Soul City Los Angeles: West Coast Gems from the Dawn of Soul Music

Soul City Los Angeles: West Coast Gems from the Dawn of Soul Music


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Disc 1

  1. Soothe Me  -  Sims Twins
  2. Right To Love  -  Sims Twins
  3. The Smile  -  Sims Twins
  4. You're Pickin' In the Right Cotton Patch  -  Sims Twins
  5. Stay Where You Are  -  Olympics
  6. Baby, It's Hot  -  Olympics
  7. Come On  - Earl Nelson
  8. No Time To Cry  - Earl Nelson
  9. Lookin' For a Love  -  Valentinos
  10. Somewhere There's a Love  -  Valentinos
  11. Damper  - Johnnie Morisette
  12. Meet Me At the Twistin' Place  - Johnnie Morisette
  13. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere  - Johnnie Morisette
  14. Here Comes the Night (Part 1)  - Jimmy Norman
  15. Here Comes the Night (Part 2)  - Willie "Moon Man" Echols
  16. The Heebee Jeebees  - Wally Cox
  17. I Can't Help It  - Wally Cox
  18. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow  -  Rivingtons
  19. Deep Water  -  Rivingtons
  20. My Reward  -  Rivingtons
  21. Waiting  -  Rivingtons
  22. The Love I Just Lost  -  Beamon Young
  23. Some Day  -  Beamon Young
  24. That Much of Your Love  - Donald Woods
  25. Memories of an Angel  - Donald Woods
  26. All By Myself  -  Zeke Strong & His Queen Tones
  27. Your Heart Must Be Made of Stone  -  Zeke Strong & His Queen Tones
  28. This is the Nite  -  Valiants
  29. Love Game  -  Valiants
  30. Frieda Frieda  -  Valiants

Disc 2

  1. Soul Motion  -  Don & Dewey
  2. Stretchin' Out  -  Don & Dewey
  3. A Whole Lotta Woman  - Johnnie Taylor
  4. Why, Why, Why  - Johnnie Taylor
  5. Never, Never  - Johnnie Taylor
  6. Rome (Wasn't Built In a Day)  - Johnnie Taylor
  7. Looking Back  - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  8. The Eagle is Back  - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  9. Johnny Guitar  - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  10. Cuttin' In  - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  11. Sweet Lovin' Mama  - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
  12. The Angels Gave You To Me  -  Gene & Eunice
  13. I Mean Love  -  Gene & Eunice
  14. I Ain't Guilty  -  Crawford Brothers
  15. It Feels Good  -  Crawford Brothers
  16. Just Like That  -  Robins
  17. Oh No  -  Robins
  18. Glory of Love  -  Velvetones
  19. I Love Her So  -  Velvetones
  20. I Pity You Fool  - Jennell Hawkins
  21. Don't Worry Bout Me  - Jennell Hawkins
  22. Heavenly Angel  -  Viscaynes
  23. Yellow Moon  -  Viscaynes
  24. Uncle Sam Needs You  -  Viscaynes
  25. That's All I Ask  - Tommy Knight
  26. There's No Pain  - Tommy Knight
  27. Lucy Lee  - Lloyd George
  28. Sing Real Loud  - Lloyd George
  29. She's All Right  - Troy Walker
  30. I'm Gettin' Hip  - Troy Walker

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Billy Hill   Composer
Sam Cooke   Composer
Otis Redding   Composer
Lee Wiley   Composer
Dewey Terry   Composer
Robert C. Smith   Composer
Roscoe Robinson   Composer
H.B. Barnum   Composer
Cliff Goldsmith   Composer
Jerry Long   Composer
Deadric Malone   Composer
Earl Nelson   Composer
Bobby Simms   Composer
Ed Townsend   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Johnny "Guitar" Watson   Composer
Carl White   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Wally Cox   Composer
Chester Pipkin   Composer
Brice Coefield   Composer
Eunice Levy   Composer
James McEachin   Composer
Zelda Samuels   Composer
Eddie Singleton   Composer
Gene Forrest   Composer
Alfred Frazier   Composer
Donald Woods   Composer
Fred Smith   Composer
Lowell Jordan   Composer
Johnnie Morisette   Composer
Billy Jones   Composer
Leonard Jewell Smith   Composer
Beamon Young   Composer
J.W. Alexander   Composer
J. Carmichael   Composer
E. Lewis   Composer
Julius Brown   Composer
S. Christy   Composer
James Crawford   Composer
Betty Prudhomme   Composer
Beverly Prudhomme   Composer
Turner Wilson   Composer
Clive Richardson   Liner Notes
Lloyd George   Composer
Sylvester Stewart   Composer
Lillian N. Claiborne   Composer
John Harris   Composer
Zeke Strong   Composer
Bernard Nitzsche   Composer
Sheridan Spencer   Composer
Don Harris   Composer
Kenny Simms   Composer
Carol Crawford   Composer
Bert Daniels   Composer

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