Sound Mind, Sound Body: David Kirsch's Ultimate 6-Week Fitness Transformation for Men and Women

Sound Mind, Sound Body: David Kirsch's Ultimate 6-Week Fitness Transformation for Men and Women

by David Kirsch

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At the Madison Square Club in New York City, "wellness trainer" David Kirsch teaches high-profile clients to use their minds to transform their bodies, leading them to healthier, fitter lifestyles in the process. In Sound Mind, Sound Body, David Kirsch offers a 6-week program designed to set you on the path to total wellness-- for your mind, body, and spirit

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At the Madison Square Club in New York City, "wellness trainer" David Kirsch teaches high-profile clients to use their minds to transform their bodies, leading them to healthier, fitter lifestyles in the process. In Sound Mind, Sound Body, David Kirsch offers a 6-week program designed to set you on the path to total wellness-- for your mind, body, and spirit.
All the tools you need to revolutionize your life are right here-- exercises and workout plans for your body type, recipes and meal plans that are high in flavor but low in calories and unhealthy fats, a program to build your mental and emotional confidence, and ideas for maintaining your new lifestyle and sharing it with your friends.

Featuring Heidi Klum's Bikini Boot Camp

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supermodel Heidi Klum
I work out when I want to get toned for a job like a Victoria's Secret fashion show or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I take care of myself, but if I went to the gym on my own, I'd probably end up doing a little bit on the bicycle and calling it a day...but with David, I know I'll get some real results because he'll kick my butt into shape!
Ivana Trump
With David Kirsch, I have been working out religiously...and with great fervor, too! I can honestly say I have never felt better about my body, its strength, and its flexibility. The energy I have now is stupendous. People tell me I look fabulous...I know I feel fabulous...and it just takes commitment and dedication and a workout with David to turn things around. Happy exercising.
Linda Wells
Let's just say you haven't seen the inside of a gym in, oh, 4 years...and that your main source of nutrition is movie-theater popcorn and licorice. And you finally decide this has to change. (Yes, I'm talking about myself.) David Kirsch, the ultimate transformer, can pull you out of this mess. His exercise program is tough, no doubt about it, but it's also fun...David does it. David is Goliath.

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Sound Mind, Sound Body--the balance of the physical, mental, and spiritual lies at the core of my program.

After 15 years of personal training, and longer than that in researching and experiencing different fitness trends, nutritional guideline books, and self-proclaimed healing and get-well books, I have decided that it is time to speak out. There is a way to reach the perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit. I call that balance Sound Mind, Sound Body. The integral elements necessary in attaining a Sound Mind, Sound Body require finding the balance among a) proper workouts, b) nutritious foods, and c) a spiritual and emotional balance that in part relies on the successful completion of a) and b).

I used to attribute the saying "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" to my mother's sagelike wisdom. But despite my incorrect attribution, those words have helped transform me from an undecided, unhappy, and unfulfilled litigator into the directed, highly motivated successful owner of the Madison Square Club, New York City's premier private training facility.

The strength and courage imbued in me by my parents from an early age gave me the inner strength and fortitude to withstand the growing pains and mistakes of my twenties. I was quick to realize that there was a reason for everything in this world. If one stood back and didn't react to situations but rather reflected and acted calmly, most potential problems were surmountable.

The metamorphosis from lawyer to entrepreneur was a painstaking one, filled with many angst-ridden moments. But after 5 years as a litigator and general practitioner battling daily migraines caused by the stresses of my career, I realized that I had another calling. I was meant to be what I now term a Wellness Trainer.

The Background

Now, before you start rolling your eyes and thinking, "This guy is a fitness and nutrition zealot who has never been out of shape a day in his life," think again. I grew up a skinny kid who possessed average physical skills. My adolescent school years were actually quite tortuous. I remember elementary and junior high school gym classes with dread. I was one of those kids who couldn't inch even a few feet up the rope that every school gym seems to have hanging from the ceiling. I just didn't have any natural athletic talent, or so I thought. You might identify with the memories of those painful times.

At the same time, I grew up watching my dad work out religiously. His training room was his refuge from all the frustrations and stresses of the day. Although he tried to convince me to find my haven in physical fitness, it wasn't until I discovered running in my early twenties that it all started to make sense to me. Once I started, I was a total convert--working out and being healthy and physically active would become second nature and the response to all that ailed me. All of my dad's teachings came back to me. As is often true, everything comes full circle; I finally embraced and understood his passion for fitness.

I see my transformed body as a symbol of my transformed life. When I was younger, I had not only an unhealthy body but also an unhealthy mind. My lack of self-esteem and self-worth held me back and prevented me from realizing my true potential. I aimlessly drifted about pursuing ambiguous dreams. I ended up in law school, chasing after prestige, but prestige didn't satisfy my soul.

Through much trial and error, I eventually discovered my true calling: training people to reach their full physical and psychological potential. The process of discovery from attorney to Wellness Trainer was filled with years of anxiety and personal trauma. I went through many dark periods, especially after I lost my uncle, aunt, and best friend to sudden terminal illnesses. It took mental, physical, and emotional work for me to emerge from that dark place, but once I did, I realized that I had discovered what I had been looking for all along: a Sound Mind and a Sound Body. I became evangelical in my desire to pass that discovery on to others. It became my life's calling.

Through my techniques as a Wellness Trainer, I have been able to turn even the most reluctant of couch potatoes into fitness and nutrition enthusiasts. After reading this book, I want you to feel calmer and more focused in a positive direction about life, love, and pursuits of physical, mental, and spiritual happiness. Ultimately, this book will help you achieve your goals when nothing before has worked. The transformation will be life-altering.

