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Ministry Of Sound Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Mauna Kea
  2. U Wanna
  3. Where Are You Now?
  4. Changing Your Mind
  5. Folksong
  6. Concumbia
  7. Grand Central Part 1
  8. Pendulo
  9. Time is Running Out
  10. Pitch Noise
  11. Show of Hands
  12. Sunrise Over Mali
  13. Isobel
  14. Reality Check
  15. Deep Inside
  16. Overcast
  17. Colours
  18. Sequential 003: The Epic
  19. It's the Funk
  20. Where is Monday
  21. Breakwater / Deep Inside [Versi
  22. Sunshine
  23. Shakin Music
  24. Abacus
  25. B.O.W.
  26. Emergency Exit
  27. Times Like These
  28. Times Like These

Disc 2

  1. Patient Release
  2. Can't Deny the Three
  3. Lilly & Poppy
  4. After All These Years
  5. Best Things In a Very Short Time
  6. For My Love
  7. We Always Meet Again
  8. Beach Cambers
  9. Sequential 002: Same As You
  10. Keys 2 My House
  11. Acida
  12. A.L.E.C.H.a.O.S
  13. Back To Stay

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Omid Nourizadeh   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards
S.O.S.   DJ
Simon Taylor   Saxophone
Demi Hajigeorgiou   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards

Technical Credits

Scope   Producer
Simon Duffy   Composer,Producer
Dave Grohl   Composer
Jens Lissat   Composer,Producer
John McIver   Producer
Terre Thaemlitz   Composer,Producer
"Little" Louie Vega   Producer
Erick "More" Morillo   Engineer
Nate Mendel   Composer
Matthew Benjamin   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Omid Nourizadeh   Composer
Technasia   Composer,Producer
Alex Whitcombe   Composer,Producer
Alfred Gregl   Composer,Producer
Taylor Hawkins   Composer
Paul Faulkner   Composer,Producer
Fred Falke   Composer,Producer
Christian Hirt   Remixing,Additional Production
Vincenzo Ragone   Remixing,Additional Production
Renato Cohen   Composer,Producer
Steve Angello   Composer,Producer
Fernando Pulichino   Composer,Producer
Julian Sanza   Composer,Producer
Adam Walder   Composer,Producer
Jim Rivers   Composer,Producer
Jay Shepheard   Composer,Producer
D-Nox & Beckers   Remixing,Additional Production
Worthy   Composer
Yankee Zulu   Composer
Homero Espinosa   Composer,Producer
Luca Guerrieri   Arranger,Producer
Albin Myers   Producer
André Lodemann   Composer,Producer
Luther Miek   Composer,Producer
E. P. Legato   Composer
Cubase Dan   Additional Production
Latenta Project   Composer,Producer
Christopher Shiflett   Composer
Maurizio Colella   Remixing,Additional Production
Christopher Spero   Composer,Producer
Okain   Composer,Producer
Omid 16B   Producer
Maziar Namvar   Composer,Producer
Marco Wolters   Composer,Producer
Sean Williams   Producer
Neil Maloney   Art Direction
Christoph Trücher   Composer,Producer
DJ Denise   Producer
Emiliana Patrik Legato   Producer
Denise Rees   Composer
Demi Hajigeorgiou   Composer,Producer,Additional Production
Clayton Leite De Farias   Composer,Producer
Alejandro Francos Gomez   Composer,Producer
Nakia Matthewson   Artwork
MCDE   Remixing,Additional Production
Luis Bonias Andreu   Composer,Producer
Lars Frasseck   Composer
Juan Sebastian Arcila Castañeda   Composer
Tino Schmidt   Composer,Producer
Ric McClelland   Composer

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