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Soul Survivor: A Metaphysical Suspense Novel

Soul Survivor: A Metaphysical Suspense Novel

by Stephen Hawley Martin

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A quest for identity that traffics in New Age notions of reincarnation and astral travel, Martin's second novel (after Out of Body, Into Mind, winner of a Writer's Digest Book Award for Fiction) is a curious hybrid that suffers from pedestrian prose as well as a far-fetched storyline. Raised by an aristocratic grandmother in Virginia, Linda Cheswick never learned why her mother deserted her as a child. The details become critical when Linda's grandmother dies and her uncle threatens to sell Live Oaks, the family estate, unless Linda can locate her mother and take control of the property under the terms of the will. Assisting her in the search is the spirit of her soul mate, who has left the astral plane and entered the earthly body of Rick Henderson, Linda's crack-addicted boss (whose timely death allows the soulmate to slip in). Linda and Rick slowly track her kidnapped mother back to Corsica, where Linda lands smack in the middle of a blood feud that makes her the target of a hit man who must kill her in retaliation for some obscure family crime. Martin handles the suspense well, and Linda's romance with Rick is fun, despite some obvious banter about karma and the like. Still, the charm of this slight tale is sapped by the lurid and silly Corsican subplot, which seems imported from another novel altogether. (Dec.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Martin's second novel (following Out of Body, into Mind, Oaklea Pr., 1995) is a sophomoric blend of New Age philosophy and sappy melodrama. In her present incarnation, Linda Cheswick, in danger of losing the family estate to a ne'er-do-well uncle, searches for her mother, who disappeared when Linda was four. Unbeknownst to Linda, her soul mate, worried that Linda won't be ready to move up to the fourth degree with others in her group of souls, enters the body of a dying man in order to return to the physical world to assist Linda in working out her karma. With his help, the search for Linda's mother, which involves a long-running family feud on the island of Martinique, is successful and the estate is saved. True love in the physical world and growth in the spiritual world-so who needs three-dimensional characters and good writing? Library patrons, that's who. Not recommended.-Nancy Pearl, Washington Ctr. for the Book, Seattle

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