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Sophie and the Seven Elves

Sophie and the Seven Elves

by Cindy May

18 y.o. Princess Sophie faced a grim marriage of State. Kidnapped by Elves, she was taken to the Great Hall of Elfheim as a sex toy, but found love. The Elf King released her, but as the coach took Sophie to her arranged marriage, she fled. Can she escape to Elfheim, or will she burn as a witch? Erotic folk tale, shapeshifter sex, striptease, girl elf & girl goat


18 y.o. Princess Sophie faced a grim marriage of State. Kidnapped by Elves, she was taken to the Great Hall of Elfheim as a sex toy, but found love. The Elf King released her, but as the coach took Sophie to her arranged marriage, she fled. Can she escape to Elfheim, or will she burn as a witch? Erotic folk tale, shapeshifter sex, striptease, girl elf & girl goat sex, adventure & romance. Adult

Readers who are familiar with Nordic folklore will be familiar with Alfheim or Elfheim, the home of the good elves, or with Krampus, the fearsome half-goat helper of St Nicholas. Albirich will also be well known for it is an Old High German name, combining alf or elf, and ric, or ruler. He was the sorcerer king of the elves.

The story is set in Bavaria in the early seventeenth century on the eve of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) which commenced as a religious war between the different states of the Holy Roman Empire. Bavaria, under its Wittelbach rulers, was a staunch Catholic state at the head of the Counter Reformation.

Europe was also gripped by a witch burning frenzy following the publication of ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ in 1487. It was a demented proof of the existence of witches, of how to recognise them, and how to torture them into confessing their ‘crimes’. Question VI was ‘Concerning Witches who copulate with Devils. Why is it that Women are chiefly addicted to Evil superstitions.’ Every crime from male impotence to debauchery was the fault of witches.

Thousands of innocent women suffered unspeakable torture at the hands of the inquisitors before being consigned to the flames. They were mothers, wives and daughters who were free of any guilt, but died in screaming agony in a Holocaust that went on for generations.

'Talented’ executioners found ways of keeping their victims alive for hours as the flames licked at their bodies, the rationale being that this was ‘kinder’ to the witch, as prolonged suffering would encourage them to make their peace with God.

The people who did this were monsters who were every bit as evil as the scum who ran the Nazi death camps, but because the victims died four hundred years ago in the name of God, we forget them.

Eighteen year old Princess Eugenie Sophie stumbles into this bizarre world when she rebels at the thought of a marriage of state. The novel depicts her desperate search for love and her attempts to avoid a terrible fate as people in every walk of life turn on her.

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Meet the Author

Hi, All the advice is that I'm supposed to write a profile, but I find it a lot easier to write about the characters in my novels than about me. If I write it one way it sounds so boring that I wouldn't read it, so why inflict it on you. If I do it the other way, it sounds as if I think there are only two good authors in history, me and Will Shakespeare, and that is worse. There are at least three good authors ! (joke) When I have read bios from other authors, I'm not too concerned with where they went to school, what their favorite color is or whether they are 4 feet tall or 8 feet tall. I want to know "what makes them tick" and "What is it that they are trying to say?" The average bio just does not tell me, and I'm not sure if I know how to say it, so I'd prefer to let my characters talk for me. Maybe the best bet is to tell you what and why I write. Well, first off, I enjoy doing it, so even if you hate my books, there is one person that likes 'em - me! I have read a cross section of literature over the years. In most genres there is plenty of variety, and that makes a book or a film good, as you don't know what will happen. I recall reading one novel and there was a subplot with a cute Chinese gal. I wondered if she was going to make it to the end of the story or not. At various times, it looked bad for her, and in the end I was more concerned about her than the main plot. With most "Romance", the plot is 'girl meets boy; girl loses boy, girl regains boy'. If there is a good girl/bad girl battle, you know on page ONE which is which, so you know what will happen on p336. All that the other 334 pages do is to fill in the precise details. With erotica, the sex can be much steamier, and the HEA (Happy Ever After) is not necessary, but the girls are often just a system to transport the sexy bits from one bed to the next bed. That is degrading to women, and it stinks! I even saw a review where the reviewer PRAISED the lack of character development or plot. If the review was fair, then I do not think I would care much for that book. People are not self-propelled sex organs seeking another organ. They have all sorts of hopes, fears, desires, hang-ups, and that is what makes us act as we do. I wanted real people to inhabit my novels. I wanted Mary Beth and Kitty, Lady Annabelle and Mavis, Tanya, Svetlana, Abby, Tracy and Phoebe to be people you can relate to, and even think, “Yeah, I knew someone like that.” I guess another influence that impelled me to write is that there are things I feel strongly about. In the US, one phrase that gets me real mad is “trailer trash”. Someone may come from a poor background and live in grim surroundings, but that does not automatically make them trash to be despised. There are plenty of nasty people to be found in such circumstances, but you can find nasty people in the most luxurious penthouse as well. Has anyone written about a Penthouse Pig?In “Gold Medal Momma”, there is a Trailer park gal. Does she deserve to be called trash? In the UK there are similar phrases. In “The Lady and the Slut” the yawning gap between a gal who is the daughter of the Manor House and a gal whose mum was the village slut is central to the story. “Three Brides and One Guy” opens just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and recalls the horrific ethnic cleansing in Chechnya where Russian families fled or died. Those that fled back to Russia faced discrimination. "Three Brides" explored a whole host of issues. In "The Slutlets Get Mad", the Conroy twins, Tracy and Phoebe take center stage in a sexy action packed tale set in the Cotswolds and Moscow with an explosive finale. There's plenty of sex, plenty of adventure and a chance to get to know Abby and her two daughters better. 'Even When You Lie' and its Sequel. 'Cotcote Babes' enter the world of office politics, office sex and the notorious Christmas Party. An interracial affair kicks off between an Asian girl and an English guy, but soon they must run for their lives from an Honour Killing. Add a gold digger who sets out to nail the boss and a gal whose mom dumped her like a carton from a fast food meal when she was five and the there is a heady mix of sex, love, lust, betrayal and drama. 'Once Upon an Office' depicts the self-contaied world of office politics and office sex. By highlighting these issues in a novel, I can say "Hey, what about this?" To take the easiest one, we all know that phrase "trailer trash", but people are NOT trash because of where they live. PERIOD. I would apply the trash label to the person who thinks of another human being in those terms, as it is nasty and unfair. OK, I guess I'd better calm down! If you decide to read one of my novels, I hope that YOU will ask yourself a few questions at the end of it. The characters are imaginary, but the problems they face are real, and real people face them every single day. Often the emotional baggage that the characters carry, or the way other people react to them, determines what will happen. I do kind of like a story where someone from the wrong side of the tracks makes good in the end, and I don’t like a story where the bad guy or bad girl are top of the compost heap on the last page. I'd like to say a big thanks to the kind folks who added me to their favorite authors list. That was much appreciated. Some are readers and that is real nice. Some are authors, and it is nice that we can appreciate one another's work. It is also a change from the author bashing that the "Thought Police" engage in on certain sites. Why in tarnation should we be nasty to one another? I just don't see what the folks that do it can get out of it. If you want to find out about my novels type in Cindy May in a search engine or on Smashwords, Amazon etc, and you should find a link I have a website on Google with a write up on my books and a few personal thoughts etc. I think I’ve said enough. LOL CM

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