Sonnets To Orpheus / Edition 1

Sonnets To Orpheus / Edition 1

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by Rainier Maria Rilke

An accomplished poet’s first and only sonnet sequence.See more details below


An accomplished poet’s first and only sonnet sequence.

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Wesleyan University Press
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Wesleyan Poetry in Translation Series
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1st ed
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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Table of Contents

Introduction : Rilke and the ecstasy of creation1
On the translation of Sonnets to Orpheus91
Part 1
IA tree sprang into life103
IIAnd it was almost a girl105
IIIA god can do it107
IVO you delicate ones109
VRaise no memorial stone111
VIDoes he live among us?113
VIITo praise is foremost!115
VIIIOnly in the realm of praising117
IXOnly one who has raised the lyre119
XI welcome you, ancient coffins121
XILook at the sky123
XIIICheer the spirit125
XIVWe are absorbed in blossom129
XVWait. It tastes good131
XVIYou, my friend, you are lonely133
XVIIWay down under the old135
XVIIIMaster, do you hear?137
XIXAlthough the world quickly changes form139
XXWhat can I dedicate to you, lord?141
XXISpring has come again143
XXIIWe drive on145
XXIIIOnly on a day when flight147
XXIVShall we reject our ancient friendship?149
XXVBut you whom I knew like a flower151
XXVIYou, holy Orpheus, poet153
Part 2
IBreath, you invisible poem!157
IIJust as the master's genuine brushstroke159
IVO here you have the beast163
VFlower muscle of the anemone165
VIRose on your throne167
VIIFlowers, sisters169
VIIIO you few playmates171
IXJudges, don't brag173
XAll we have gained, the machine threatens175
XIMany calmly ordered rules of death177
XIIWill transformation179
XIIIBe ahead of all leaving181
XIVObserve these flowers183
XVO fountain mouth185
XVIOrpheus, whom we have torn apart187
XVIIWhere, in what blissful watered gardens189
XVIIIDancer, O you translation191
XIXGold lives somewhere193
XXBetween the stars195
XXIMy heart, sing about gardens197
XXIIO despite fate199
XXIIIISummon me201
XXIVO this joy always new203
XSVIHow the cry of a bird207
XXVIIDoes time destroyer209
XXVIIIO come and go211
XXIXSilent friend of many distances213

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