Songs from the South: The Best of Paul Kelly

Songs from the South: The Best of Paul Kelly

by Paul Kelly

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Gawdaggie Music/Cen


Disc 1

  1. From St Kilda To Kings Cross
  2. Leaps and Bounds
  3. Before Too Long
  4. Darling It Hurts
  5. Look So Fine, Feel So Low
  6. Dumb Things
  7. To Her Door
  8. Bradman
  9. Everything's Turning To White
  10. Sweet Guy
  11. Careless
  12. Winter Coat
  13. From Little Things Big Things Grow
  14. When I First Met Your Ma
  15. Pouring Petrol On a Burning Man
  16. Love Never Runs On Time
  17. Song From The Sixteenth Floor
  18. Deeper Water
  19. Give In To My Love
  20. How To Make Gravy

Disc 2

  1. Nothing On My Mind
  2. I'll Be Your Lover
  3. Love Letter
  4. Our Sunshine
  5. Gathering Storm
  6. Every Fucking City
  7. Be Careful What You Pray For
  8. Love is the Law
  9. If I Could Start Today Again
  10. The Oldest Story In the Book
  11. Won't You Come Around
  12. Gunnamatta
  13. Your Lovin' is On My Mind
  14. Song of the Old Rake
  15. They Thought I Was Asleep
  16. Everybody Loves You Baby
  17. God Told Me To
  18. You're 39, You're Beautiful and You're Mine
  19. Thoughts In the Middle of the Night
  20. Shane Warne

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paul Kelly   Primary Artist,Guitar,Harmonica,Keyboards,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Renee Geyer   Vocal Harmony
Lucky Oceans   Pedal Steel Guitar
Michael Barclay   Drums,Vocal Harmony
Steve Berlin   Saxophone
David Bridie   Keyboards
Linda Bull   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Peter Bull   Keyboards
Vika Bull   Vocal Harmony
Steve Connolly   Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Debra Dobkin   Percussion
John Gilutin   Keyboards
Steve Hadley   Bass,Vocal Harmony
Gerry Hale   Banjo,Dobro,Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Double Bass,Lap Steel Guitar,Vocal Harmony
James "Hutch" Hutchinson   Bass
Jessica Kenny   Vocal Harmony
Peter Luscombe   Percussion,Drums,Vocal Harmony
John Molo   Drums
Ray Pereira   Percussion,Conga
Ian Simpson   Banjo,Guitar,Vocal Harmony
James Gillard   Double Bass,Vocal Harmony
Randy Jacobs   Guitar
Spencer P. Jones   Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Astrid Munday   Vocal Harmony
Shelagh Hannan   Vocal Harmony
Stuart Speed   Double Bass,Vocal Harmony
Bill McDonald   Bass,Vocal Harmony
Dan Kelly   Banjo,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Bruce Haymes   Organ,Keyboards,Vocal Harmony
Adam Gare   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocal Harmony
Richard Burgman   Guitar
Spencer Jones   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Mick Albeck   Fiddle
Chris Coyne   Saxophone
Shane O'Mara   Guitar
Michael Armiger   Bass
Wayne Freer   Trombone
Dan Luscombe   Guitar,Piano,Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Slide Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Ernie Dingo   Didjeridu
Deirdre Hannan   Vocal Harmony
Mairéad Hannan   Vocal Harmony
Sian Prior   Clarinet
Rod McCormack   Guitar
Chris Wilson   Harmonica
Jon Schofield   Bass,Vocal Harmony
Peter Somerville   Banjo,Vocal Harmony

Technical Credits

Paul Kelly   Producer,Artwork
Renee Geyer   Vocal Arrangements
Tchad Blake   Producer,Engineer
Gerry Hale   Producer
Ted Howard   Engineer
Michael Letho   Engineer
Mark Linnet   Engineer
Russell Thomson   Engineer
Alan Thorne   Producer,Engineer
Mark Wallis   Producer
Richard Bosworth   Engineer
Randy Jacobs   Producer
Simon Polinski   Producer,Engineer
Paul Petran   Engineer
David Fricke   Liner Notes
Bleddyn Butcher   Liner Notes
John O'Donnell   Executive Producer
Kaarin Fairfax   Cover Photo
William West   Cover Photo
Laurence Maddy   Producer,Engineer
Adam Rhodes   Engineer
James Sanger   Programming,Sound Design
Andy Baldwin   Producer,Engineer
Pierre Baroni   Cover Design
Stephen Snelleman   Producer
Daniel Rejmer   Engineer
Russell Fawcus   Engineer
Professor Ratbaggy   Producer
Stardust Five   Producer
Dan Luscombe   Loop
Boon Companions   Producer
Mark Don   Engineer
Rod McCormack   Producer
P. Luscombe   Composer
P. Kelly   Composer
S. Hadley   Composer
Clive Shakespeare   Producer,Engineer
Chris Scallon   Engineer

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