Soul Cafe [Expansion]

Soul Cafe [Expansion]


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Soul Brother

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Disc 1

  1. I Realised
  2. Someday
  3. Runnin'
  4. Tall Green Grass
  5. Star
  6. Brother
  7. Like Water
  8. If You Believe
  9. Special One
  10. Work of Art
  11. You Caught Me off Guard
  12. Memory

Disc 2

  1. A Chance for Hope
  2. Four Corners
  3. Give and Let Live
  4. Give Me the Sunshine
  5. We Got to Stick Together
  6. You Remind Me
  7. My Brother My Brother
  8. Misunderstood
  9. Treasure
  10. Release Yourself
  11. Can't Go Back
  12. I Was Born to Love You

Disc 3

  1. Troubled Times
  2. Cupid's Arrow
  3. Vanilla Tree
  4. Can We Pretend
  5. Sistah
  6. Indigenous Love
  7. Promises
  8. I'll Always Love You
  9. Remembering the Good Times
  10. Say You Will
  11. Make the Sound
  12. Dream Carmen

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Donny Hathaway   Composer
Billy Griffin   Composer
Peggi Blu   Composer
Rockie Robbins   Composer
Parkes Stewart   Composer
Maysa   Composer
Maxi Anderson   Composer
Larry Batiste   Producer
Terry Bradford   Composer
Keni Burke   Composer
Davey Faragher   Composer
Kenny Ford   Producer
Bill Hagans   Composer,Producer
Graham Harvey   Composer
Will Hatcher   Producer
Randy Hope-Taylor   Composer
Mitchell Jones   Composer
Marva King   Composer,Producer
Ian Levine   Producer
Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick   Composer,Producer
Frank McComb   Composer
Ted Perlman   Composer,Producer
Phil Roy   Composer
Charles Scales   Producer
Clive Scott   Composer,Producer
Bob Thiele   Composer,Producer
Lloyd Tolbert   Composer,Producer
Nicole Jackson   Composer
Paul Chevalier   Composer,Producer
Alvin Few   Producer
Norvell Holmes   Composer,Producer
Ian Martin   Producer
Johnny Simone   Composer,Producer
Brigette McWilliams   Composer
Howard Simmons   Composer
Kendall Duffie   Composer,Producer
Nicolas Bearde   Producer
Byron Woods   Producer
Peter May   Composer,Producer
Kenneth Burke   Producer
Karl Injex   Composer,Producer
Kenny Stover   Producer
Geno "Junebugg" Young   Composer,Producer
Karl Frierson   Composer
Kloud 9   Producer
Khari Cabral Simmons   Composer,Producer
Ralph Tee   Producer
Jackie L. Hogg   Composer
Will Wheaton   Composer
Edward U. Howard   Composer
Victor Haynes   Composer,Producer
Gary "G" Jenkins   Producer
Linn Segolson   Composer
Ski Oakenfull   Producer
Ebony Alleyne   Composer
Steve "The Scotsman" Harvey   Producer
Marcus Coleman   Composer,Producer
Ian Martin   Composer
Carmen Rodgers   Composer

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