Soul Mates Bind: Witching Call Part 2

Soul Mates Bind: Witching Call Part 2

4.2 9
by Sandra Ross
From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Call of Magick, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone...

A king and queen?! In this day and age?!

Lola and Marcus


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Call of Magick, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone...

A king and queen?! In this day and age?!

Lola and Marcus are hand-fasted to bind them to each other in this lifetime. They go off to their honeymoon blissfully unaware of the Council's plan for them or of the evil that stalks them.

Marcus is sensing the coming evil but he is not sure until the Council bangs on their door and tells them about it. As well as another infinitely important detail.

Only soul mates can be powerful enough to rule, and they want them to rule the magical beings as King and Queen...

Or there might not be magical beings to rule. 

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READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.


"I'VE been waiting for this moment... all... day... long," Marcus said between kisses.

She giggled between their lips. "I can't believe we're doing our first wedded sex in the sky!"

"Well, we're together," he said, a little breathless as he raised his head to look at her. "And we love each other, and we have this place to celebrate our love..."

"Husband and wife..." she whispered in wonder. "You know, everytime this happens, I always feel like it's a first time. The magic never wanes for me. In fact, I feel it getting stronger each time."

"Same goes here," he whispered as his lips kissed her jaw then claimed her luscious lips again to kiss it as if he hasn't kissed it a moment before. She moaned as her arms held him tighter. Marcus unzipped Lola's dress in the back, pulled it over her head, then lifted her to lay her on the bed. He hovered above her, still kissing her, as she began to unbutton his shirt. They were soon naked, their bodies molded together as if they were one, skin illuminated by the subdued light of the lamp. Marcus's mouth slid down Lola's neck as she thread her head, smiling, savoring the feeling of their bodies sliding against each other, of his hot breath and lips tickling their way towards her breasts. She whimpered as his lips covered a nipple to gently suck on it, then the other one, and she held his head over her bosom, silently urging him to take those erect nipples into the heat of his mouth.

"Marcus," she breathe. Begged, really. Then moaned blissfully aloud when he finally obliged her. His hand slipped down Lola's curvaceous body, down the apex of her thighs as his knees pushed her thighs apart, and parted the petals that concealed the center of her pleasure...

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Witching Call , #2
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Meet the Author

The moment Sandra Ross held her first romance novel when she was ten, she knew she was going to write romance. At thirty now, a prolific reader and a freelance writer, she's since then expanded her preferences from just romance to romance with a dash of now trending sub-genres—paranormal , fantasy, sci-fi even, and erotica. She loves challenging herself and would write on a dare. On a normal day, she would be found in her herb garden collecting spices for her kitchen or ingredients for her potions; in her huge eclectic Provencal kitchen with the big modern oven cooking pots and pans of food for her family of one husband and three kids (an ardent daughter and two boisterous sons) that'll probably last for weeks; in her library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and an e-reader in her hands as she reads the latest B&N erotic hit; or scribbling pages upon pages of different erotic lifestyles, searching for the one that feels like it was inspired by just the right mix of passion, story line, and sex. She loves going crazy on weekend nights with the hubby. Aside from these activities, the rest of the time she'd be found in front of her laptop typing the latest Sandra Ross concoction for her readers.

