Sound of New Orleans 1992-2005

Sound of New Orleans 1992-2005


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Fremeaux & Assoc. Fr


Disc 1

  1. Hey Pocky Way
  2. Sick and Tired
  3. How Long
  4. Let It Shine
  5. I Got a Big Fat Woman
  6. My Sweet Marie
  7. One Day, I'm Gonna Lose 100 Pounds
  8. Born in Mississippi
  9. US Funk & G
  10. Little Liza Jane
  11. Big A's Two Step
  12. Valse de Grand Basile
  13. My Louisiana Beauty
  14. Mathilda
  15. Tromboniana
  16. Tied Up (In Jesus)
  17. What You Gonna Do?
  18. God's Not Dead
  19. Mind on Freedom
  20. Wonderful World

Disc 2

  1. Blackbird Special
  2. Southern Fried Gumbo Funk
  3. Leave My Kitten Alone
  4. Indian Red
  5. Get Out of My Life Woman
  6. I Love You So
  7. Untouchable Glide
  8. File Gumbo
  9. Shetland Pony
  10. On a Night Like This
  11. I'm Walking to New Orleans @@J.B. Davis
  12. Slomo Blues
  13. I'll Play the Blues for You
  14. Salute to Mestre André
  15. Go to the Mardi Gras
  16. What You Think About Jesus
  17. We Need Jesus
  18. The Moment I Bieleved
  19. Roll, Jordan, Roll
  20. Amazing Grace

