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Sons of Olympus: Delos Descending

Sons of Olympus: Delos Descending

by C.S. Chatterly

As a son of Zeus, Delos has seen all the infidelity he can handle. He wants a faithful wife. Megaira wants a loving husband, but what she turns into during intercourse could get them both killed.

As one of many bastard sons of Zeus, Delos wants one thing…a woman who won't sleep with anything that oozes, crawls or rolls into her bed. Perhaps he


As a son of Zeus, Delos has seen all the infidelity he can handle. He wants a faithful wife. Megaira wants a loving husband, but what she turns into during intercourse could get them both killed.

As one of many bastard sons of Zeus, Delos wants one thing…a woman who won't sleep with anything that oozes, crawls or rolls into her bed. Perhaps he should have been more careful when a long-time friend offers herself up as his wife. Can he love a woman who keeps secrets? Will her secrets get them killed?

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Delos Descending

On a different plane of existence, where gods and goddesses dwell

Delos gazed at the smirking bevy of women before him and crossed his arms over his chest. “Kato, is this what my father calls a choice?” “Highness, these are among the most beautiful of all the young goddesses in your father’s real. All are eligible for marriage, just as you requested.”

“I’m quite sure they are,” he softly muttered. “Every one of them has been openly eligible to every man who’d crawl between their creamy, high-born thighs.” Del stalked away, eager to get to the stables where a measure of peace could be found.

Kato turned back to the women and waved them off. “Thank you, ladies. That will be all for now.” Then, he quickly ran after his master.

Del wasn’t deaf to the rude comments coming from the women. The ‘who does he think he is’ and ‘pretentious bastard’ remarks had long since begun to bounce off his now rhinoceros-thick skin. Perhaps he deserved it. After all, he was the one who’d put himself on the market for marriage. He was the official groom of the season, and he was a son of Zeus. He’d tolerated his father’s help in sending the women only because he’d given up looking for himself.

Zeus was anxious to see him finally wed. But Del had no stomach for the lovely but promiscuous legions of beauties that had been paraded before him like so many bushels of ripe peaches. When asked, every single one of them had outright refused to make the one promise he found necessary in a mate. It was a simple matter to him. For the women, however, the vow seemed offensive.


For his entire life, Del had seen the sad results of the licentious wallowing of the gods. His own existence was a result of his father, Zeus, having lain with the minor goddess and Nymph, Acantha. His mother, never willing to stay with one man, was currently sleeping with several gods from the mountain regions. Hera, the only woman to actually sit at Zeus’ right-hand side, hated all the misbegotten offspring of his father’s lusts. That included him. He was a living reminder of all the times Zeus went a-roaming, seeking some night’s pleasure with a woman who wouldn’t nag him the way Hera did. And like all of his step-brothers and step-sisters, Hera made it her life’s mission to inflict her vengeance upon Zeus’ mistakes. Since there were so many of his father’s bastards running around, her wrath seldom settled on any one of his siblings for very long. Ironically, Hera was certainly no pillar of chastity. She was known to sleep with the Olympian guards, taking on several at a time, then tossing them aside when they could no longer pleasure her. He’d been kept from sleep many nights listening to her disgusting howls of climaxing glory. Finally, he’d taken to sleeping outdoors, anyplace where he could get some rest. Even bedding down in the stables was better than lying in his palace room, listening to all the rutting women and men moaning in the night; each of them with a different partner every hour.

Kato made an attempt to placate his beloved charge. “Highness, perhaps you could relent a bit in your wedding demands. Maybe you could allow one or two days of the year where your mate could...shall we say...wander.”

Del stopped and rounded on his long-time mentor and aide. “I refuse to marry anyone who’ll be with another man as soon as my back is turned. What’s so wrong with wanting a lover who can remain faithful? Whatever happened to trust?” he angrily questioned. “Even humans, as promiscuous as they often are, sometimes manage to stay in a relationship without cheating. On occasion, I’ve opened the portal between their reality and ours and have seen this. If they can, keep their tits and cocks to themselves, why can’t a god?”

“I-It’s the way things have always been done,” Kato replied. “Since our reality has been separated from that of mankind and even before, gods and goddesses have always found great sport in bedding one another. It’s part of the intrigue your father so loves. Why, where would all our Grecian tragedies have originated if it weren’t for the degenerate behaviour of those on Olympus?”

“Where indeed?” Del sarcastically responded. “Still, Hera makes sure that every woman my father screws, pays for it.” Kato lifted a hand in supplicating gesture. “You know she isn’t really jealous of your father’s bed partners. Her real fear is that her own children will have to fight over ruling Olympus once Zeus steps off the throne. She wants power over all the gods and goddesses to remain within her direct bloodline.”

Del sighed. “You know, that’s the really sad part. I could forgive her outbursts of temper if she really loved my father, and was hurt by his promiscuity. As you say, however, it’s really all about keeping my old man from creating so many heirs that the powers of Olympus will be split among them one day. That’s all that matters. Sex and power.”

Meet the Author

C.S. Chatterly aka Candace Sams was a police officer for eleven years, worked on an ambulance for eight years as a crew chief, and is now an author. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Agriculture, worked as a police officer with the State of Texas, was with the San Diego Police Department, taught for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and with a law enforcement agency in Alabama. She is the senior woman on the U.S. Kung Fu Team, awarded the Medal of Putien from China and the Statue of Tao for martial arts, holder of several international martial arts titles, and is an award winning author of fantasy fiction. She also writes erotica under the pen name, C.S. Chatterly. Her hobbies include weight lifting, gardening, and looking after a family of pets who’ve adopted her. She and her husband, Lee, have been married for over two decades.

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