Sound the Trumpet

Sound the Trumpet

by Judith Christie McAllister

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  1. Sound the Trumpet  - Judith Christie McAllister
  2. How Great Is Our God  - Judith Christie McAllister
  3. How Great Is Our God (Reprise)  - Judith Christie McAllister
  4. We Love You Jesus  - Judith Christie McAllister
  5. I Will Sing  - Judith Christie McAllister
  6. Fire!  - T.C. Bereal
  7. Just for Who You Are  - Nancey Jackson-Johnson
  8. Draw Me Nearer  - Michael Pugh
  9. Thank You for the Healing  - Markita Knight
  10. To Our God/Nobody Like the Lord  - Judith Christie McAllister
  11. Sound the Trumpet (Reprise)  - Judith Christie McAllister

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Judith Christie McAllister   Primary Artist
Lloyd Barry   Trumpet
Sam Levine   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jimmy Neuble   Bass
Michael Neuble   Drums
Troy Clark   Vocals
Carol Davis   Choir, Chorus
Margaret Wilson   Choir, Chorus
Alberto Salas   Percussion
Suzanne Young   Vocals
Ayanna Bereal   Choir, Chorus
Markita Knight   Vocals
Michael Bereal   Keyboards
Eric Walls   Guitar
Sybil Finney   Vocals
Michelle Prather   Vocals
Nelson Jackson   Organ,Synthesizer
Camille Grigsby   Vocals
Cassandra Grigsby   Vocals
Kimberly Fleming   Vocals
Phil Christie   Bass
Olivia Mack   Vocals
T.C. Bereal   Vocals
Moiro Konchellah   Vocals
Chris Stevens   Trumpet
Jeff Davis   Drums
Timiney Figueroa-Caton   Vocals
Harold "Telly" Felder   Alto Saxophone
Nathan M. Young   Vocals
Michael Pugh   Vocals
Delandria Mills   Flute
Melanie Daniels   Vocals
Sharon Jackson   Vocals
Tamika Smith   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Linny Smith   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Curtis Jones   Trombone
Stephanie Oplacio   Vocals
Ayana George   Vocals
Phil Hughley   Guitar
Nancey Jackson-Johnson   Vocals
Rev. Dr. Robert R. Lowe   Master of Ceremonies
Ouida Wyatt   Choir, Chorus
Jeff C. Jones   Tenor Saxophone
David Doughtry   Vocals
Karen Jennings   Vocals
Ronnie A. Robertson   Vocals
Nyjah Westbrooks   Vocals
Rose Tanis   Choir, Chorus
Worokya Duncan   Choir, Chorus
Chastidy Elliott   Choir, Chorus
Angralon "Denise" Dixon   Choir, Chorus
Daihnia Dunkley   Choir, Chorus
Joy Clifton   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Lloyd Barry   Horn Arrangements
Stanley Brown   Composer
John Mayfield   Mastering
Randy Poole   overdub engineer
Nick Sparks   overdub engineer
Kendall Duffie   overdub engineer
Judith Christie McAllister   Arranger,Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Ed Cash   Composer
Chris Tomlin   Composer
Michael Bereal   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Musical Director,overdub engineer
Jesse Reeves   Composer
T.C. Bereal   Composer
Chris Stevens   Horn Arrangements
William H. Doane   Composer
Reuben James   Live Sound Engineer
Steven Beers   Live Recording
Preston Boebel   overdub engineer
Sean Vinci   overdub engineer
Fanny J. Crosby   Composer,Lyricist
Casey Barker   overdub engineer
Obed James   Live Sound Engineer
Phil Hughley   overdub engineer
Phillip Christie   Live Sound
J.C. McAllister   Arranger,Composer
Robert Christie   Composer
Chris Green   Live Sound Engineer
Audra Christie   Personal Assistant
Darris Adkins   Art Direction

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