Son of Texas

Son of Texas

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by Linda Warren

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Caleb McCain, Texas Ranger, will always be a son of Texas—loyal to the badge, always working above and beyond the call of duty. Which means taking care of Belle Doe, a woman rescued from a horrible fate and left without any memories.

But Belle is starting to remember. As Belle disappears, Josie Marie Beckett emerges, and Caleb knows he must back away to


Caleb McCain, Texas Ranger, will always be a son of Texas—loyal to the badge, always working above and beyond the call of duty. Which means taking care of Belle Doe, a woman rescued from a horrible fate and left without any memories.

But Belle is starting to remember. As Belle disappears, Josie Marie Beckett emerges, and Caleb knows he must back away to allow Josie to complete her healing. As they get closer to finding the person who tried to kill her, she recalls more of her past—including her fiancé.

Loyalty to his job means he must let her go. Loyalty to his heart means he wants to keep her close....

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Meet the Author

After selling her first book to Harlequin's Superromance line, Linda's life hasn't been the same. It's fun, exciting, and she never has enough time, but she enjoys every minute.

She grew up in a small farming community called Smetana outside of Bryan, Texas. Writing was never in her plans. She enjoyed it and even won an essay contest in high school. Her English teacher told her if she could get her grammar and emotion on the same level that she could be a good writer. She didn't pay much attention to her words because she had always planned to be a nurse.

In college her life took an unexpected turn. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and had to drop out of school because of the pain. Nothing in life had prepared her for this, but luckily she had a wonderful man waiting for her, her high school sweetheart and own personal hero. With his love and support she learned to deal with a crippling disease at an early age.

With a lot of time on her hands, she took art classes and began to paint. To her shock her paintings started to sell and win awards. This kept her busy for a number of years. Then the turpentine and fume from the oils began to irritate her eyes. The doctor suggested that she put the paints away for a while or try watercolor or acrylics, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

She had always loved to read and when she had to be in the hospital, friends and family would bring her books. That's how she discovered the wonderful world of Harlequin. No matter how bad she was feeling, she could lose herself in a Harlequin novel, knowing that whatever trials the heroine had to go through there was always hope, always a happy ending.

Her family was pressuring her to start painting again, but secretly she was thinking of trying her hand at writing. The only credentials she had for such an insane idea were years of reading and sheer determination. She didn't do anything about the idea until her dad gave her a push. His reasoning was that she had read so many books that it should be a snap. She began by writing long hand in a tablet—testing her skills. Her husband then bought her a computer and she had no choice. She had to write in earnest.

After a lot of hard work, tears, perseverance...and more patience than she ever thought she possessed, she's finally doing something she loves—writing. And those happy endings? She writes them now and hopes they touch someone who needs a lift, a smile, or just a good feeling day. No matter what, Linda believes there is a happy ending—you just have to find it.

She loves hearing from readers.

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Son of Texas 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Belle Doe cannot remember who she is until the moment her Texas Ranger Caleb McCain found her. He knows someone wants her dead so the dedicated law enforcement official plans to stay diligent in keeping Belle safe. However, he also finds himself attracted to his ward though he knows once she recovers from her amnesia she will go home assuming it is safe to do so.------------ As Belle begins to remember that she is Josie Marie Beckett, she realizes she has a fiancé Eric who she must return to, but also concludes she will miss her caring dedicated Ranger. Still she does not remember why someone wants her dead so Caleb remains at her side until they can stop the unknown culprit.-------------- SON OF TEXAS is a delightful romantic suspense thriller that emphasizes the changes to Belle Doe as she slowly regains her memory. The story line is focused on Belle whose life dramatically has altered over the past year as she recovers from amnesia and falls in love. Readers will like Caleb and feel for Eric (needs his tale told) as Linda Warren provides a strong character study of a deciding just who she is, Belle Doe or Josie Marie Beckett.------------- Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
It has been over a year since Belle Doe was picked up off the streets by a recently defunct cult. She withstood their abuse and was rescued, but has no clue who she is. Since her rescue by Texas Ranger Caleb McCain, her physical injures have healed and a bullet removed from her skull. She has spent the past several months as the companion for an eccentric widow (a friend of Caleb's stepfather), in therapy to uncover her past, and waiting for the visits from her hero Caleb. Then a rainstorm triggers a memory of her past and reveals her real name, Josie Bennett. Caleb search for her name reveals facts that Josie soon also remembers: She is a cop, her parents are dead, and she last lived in the town named for her father's powerful ranching family - Bennett, TX. Not only that, but there is no missing person¿s file for her. With Caleb, Belle, now Josie, returns to Bennett to be reunited with her mother¿s second mother Lencha, who you could call a witch of sorts. She has been worrying about Josie, and has believed that the Bennetts were the ones to kill her. Lencha filed a missing persons report only days after Josie went missing. And Eric, her fiancé, is worried about her. Josie really doesn¿t remember a lot about Eric. The Bennetts are not what you would call a normal family. Josie¿s uncle Marcus probably sleeps with anything that moves, so you don¿t know how many children the bachelor has. Josie¿s father¿s first wife still lives on the family ranch. Lorna is a very bitter woman who hates Josie because her father had left her when she was four months pregnant. An then there is Boone, who is the powerhouse in Bennett and thinks he can buy anything off, and everything goes his way¿ well¿ because he wants it to go his way. But Boone isn¿t completely a hard headed. He also filed a missing person¿s report on Josie. The only likeable one in the bunch is Ashley, Josie¿s half sister. The 32 year old is rather sheltered and ordered around. Since her parents died and before she disappeared, Josie had been battling against Boone over where her father should be buried. Boone wants him on the ranch without his wife. Josie refuses to move him because she wants her parents to be together. Would Boone kill to have his son buried in the family plot? Caleb discovers that the missing person¿s report filed with the sheriff¿s office was dropped by Marcus¿s request. Could Marcus be the shooter? Lorna just hates Josie for what she represents. Could she be the one? As clues are found about the night Josie disappeared from Bennett, TX, and as Josie¿s memory returns, Caleb knows that there is no denying the attraction and attachment that they have for each other, but she doesn¿t belong with him. She belongs with Eric, a fellow cop. And Josie feels that there is something more with Caleb than him just being her protector. Son of Texas is the third book in Linda¿s MacCain Brother¿s series. This is a story of two people wanting acceptance. Caleb wants acceptance from his father, but will never get it. Josie wants acceptance for who she is from Boone and the other Bennets, and she wants to accept the merge of the person of who she was into who she now is. Her path to discovery will shake the town to what happened the February night she disappeared.