Songs of America

Songs of America

by Gilbert Kalish

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  1. Beautiful Child of Song for voice & piano
  2. Dust of Snow
  3. The Rose Family
  4. 4. The Moon Drops Low
  5. Home Thoughts, song for voice & piano (Five Songs to Poems by Carl Sand
  6. White Moon, song for voice & piano (Five Songs to Poems by Carl Sandbur
  7. Joy (II), song for voice & piano (Five Songs to Poems by Carl Sandburg
  8. The Widow's Lament in Springtime, for voice & piano
  9. American Primitive
  10. The Sleeper, for soprano & piano
  11. My Father
  12. Nothin' But Love for voice & piano
  13. I Love You Truly, for voice & piano
  14. Her Greatest Charm, for voice & piano
  15. The Junk Man, for voice & piano
  16. Lost, for voice & piano
  17. Little Four Paws
  18. Dozing on the Lawn
  19. Song, for voice & piano "She is not fair to outward view", S. 354 (K. 6
  20. The All-Enduring, song for voice & piano, S. 209 (K. 6B23)
  21. Lethe, for voice & piano
  22. Interlude
  23. Time, You Old Gypsy Man for voice & piano
  24. Grandma (Millie)
  25. Stein X Seven: No. 6
  26. Waitin
  27. There Came a Wind like a Bugle
  28. Sunrise, song for voice, piano & violin, S. 365 (K. 6B77)

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gilbert Kalish   Primary Artist,Piano,Track Performer
Jan DeGaetani   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Joyce Robbins   Violin

Technical Credits

Stephen Foster   Text
Carl Sandburg   Text
Dave Hamilton   Liner Notes
Charles Ives   Text
Gertrude Stein   Text
Robert Frost   Text
Archibald MacLeish   Text
Edna St. Vincent Millay   Text
Theodore Roethke   Text
Carrie Jacobs-Bond   Text
Robert Hurwitz   Executive Producer
Jacques Levy   Text
Max Wilcox   Producer,Engineer
Edgar Allan Poe   Text
Joel Meyerowitz   Cover Photo
Henrietta Condak   Art Direction
Teresa Sterne   Producer,Liner Notes
e.e. cummings   Text
Emily Dickinson   Text
David Hamilton   Liner Notes
MacDonald Moore   Engineer
Arnold Weinstein   Text
William Carlos Williams   Text
George N. Alsop   Text
Ralph Hodgson   Text
Hartley Coleridge   Composer,Text
David Hamilton   Liner Notes
Irene Orgel   Text
William Jay Smith   Composer,Text
Sergius Kagen   Composer
Nelle Richmond Eberhart   Text

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