jamie had chosen for him. That had been for the first date and since then Jamie had taken the liberty of dressing the man himself.

Not willing to go there again, Jamie instead walked to the living room and found a jacket for Loland that would go with his outfit and be appropriate for the weather outside. A peek out of the closed blinds covering the window showed that it was going to be a clear, if chilly, night. The perfect opportunity for Loland to try out the new lightweight leather long-coat he’d unearthed at Sears while shopping for a client.

With nothing left to do, Jamie retreated to the kitchen, poured coffee into both mugs, and sipped at his while waiting for the entertainment to start.

It didn’t take long. Two minutes later, he heard the shower turn off and watched with a bemused expression as Loland ran to the kitchen, dripping water everywhere, with only a hastily wrapped towel around his narrow hips.

“So I was thinking of wearing my blue sweater, but I don’t have any...”

“Bed.” Jamie pointed to their room and watched the taller man scramble in that direction. He heard a muffled, “Thanks,” and waited patiently for the rest of the ritual to play out.

Loland came hopping out on one foot, trying to walk and put on his trousers at the same time. “Have you seen my...”


The man hopped back into the room then reappeared five minutes later, asking, “Is that coffee I smell?”

Jamie handed him the second mug still sitting on the counter and tried to stifle his laugh as he watched his lover accept it with glee. Watching Loland enjoy a good cup of coffee was like watching a man in the throes of the best orgasm of his life. It never got old, and it was always as sexy as hell.

His prick swelled to life at the sound of Loland’s little added moans thrown in for extra effect. Jamie had to tighten his grip on his own cup to keep from grabbing Loland and swallowing those sounds in a thorough kiss. The quick peck on the mouth Loland gave him didn’t help matters at all. Loland raced back to the bedroom while Jamie took a seat on the couch.

“So he’s taking me to that new Benihana restaurant they opened up in Paradise Valley,” Loland yelled from down the hallway. “I can’t imagine how he got reservations there on such short notice. I heard there was a two-month waiting list to get in and that was weeks before they even opened their doors.”

“Well, you have been seeing him for three months.”

“Yeah, but that was just casual hook-ups at the club. This is our sixth date. It takes us to a whole new level on the relationship scale. Chukka or Memphis?”

“Memphis.” Jamie grimaced at the ease with which he had replied. He tried his best to avoid the fashion world like the plague. The fact that he could now make decisions on which style of shoe would fit an outfit best without even looking at them did not bode well for him. “So, you really like this guy, huh?”

Meet the Author

I have always been a lover of books, particularly those with the dichotomy of the strong alpha male and the weaker love of their life which they must rescue. After reading all I could find in M/F books, I decided to give M/M fiction a try and my addiction skyrocketed.Hot, sexy men times two? No contest. Unfortunately, I was reading faster than the authors could produce. Eventually, I resorted to imagining my own stories and my mind took off from there.I have to admit, though, I am a bit of a recluse. If not for the joy and humour my husband and four boys bring to me, I would never have ventured this far.

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Son of Death 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
This book was recommended to me by an author who had read it and loved it. So of course I had to get my copy! I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading the book because, even though I had no expectations, I still knew that it was a paranormal with BDSM aspects and for me, I don’t usually enjoy those books. I did love the characters that Ms. McCoy created – it was so easy to connect with Jamie, Loland, and Seth. Each of them had their own separate personalities to the point where you could tell who was talking by just the way they were speaking. When it came to Jamie’s character, Ms. McCoy did a great job at his panic attacks and his fears because it was so lifelike, it made me want to wrap him up and keep him safe from everyone. Loland was a strong man, and you could tell that he was willing to do anything to keep Jamie happy. Seth was just an overall strong man who, while confused at the beginning, was able to step up to the plate and show what he was willing to do for Jamie and Loland. While this book may seem like it’s about the sexual relationship between the three men, it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, there is still those parts in the book, but that wasn’t the main focus of the story. I loved how I was able to get invested into the story and I just wanted to read more. Now, with that in mind, the reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the last third of the book was very busy and slightly confusing to me personally. I had to go back and re-read a few times just so that I was caught up completely with what was going on. But, even with saying that, I can’t wait to start reading the other books in the series! Reviewed by Crystal Marie for Crystal’s Many Reviewers **Copy BOUGHT for review**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago