Soul In Society

Soul In Society

by Gary Dorrien

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Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

Table of Contents

1Introduction: The Good Society and the Legacy of Social Christianity1
Troeltsch and the History of Christian Social Teaching4
Rauschenbusch and the Christian Social Revolution6
Niebuhr, Bennett, and Social Christianity6
Kaus and Civic Liberalism8
Social Christianity Today15
2Christianizing the Modern Order: The Progressivist Faith21
Shailer Mathews's Reformist Progressivism23
Walter Rauschenbusch and Democratic Socialism25
Mathews and Christian Sociology30
Rauschenbusch and the Struggle for the Kingdom38
Mathews and Foreign Policy48
Rauschenbusch and the Great War51
Mathews and the War54
Harry Emerson Fosdick60
Mathews and Modernism69
Justin Wroe Nixon75
Charles Clayton Morrison77
Reinhold Niebuhr and the Christian Century84
3Christian Realism: The Niebuhrian Turn91
Niebuhr as Socialist91
Niebuhr as Antifascist102
Niebuhr and Realpolitik116
Niebuhr against the War in Vietnam136
Niebuhr as Theologian143
Reinhold and H. Richard Niebuhr156
4Realisms in Conflict: Disputing the "New Liberal Consensus"162
John C. Bennett164
Christian Realism in a New Era173
Liberation Theologies181
Michael Novak and the Christian Realist Right189
Neoconservatives and Access to Power198
Neuhaus and the Catholic Moment207
5De-centering Voices: Pluralization and the Liberationist Revolutions221
Charles Clayton Morrison and Ecumenism221
John Courtney Murray and the American Proposition229
James H. Cone and Black Theology235
Womanist Theology253
Mary Daly and Feminist Theology256
Rosemary Radford Ruether263
6Failure of a Dream? Economic Democracy and the Economics of Nature282
Democratic Socialism and Christian Realists282
Neoconservatism and Christian Ethics288
Market Socialism and Economic Democracy293
Cooperative Enterprises in the United States297
Mutual Funds and the Meidner Plan301
John B. Cobb Jr. and Third-Way Economics316
7Communities of Memory: Social Christianity after Christendom336
Habits of the Heart337
Communitarianism and the Social Gospel343
Stanley Hauerwas and the Kingdom351
Culture Religion and American Christianity361
James Gustafson and the Church as Participant367
The Kingdom of Christ371
The Next Generation373

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