Sons of Olympus: Lydon's Exile

Sons of Olympus: Lydon's Exile

by C.S. Chatterly

One of Zeus' sons must help free a beautiful woman from Hera's vengeful control.

As one of Zeus' bastard sons, Lydon Andrianopolis is sent to Earth to escape Hera's wrath. But has he found a sanctuary in present-day Napa Valley, California? Or will Hera find a way to destroy him through the one woman he craves?


One of Zeus' sons must help free a beautiful woman from Hera's vengeful control.

As one of Zeus' bastard sons, Lydon Andrianopolis is sent to Earth to escape Hera's wrath. But has he found a sanctuary in present-day Napa Valley, California? Or will Hera find a way to destroy him through the one woman he craves?

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Sons of Olympus , #2
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Lydon's Exile

Contemporary Napa Valley, California


It was stay and die; flee and live. The choice hadn’t been that hard to make.

Lydon gazed out across the lovely vineyards his younger half-brother now owned. The wine from those fields, the sprawling Grecian villa in which his sibling lived, the stables and everything within eyesight belonged to Delos, courtesy of their father, Zeus.

When Hera, Queen of all the gods, ordained that Delos and his new bride, Megaira were on the top of her shit list, Zeus had helped them and two others flee that legendary reality where the Olympian gods ruled and bickered. Hera hated anything to do with any of Zeus’ by-blows which included him. Until Delos and Meg had angered her, however, Hera had hounded him more than all his other siblings combined. His most recent negative encounter with the woman was why he’d also left Olympus, never to return. Lydon hoped Delos would forgive the unannounced intrusion, but there was simply nothing for it. Zeus had opened a window into this reality at the last possible moment; it’d been his only chance to get out of Hera’s way for good.

He rocked his body back and forth in the soft cotton hammock letting his mind absorb all the intricacies of this new reality. Zeus, in his infinite wisdom, had magically endowed his brain to accept Earth’s customs, its languages and foibles. Of course, he’d seen most of the way humans lived by occasionally opening a view portal on this reality, but it was forbidden to enter without almighty Zeus’ permission.

There were many realities into which he could have fled Hera’s wrath. But this was the one where his favoured half-brother, Delos, had been sent. And it was a wonderful place as far as Lydon was concerned. Though he might no longer be a god and would live out the length of a normal human life and then die, he would have a home without the constant threat of Hera’s minions chasing him down and committing some ignominious act on his person. Her rage against him was further exacerbated by what he’d done just two nights previous. Lydon tried not to smile too broadly, but his last stab at his odious stepmother had been a deep one indeed.

His rakish reprisal against her accomplished, he’d willingly come to this new reality to accept all the rules of humanity that’d been laid out for him. To augment his rather exorbitant tastes, he’d brought a bag of jewels Zeus had given him as a way of compensating his half-brother for the extra mouth to feed.

Though the jewels were worth more than any king’s ransom, Lydon knew he’d have to find something to do with his time. Boredom would quickly set in if he had no occupation. He was no great hand at raising grapes, but he was an excellent judge of horseflesh. As Zeus had told him, Delos had also brought a fine stallion into this reality and would probably have set up a breeding program by now. And horses were his passion. There simply wasn’t a more beautiful animal on any world than one of the equine species.

The warm wind blowing over his body reminded him that he’d left Olympus without any clothing to his name. Even now he wore not one stitch. After committing his last act of defiance against that fish-wife, Hera, he’d had to run fast, hard and often. There’d been no chance to gather any belongings when Zeus had found him and given him a chance at life in this new place. But being nude these days was nothing new to him. He’d spent many pleasant hours in one woman’s bed or another, so much so that he’d rarely dressed at all these past few weeks. But, like so many things, that part of his life was over. He was tired of lying with one demi-goddess after another. Now that he was mortal, he needed to find himself a woman, settle down and beget children to carry his name into the future. In this respect, he hoped Delos would prove helpful. Surely his sibling or Meg might have a good female prospect in mind once they actually knew he was here and was in the market for a spouse. He sighed and considered the qualities he’d want in a woman.

She had to be beautiful, but there had to be substance behind the beauty. She had to have a magnificent sense of humour or she’d never have him. She had to love animals as he did. And she had to have a strong will to offset his. They’d argue horribly by daylight, then make up like passionate fiends at night. Knowing his tastes as Delos did, his little brother would eventually find him the right woman. Lydon was sure of this.

The sound of a wine bottle rolling across the patio tile caught Lydon’s attention. He’d found the dry red vintage sitting on a marble-topped table last evening and had drunk the whole thing as a way of celebrating his freedom. Whoever it’d been meant for would have to procure another choice from the cellar. Whenever the household awoke, someone could bring several more bottles to continue toasting his presence. He’d actually arrived last evening, but hadn’t made his way down from a nearby hillside. There’d been a torrid scene to keep him occupied as Del and his lovely Meg had made love in a hot tub at the other end of the patio garden. It would have been tactful if he’d made his presence known then, but the heat generated by the couple had him masturbating most of the evening and the night. It’d been much easier to just sneak down to the villa, get into the hammock and continue pleasuring himself and not interrupt the loving couple as they’d made their way from the hot tub and to their bed for the evening.

Del had the right idea. A romantic rendezvous in that tub was the way to end a long day. And though it’d been years since he’d seen Megaira, a vision of her exiting the hot tub had shown him plenty. She’d grown from an awkward little tom-boy into a beautiful, luscious beauty. When he had his own bride, they’d have to schedule turns between the two couples in that watery garden oasis. Or he might just have another one built so no schedules would be necessary.

Lydon grinned and slid his hands behind his head. Let the breeze blow, let the bottle roll off the porch, and let the household sleep until the sun was well up. He had not a care in the world as his plans were now firmly established. As he had last evening, he closed his eyes and felt the soft breeze caress his skin as a lover’s kiss might. His left hand slid once again to his penis and he began to stroke himself slowly and tenderly. Masturbating was a good way to pass the time.


Meet the Author

C.S. Chatterly aka Candace Sams was a police officer for eleven years, worked on an ambulance for eight years as a crew chief, and is now an author. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Agriculture, worked as a police officer with the State of Texas, was with the San Diego Police Department, taught for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and with a law enforcement agency in Alabama. She is the senior woman on the U.S. Kung Fu Team, awarded the Medal of Putien from China and the Statue of Tao for martial arts, holder of several international martial arts titles, and is an award winning author of fantasy fiction. She also writes erotica under the pen name, C.S. Chatterly. Her hobbies include weight lifting, gardening, and looking after a family of pets who’ve adopted her. She and her husband, Lee, have been married for over two decades.

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