The Program

I don't believe in diets. I don't believe in diet pills. They don't address the reason one needs to lose weight or start an intensive exercise program in the first place. Diets and diet pills are bandages--they treat the symptom but not the cause. And I'm not the answer or the cure either, but rather the prescription that can set you on the right path. Through personal stories, anecdotes, and client testimonials, you will see that although the road may be bumpy at times, it is, in the end, ultimately navigable.

The key to reaching your goals lies in Soundness. You must eat, exercise, and think Soundly. You can't separate those elements. Soundness is what creates the radiance that I mentioned earlier. It's what creates personal satisfaction. It's what makes all the pieces of your life fit together. This program is a complete mind-body package. My Sound Mind, Sound Body program is a series of six steps along a lifelong path to wellness.

The Process

Too many people out there have a basement full of seldom-used fitness equipment, a bookshelf packed with weight-loss and fitness titles, and a closet full of barely worn exercise clothing and shoes. They're all victims of the same problem. Have you ever written a hefty check to a fitness center only to waste your money? Have you ever started to diet, lost some weight, and then gained it all back--and then some? Have you ever stopped eating chocolate or bread or butter in January only to find yourself bingeing in February? Welcome to the club.

Many of my clients are rich, and some of them are famous. But they share the same struggles as anyone else. I've found that it doesn't much matter how much money a person makes or how famous or influential she is--every one of us faces many of the same challenges when it comes to meeting fitness goals. Or, as my mother always says, we all put our trousers on one leg at a time.

Throughout the book, you'll get to know some of my clients who have successfully completed their 6-week Sound Mind, Sound Body program. You will see that the journey for each of them was not an easy one. There were moments when each felt that she couldn't do another repetition or drink another protein shake.

Not unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, traveling down the yellow brick road, you too can be led off course by the demons of self-doubt, stress, boredom, frustration, and impatience. Stay the course. You'll taste it, you'll feel it, you'll see it--your clothes will fit better, you will be calmer, and you'll be more comfortable with your body and in your relationship to food. I've been there; I've fallen off the path and pulled myself back on again. Every time you fall off of the wellness wagon, pick yourself up and remember your promise. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, "I can make a difference; I will feel a difference."

I know many trainers and health experts who will tell you that sticking to a program is all about willpower. They say if you would just try harder, success would be assured. They tell you to wait it out, and soon you'll love the taste of food without salt or love running on a treadmill. If for some reason you don't come to love it, there must be something wrong with you. Inevitably, you lose your self-confidence, the fitness program slips, and the cycle begins again.

Well, I would like to let you in on a secret: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have the willpower, gumption, and initiative to stick with a wellness program. You merely need to learn how to direct your inner drive. The process consists of breaking it down into small, doable steps. You will live with a sense of positive energy and reinforcement. The essence of this program is that there is a will and a need to succeed in all of us. My self-awareness program will help you find it, harness it, and utilize it with the greatest efficiency.

There are numerous books, videos, and programs that tell you how to get fit. While you'll find food plans and workout schedules galore, few of them tell you how to enjoy exercise and eating healthfully. And that's the crux. You can force yourself to exercise for a while or to follow a healthful nutrition plan. But it takes a transformation to exercise for the rest of your life. When you enjoy it, exercise comes so naturally that it no longer feels forced. You will naturally feel drawn toward movement. In fact, you'll soon find that you actually miss exercise when you don't do it. Right now, that may seem impossible. But the key is to learn how to turn on your inner drive.

The Promise

I've spent the past 15 years sharing my personal discovery. I've helped people like Ivana Trump, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, James King, and most recently, Linda Evangelista discover the perfect eating and exercise plans for their specific body types. I've helped high-tech executives find the time to fit fitness into their 15-hour workdays. I've shown gourmet restaurant owners how to resist the buttery dishes served at their establishments. I've gone out to eat with clients at some of the most "dangerous" restaurants and enjoyed nutritious, delicious meals.

Like me, many of my clients weren't the picture of health and fitness when they first stepped in the door of the Madison Square Club. Some came in wearing oversized shirts to hide their bodies. They had tried exercise. They had gone on numerous diets. They had lost weight many times, and gained weight just as many. They had seen themselves skinny and seen themselves fat.

But after 6 weeks on my program, they became not just thinner, fitter, more toned, and more taut; they also became healthier. Their minds and bodies were well, or at least were on the path toward wellness. That creates a radiance that many diet and fitness programs simply can't provide.

Don't let me paint too rosy a picture. The path toward wellness is long and, at times, arduous. It is filled with potholes in the guise of fast-food restaurants, stressful jobs, and demanding mates. In addition, we all have demons that, if we allow them, will sabotage our plans and take us off course. The process of recognizing, embracing, and thwarting these personal devils will take you to new heights. I promise to lead you through the maze of choices presented. I can help clear the path toward spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness, but it is important to realize that you, too, have to commit to the process. Remember, I will help you on your way by presenting the exercises, nutrition, and psychological techniques that you need to prepare for your adventure, but the journey is yours to take.

The Challenge

We all have the inner strength to reach our goals. The challenge is to locate, harness, and use it in a positive, nurturing, and life-enriching way. Once you harness that power, anything is possible. This can be a life-altering program, not just a 6-week diet and exercise plan. It takes commitment, and you must be ready to change. In the following quote, spiritual and political leader Nelson Mandela eloquently expresses some thoughts to keep in mind before embarking on your path. It is my dream that you will be inspired to reach for your greatest potential.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be?

Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are born to manifest the glory of the spirit that is within us, and as we let our own light shine, we actually unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. --Nelson Mandela, 1994

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