Sondheim Tonight

Sondheim Tonight


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Disc 1

  1. Overture for Stephen Sondheim
  2. Comedy Tonight
  3. Ned Sherrin
  4. March to the Treaty House
  5. Next
  6. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
  7. Len Cariou
  8. Night Waltz
  9. Losing My Mind
  10. Not While I'm Around
  11. Send in the Clowns
  12. Julia McKenzie
  13. Stavisky Suite
  14. I Remember
  15. Green Finch and Linnet Bird
  16. Ned Sherrin
  17. A Very Short Violin Sonata
  18. Dame Edna Everage
  19. The Ladies Who Lunch
  20. More

Disc 2

  1. A Salute to Stephen Sondheim
  2. Company
  3. Barcelona
  4. Ned Sherrin
  5. Good Thing Going/Not a Day Goes By
  6. David Kernan
  7. I Never Do Anything Twice
  8. Maria Friedman
  9. Variations on a Theme (Katie Malone)
  10. Elaine Stritch
  11. Len Cariou
  12. Beautiful Girls
  13. Michael Ball
  14. Loving You
  15. Michael Ball
  16. Broadway Baby
  17. Being Alive/Another Hundred People/Sunday in the Park with George [Medl
  18. Ned Sherrin
  19. Stephen Sondheim
  20. Finale

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Stephen Sondheim   Track Performer
Cleo Laine   Track Performer
Elaine Stritch   Vocals
Len Cariou   Track Performer
David Anthony   Choir, Chorus
Tim Goodwin   Choir, Chorus
Kevin Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Matthew Newman   Choir, Chorus
Suzanne Thomas   Dancer
Philip Todd   Saxophone
Paul Watkins   Cello
Richard Oliver   Choir, Chorus
Michael Ball   Track Performer
Joanne Farrell   Track Performer
Jack Hansen   Choir, Chorus
John Martin   Choir, Chorus
Millicent Martin   Track Performer
Sam Nelson   Dancer
Charles Adams Prince   Conductor
Julia McKenzie   Track Performer
George Abbott   Track Performer
Jonathan Carney   Leader
David Firman   Piano,Conductor
Maria Friedman   Track Performer
Mark Frederick   Choir, Chorus
Nigel Russel   Choir, Chorus
Bruce Alexander   Choir, Chorus
David Kernan   Track Performer
Peter Beaven   Choir, Chorus
Michael Bentholm   Choir, Chorus
Keith Bookman   Choir, Chorus
Susie Boyle   Dancer
Lewis Butler   Choir, Chorus
Paul Callen   Choir, Chorus
Gareth Casey-Morris   Choir, Chorus
Tom Chambers   Choir, Chorus
Neil Clench   Choir, Chorus
John Coates   Choir, Chorus
Rob Corey   Choir, Chorus
Majella Crompton   Dancer
Gregory D'Agostino   Organ
Matthew Dennison   Choir, Chorus
Nick Dutton   Choir, Chorus
Scott Finlay   Choir, Chorus
Alex Gaumond   Choir, Chorus
Jason Heppenstall   Choir, Chorus
Neil Hulme   Choir, Chorus
Clement Ishmael   Vocal Director
Eaton James   Choir, Chorus
Adam Richard Jones   Dancer
Ben Jones   Choir, Chorus
Andrew Keelan   Choir, Chorus
Chris Key   Choir, Chorus
David Leighton   Dancer
Joe Killileasion Lloyd   Choir, Chorus
Joel Llufrio   Choir, Chorus
Allison Mahoney   Dancer
P.L. Martin   Choir, Chorus
Martin Matthias   Dancer
Andi Narsi   Choir, Chorus
James Nash   Choir, Chorus
Craig Nicholls   Choir, Chorus
Jonjo O'Neill   Choir, Chorus
Gary O'Sullivan   Choir, Chorus
James Pearson   Choir, Chorus
Ulrik Poulsen   Choir, Chorus
Iain Pritchard   Choir, Chorus
Jason Rees   Choir, Chorus
Mark Siney   Choir, Chorus
Matthew Skilton   Dancer
Roy Steele   Choir, Chorus
Christopher Till   Choir, Chorus
Hans Vanderputte   Dancer
Chris Vincent   Choir, Chorus
Stephen Weller   Choir, Chorus
West End Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Robert Woodall   Choir, Chorus
Kent Zimmerman   Choir, Chorus
Julia Migenes   Track Performer
Lori Haley Fox   Track Performer
Dominic John   Piano,Track Performer
Lisa Hull   Track Performer
Clive Rowe   Track Performer
Ned Sherrin   Track Performer
Antonia Franceschi   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Chris Walker   Orchestration
Sheridan Morley   Liner Notes
William David Brohn   Orchestration
Irwin Kostal   Orchestration
Larry Moore   Vocal Arrangements
Sid Ramin   Orchestration
Peter Roberts   Vocal Arrangements
Michael Starobin   Orchestration
Jonathan Tunick   Orchestration
Lanny Meyers   Orchestration
John Yap   Producer,Executive Producer
David Firman   Orchestration,Piano Accompanist
Graham Kirkby   Mobile Recording Engineer
Joey McKneely   Choreographer
Kevan Allen   Choreographer
Kevin Amos   Vocal Arrangements
Wendy Bobbitt   Vocal Arrangements
Annie Rushton   Graphic Design
Hugh Wooldridge   Director,Liner Notes
Trevor Brown   Orchestration
Jonathan Allen   Engineer

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