Songs Without Words

Songs Without Words

by Ian Whitcomb

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Disc 1

  1. The Dickens Waltz
  2. Luscious Slices
  3. Sandcastle--A Day by the Sea
  4. My Blues
  5. Wigwam Wigwalk--An Indian Patrol
  6. Lawns of Louisiana
  7. Les Temps du Chiffon
  8. Marzipan--A Ragtime Confection
  9. Lotusland--A Rag of Southern California
  10. Strange Waters--A Falklands Reverie
  11. Montpellier--A Tango Rag of Southern France
  12. Merry-Go-Round by Moonlight
  13. My Apache--A Tango of Paris
  14. Wildcroft Manor--A Reverie
  15. When Sophie Dances
  16. Viva Regina!
  17. My Dog Beefy
  18. Home at Last!
  19. Sauntering by the Sea
  20. At the Masked Ball
  21. The Beckoning Fairground

Disc 2

  1. Dreams of Old L.A.
  2. Foxing the Goose Goosing the Fox)
  3. Chester the Cat--A Feline One-Step
  4. Blazing Ambition
  5. LotusLand Medley: Cottage by the Sea/I Just Knew/Cabaret Girl
  6. Der Pussycat Walk
  7. Rolling with the Quake
  8. Rocking the Baby to Sleep
  9. Sultry Nights
  10. Ukie's Tune
  11. The Bumbling Bear
  12. Montmartre
  13. Unrequited
  14. Tango of the Bears
  15. Dancing Partners
  16. My Garden
  17. Mystery Riders
  18. One & One Makes One
  19. Our House
  20. Restless
  21. Time and Again
  22. The Windmill Waltz
  23. Flyboys!--One-Step
  24. As Her Love Flies By
  25. Mon Ami Perdu
  26. Au Bal Musette
  27. Ambling Along

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ian Whitcomb   Primary Artist,Piano,Accordion,Ukulele,Musette,Mellotron,farfisa organ,tiple
Ray Campi   Bass
Sam Most   Saxophone
Don Bagley   Bass
Tony Coe   Clarinet
Barry Guy   Bass
Lyle Ritz   Bass,Ukulele
Bob Young   Violin
Bobby Bruce   Violin
Jim Carnelli   Drums
Roy Caton   Trumpet
Jeremy Cohen   Violin
Jack Daro   Bass
Michael Dosco   Guitar
Tim Emmons   Bass
Gene Estes   Drums
Jack Feierman   Trumpet
Martin Fry   Sousaphone
Matt Germaine   Saxophone
Chris Hart   Bass
Joyce Kelley   Flute
Dwight Kennedy   Drums
Tom Marion   Banjo,Mandocello
Bill Masonheimer   Tuba
Tom McGuinness   Guitar
Stephanie McNab   Flute
Geoff Nudell   Clarinet,Saxophone
David Pinto   Piano,Keyboards
George Poole   Violin,Saxophone
Maurice Pratt   Trombone
David Raksin   Conductor
John Rinaldo   Trumpet
Bill Shortt   Washboard
Marston Smith   Cello
Fred Sokolow   Banjo,Dobro,Guitar,Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar
Billy Steele   Guitar
Steven Tyler   Trombone
Dan Weinstein   Sousaphone
Dave Wells   Trombone
Dick Hyde   Tuba
Skip Heller   Guitar
Bill Somerville-Large   Accordion
Jack Peach   Drums
Hank Van Sickle   Bass
Babs White   Guitar
Daniel Glass   Drums
Dan Levinson   Clarinet,Saxophone,C-Melody Saxophone
Dave Wright   Tuba
Howard Greene   Drums
Cliff Haines   Cornet
Corey Gemme   Cornet,Saxophone,C-Melody Saxophone
Randy Woltz   Drums,Xylophone,Vibes
George Taylor   Trumpet
Marquis Howell   Bass
Dave Jones   Bass
Mickey Conway   Drums
John Yokum   Clarinet
Jimmy Chester   Reeds
Jackie Lustgarten   Cello
Benny Brydern   Violin

Technical Credits

Ray Campi   Producer
Rick Cunha   Engineer
Neil Innes   Producer
Ian Whitcomb   Arranger,Producer,Liner Notes
Roger Dollarhide   Engineer
E.J. Emmons   Producer,Engineer
David Heath Hadfield   Engineer
Jerry Hall   Engineer
Troy Mathisen   Engineer
Kerry McNabb   Engineer
Thorne Nogar   Engineer
Todd Orr   Engineer
David Pinto   Engineer
Ray Pohlman   Arranger
Phil Sawyer   Arranger
Robert Loveless   Producer
David Mallet   Producer
Paul Hilton   Engineer
Steven H. Bardo   Engineer
Bryan Wright   Producer,Cover Design,Layout
Robin Frost   Arranger
Peter Selwood   Engineer
Marcel Iezzi   Engineer

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