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Soul Mates Bind: Witching Call Part 2 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
Have you ever had something happen to you in your everyday, mundane routine that, for whatever reason, causes you to suddenly, and without any effort, recall a past premonition, or maybe even evoke a dream from days, even months ago, that you can distinctly recall? It's happened to many people on more than one occasion. Some refer to it as deja vu; others attribute such phenomena to synchronicity or some other causation. Whatever the source may be, despite its relative lack of empirical, tangential evidence to corroborate its actions, many people will enthusiastically and passionately argue that such events were real and did indeed transpire that immediately brought a fair amount of recall to the forefront for these particular individuals. This particular review is a continuation of Sandra Ross's "Soul Mates Bind: Witching Call." Part 1 was already given commentary; this particular piece concerns Part 2. Ross has provided her readers with the adept ability to weave a powerful story in which strong, resilient characters come into their own via numerous trials and tribulations. As with many of her protagonists, the character of Lola has embarked upon a personal quest---not only does she seek answers to long-held questions about her personal and familial past, but her deepening relationship (and eventual marraige) with the mysterious Marc has only encouraged her to pursue her husband's background. As with many of Ross's tales, she slowly allows the reader to discover the hidden gems that contribute to solving the puzzle that has heretofore remained an enigma to all parties involved (namely, Lola and the reader). What makes the mystery a pleasant journey for all involved is the benevolent reassurance, love and support that Lola receives from both her parents, Davis and Sable, who have remained cordial and friendly with one another despite having been divorced for many years. What is even more unusual to Lola's way of thinking is that Davis has remained firmly single for most of Lola's life (Lola having lived with him in New York since she was a small child) and still seems to carry an unspoken torch, figuratively speaking, after all these years for Sable. If this is truly the case, then the obvious question the reader might raise would be: why get divorced in the first place? Something jes' ain't kosher here. Part 2 continues with a magnificent wedding for both Lola and Marc, of whom the latter, as it turns out, is indeed of royal background. As is befitting someone of his social stature and hierarchy, he and his new bride will live their lives in luxury and will never be wanting for anything---except answers to Lola's past. Ross skillfully melds past and present together as the story progresses, and eventually Lola realizes that she and Marc had indeed met a previous life. And, long ago in this prior existence, they had indeed been lovers. This "aha" moment that engulfs Lola provides her with the impetus to know Marc on an even deeper, more intense level, which is reinforced as memories long suppressed slowly begin to trickle forth from her collective subconscious. Events and happenstances that she had forgotten long ago that seemed innocuously random at that time now begin to settle into a prominent mental position that increases her acuity and cognition. Slowly, at an agonizing pace, Lola starts to put together her past, and in so doing starts to realize who she is and what her
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
Goodness gracious, could this book be any hotter! I found myself steaming along with the hot erotic scenes in this novel! Sandra Ross has, once again, done it again! She has hit the nail on the head with how she depicts erotica in this book and it is a very rewarding read. This book is filled with erotica. If you are not comfortable with reading such literature, then I don’t think that this would be the book for you. Though, I would implore you to try it, if even for once. You would not be disappointed with how well written this book is. The scenes would make you crave for more, even if it is something that you don’t like or is not used to reading. Sandra Ross takes you through the erotic scenes with seamless precision. It is almost as if you are gliding along with the characters in your own love, sex filled, erotic story. You will want the characters to walk out of the book and be real. I found myself wishing that the males were transformable somehow. Then, I could find a way to transform them into real air-breathing men in the flesh! I find that it is very easy to read Sandra Ross’ books and Soul Mates Bind: Witching Call 2 was no different. The characters were well developed, Sandra Ross’ own use of language was impeccable, the plot was thick enough, the conflict and romance burning…everything was well done. If you love erotica, then this is the book for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like the first book in the series, this book created strong and extremely likeable characters. Also like the first book in the series, it can not be called a novel. It is very short, which leaves you wanting so much more. Just as the characters are getting to you, the book is over.
rizgo More than 1 year ago
I have been stalking Sandra Ross’ books for roughly a month now. It started when I read her first book titled “Come with me” and now I’m reading my 8th book! Sandra Ross knows how to spin an entertaining tale. She’s also very flexible with her genre. She can write anything from paranormal, witches and contemporary stories so long as they’re about romance.  Her books constantly surprise me.  Soul Mates Cry is the 3rd book out of the 4 book series. This book is probably the most exciting yet as it carries the dilemma of the whole series. Will the soul mates really find their love again even through a tough spell? Would they the love scenes are also intense! If you’re looking for an erotic read, Sandra delivers.  This book would have been perfect had there not been changes done in the starting plot in book one and book 3. It got me confused because I have been closely following the book since its first release. Some love scenes felt a little too hurried for my preferences. I like the scenes to be a bit longer. This really isn’t an issue though especially if you’re one who likes a erotica literature that’s easy and light to read. It won’t take you hours and hours to get to the good stuff. I would recommend this to people who want to feel the thrill and suspense of a romance story. 
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
Everlasting love! ‘Soul Mates Bind’ picks up where ‘Soul Mates Kiss’ left off. It continues the story of beautiful Lola and handsome Marcus, who discovered that they were soul mates throughout several lifetimes in the previous book. The story opens as they are getting married, or ‘bound’ as the terminology in the warlock court calls it. They are meant to be together as King and Queen to rule as powerful leaders, but there is something evil and dangerous coming, and Marc seems to sense that it could put their lives and those of their loved ones in terrible danger. To understand this story you really need to read the prequel. It tells how the two meet and discover that they have known each other many times before in many lives. Lola is actually half witch and half human, and she had initially been tasked with Marc discovering his heritage as a warlock. Not everyone in Lola’s life knows her identity, and her human dad has no clue what is going on except that his extremely beautiful and smart daughter has landed a great guy. As the two lovebirds head off on their honeymoon, Marc begins to sense that all is not right, and soon he will be fighting alongside his new wife and future Queen to protect the world he has grown to love. This is a great blend of fantasy and erotica that stays true to both genres without being too cliché. I love the characters that Ross has created, and the little intricacies of their back stories make you feel as though you have known them their whole lives. The plot moves fast, but is easy to keep up with. Even though there are a lot of these types of books on the market, she makes this feel fresh and new. I was particularly fond of the storyline involving Marc’s discovery of his true heritage. It was lovely to see an orphan discover that he was actually royalty, and not just the human kind! It may be an often used theme, but it never gets old. I also loved the names…Lola and Sable just seemed so exotic and regal. The author always seems to use the best names for these stories! The erotica was splendidly hot and steamy, but appropriate. The honeymoon was definitely a scene that made me blush! But at the same time it was so sweet, and every woman wants a man to want her so badly on their honeymoon! Even without the magic and mystical beings, this was a great book. The romance was really well done and the suspense was just enough to keep me turning the pages. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series to see what happens to these two!