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tommy Ridgley   Keyboards,Vocals
Herlin Riley   Drums
Revert Andrews   Trombone
Sammy Berfect   Piano
Wayne Boyd   Guitar
Roger Brooks   Vocals
Anthony Brown   Guitar
Tyrus Chapman   Trumpet,Vocals
Cranston Clements   Bass,Guitar
Selwyn Cooper   Guitar,Vocals
Tara Darnell   Vocals
Rockin' Dopsie   Vocals,Washboard
James Durant   Saxophone
Carol Fran   Piano,Vocals
Jonno Frishberg   Guitar,Violin
David Jaurequi   Guitar
Ronell Johnson   Trombone,Tuba
Benny Jones   Snare Drums,Lead
Kirk Joseph   Tuba
Jerry Jumonville   Saxophone
Joe Krown   Organ,Piano
David Leonard   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Gabriel Pandy Perrodin   Guitar
Curtis Pierre   Percussion
Harry Ravain   Guitar,Drums
Ward Smith   Saxophone
David Lee Watson   Bass
Anthony Dopsie   Accordion
Garry McGee   Percussion
Mem Shannon   Guitar
Jeffrey Hills   Tuba
Big Al Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Warren Ceasar   Vocals,Washboard
Ernie Vincent   Guitar
Marvin Chaney   Guitar,Vocals
Frederick Sheppard   Tenor Saxophone
Josepha Warrick   Organ,Vocals
Nolan Washington   Vocals
Sherman Washington   Vocals
Walter Hardy   Organ
Jeffery Alexander   Drums
Henry Austin   Vocals
Herbert Stevens   Trombone
Winston Turner   Trombone
Damion Wheeler   Bass Drums
Tannon Williams   Trumpet
Sidney Wyche   Saxophone
Wydell "Fingers" Spotville   Keyboards
Cornell Williams   Bass
Barney Floyd   Trumpet
Chuck Chaplin   Keyboards
Albert Bemiss   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano,Vocals
Allan Butler   Vocals
Albert Davis   Saxophone
Abraham I. Cosse   Tuba
Raymond Jenkins   Saxophone
Irvin Mayfield   Trumpet
Kermit Venable   Accordion,Vocals
Charles Hudson   Trumpet
Ruddley Thibodeaux   Trumpet,Lead
Steven Johnson   Trombone
Becky Begnaud   Triangle
Dwight Galiano   Drums
Butch Gomez   Soprano Saxophone,Lead
Kerwin James   Tuba
Eddie Boh Paris   Trombone,Vocals
Henry Youngblood   Vocals
Wilbur Arnold   Drums
Gary Hulette   Guitar
James Quick   Keyboards
Richard Knox   Organ
Clarence "Jockey" Etinne   Drums
George Heard   Harmonica
Charles Goodman   Bass
Sanders Jones   Vocals
Kevin O'Day   Drums
Doug Daniels   Vocals
Howard Bowie   Guitar,Vocals
Cleveland Vinning   Drums
Curnius Andrus   Saxophone
Calvin Sam   Drums
Tony Bass   Bass
William Tyler   Snare Drums
Bo Ledet   Bass
Charlie Cuccia   Guitar,Vocals
Bill E. Shaw   Guitar,Vocals
Doug Cheatwood   Percussion
Dwayne Dopsie   Accordion,Vocals
Kevin Louis   Trumpet
Roy Joseph   Guitar
Veda Love   Vocals
Darryl Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Charles Jacobs   Guitar,Vocals
Chewey "Thunderfoot" Black   Vocals
Elliott "Stackman" Callier   Tenor Saxophone
Chad Gales   Alto Saxophone
Brice Miller   Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Vocals,Lead
Patrick Johnson   Drums
Walter Moore   Trombone
G.G. Shinn   Vocals
Brian Berg   Tenor Saxophone
Thaddeus Richards   Alto Saxophone
Daryl Fields   Tuba,Lead
Ronald Scott   Vocals
Jack Kellum   Percussion
Kenneth Terry   Trumpet
Milton Lewis   Saxophone
Angelo Nocentelli   Bass
Stephen Walker   Trombone
Brennan Williams   Drums
Tyrone Weaver   Guitar
Jamelle Williams   Trumpet
Jon Massing   Drums
Vern Lagenaux   Bass
Roland Fontenette   Drums,Triangle
Chad Welling   Guitar
Warren Nabonne   Bass,Guitar
Frank Hooper   Trumpet
Raynard Hockett   Bass Drums
Calvin Snowden   Guitar
Velma Winchester   Vocals
Toliver Jenkins   Trombone
Canal Boulevard Horns   Horn
Allen Linker   Trumpet
Allen Poché   Guitar
Lionel Battiste   Bass Drums
Dwight Carrière   Accordion
Ebria Keiffer   Snare Drums,Lead
Desmond Venable   Trumpet
Derek Tubb   Snare Drums
Dwayne Nelson   Drums
Cluster Lee   Guitar
Burnell Bemiss   Vocals
Carey Jackson   Bass,Vocals
Alton Jenkins   Vocals
Adrian Ford   Keyboards
Percy Anderson   Trumpet
Ruel Pate   Trumpet
Ronnie Dents   Bass
Curtis Wheeler   Guitar,Vocals
Gregory Jenkins   Bass Drums
Ronnie Sam   Washboard
Eliza McMillon   Vocals
Dimitri Smith   Tuba,Lead
Barry Flippen   Drums
Dede Thurmond   Vocals
Audrey Ferguson   Vocals
Byron Washington   Drums
Delores Scott   Vocals
Raymond Fletcher   Keyboards
Emmanuel Sanders   Trumpet
Frank Burden   Vocals
Harold Barry   Piano
Joseph Grove   Vocals
John Warren Prejean   Accordion,Vocals
Ruby Ray   Vocals
Keena Allen   Vocals
Nick Farkas   Organ
Tony McPherson   Drums
Kermit Campbell   Keyboards
Elen Peters   Bass
Roselyn Lionhart   Mandolin,Vocals
Omari Thomas   Trumpet
Dina Peters   Vocals
Tasha Hickerson   Vocals
Andrew Sceau   Snare Drums
Ricky McQuillis   Keyboards
Norrice Lewis   Vocals
Henry Warrick   Bass,Guitar
Geraldine Hickerson   Vocals
William Smith   Trumpet
Tommy Williams   Drums
Sam Venable   Trombone
Robert K. LeBlanc   Bass
Leo M. Jackson   Keyboards,Vocals
Gordon Wills   Organ,Vocals
Glenn Sam   Bass
Frank Thompson   Bass
Ernest Johnson   Trumpet
Earl "Skip" Thompson   Percussion
E.J. Griffin   Percussion,Drums
Chucky C.   Tenor Saxophone
Chris Barnes   Drums
Helen Carter   Vocals
Christopher James   Bass Drums
Johnie B. Miller   Vocals
Ferdinand "Nippy" Polite   Snare Drums
Stevie Franco   Piano
Joseph "Black" Rossyion   Guitar
Louis Jones   Guitar,Vocals
Alvin "Oliver" Alcorn   Drums
Louis Hillard   Drums
Eddie Perkins   Guitar
Alcide Babineaux   Washboard
Mike Leach   Bass
Frank Bedell   6-string bass
Joseph "Toot" Smith   Clarinet,Vocals
Alonzo Johnson   Bass

Technical Credits

Tommy Ridgley   Composer
Chris Kenner   Composer
Dirty Dozen Brass Band   Composer
Dave Bartholomew   Composer
Wayne Boyd   Composer
Tara Darnell   Composer
Fats Domino   Composer
Jerry Jumonville   Horn Arrangements
Curtis Pierre   Direction
Allen Toussaint   Composer
T. Williams   Composer
Warren Ceasar   Composer
George Khoury   Composer
Sherman Washington   Director
Jeffery Alexander   Arranger
Albert Bemiss   Composer
Kermit Venable   Composer
L. Jackson   Composer
Steven Johnson   Composer
Henry Youngblood   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Bill E. Shaw   Composer
Veda Love   Composer
J. Newton   Composer
R. Guidry   Composer
H. Thierry   Composer
C. Jackson   Composer
McDougal   Composer
B. Thiele   Composer
Burnell Bemiss   Composer
Curtis Wheeler   Composer
John Warren Prejean   Composer
Ruby Ray   Director
Stevie Franco   Composer

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