Soundwave 2013

Soundwave 2013


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Disc 1

  1. Lost In the Echo
  2. Ghost On the Dance Floor
  3. Turning Into You
  4. Ignorance
  5. Blood For Poppies
  6. Blood In My Eyes
  7. Timelines
  8. She Sang the Blues
  9. Patient Spider
  10. Killin It
  11. Honesty, Honestly
  12. The Reckless and the Brave
  13. Start the Party
  14. King For a Day
  15. Just a Beautiful Day
  16. Surprise Surprise
  17. Don't Shut 'Em Down
  18. Hank is Dead
  19. The Veil of Isis
  20. Lords of Abandon
  21. Insane In the Brain

Disc 2

  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Life To Lifeless
  3. Begging For Mercy
  4. Chasing Ghosts
  5. Alligator Blood
  6. The Foolish One
  7. The Flood
  8. Seven Hills
  9. Abrasumente
  10. Hey Mister
  11. Misanthropy Pure
  12. Road Sick
  13. Turn the Season
  14. God's Law In the Devil's Land
  15. The Devil You Know
  16. Facepalm Mute
  17. Forget
  18. Cry Thunder
  19. Monolith
  20. Do It Now Remember It Later

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Jesse Johnson   Composer
Offspring   Composer
Charlie Benante   Composer
Steve Miller   Composer
Corey Taylor   Composer
Kirk Windstein   Composer
Tom DeLonge   Composer
Mark Hoppus   Composer
David King   Composer
Roy Mayorga   Composer
Stuart Ross   Composer
Danko Jones   Composer
Louis Freese   Composer
Senen Reyes   Composer
David Sullivan   Composer
Michael "Elvis" Baskette   Composer
Travis Barker   Composer
Henning   Composer
Dennis Casey   Composer
Linkin Park   Composer
Bridget Regan   Composer
Matt Hensley   Composer
Nathen Maxwell   Composer
George Schwindt   Composer
Adam Dutkiewicz   Composer
Mike D'Antonio   Composer
Jesse Leach   Composer
Jason Perry   Composer
Deryck Whibley   Composer
Josh Rand   Composer
Joshua Cain   Composer
Tony Thaxton   Composer
Justin Pierre   Composer
Matthew Taylor   Composer
Billy Talent   Composer
John Calabrese   Composer
David Marshall   Composer
Sam Totman   Composer
Santiago Vela   Composer
Chariot   Composer
Curtis Peoples   Composer
Bullet for My Valentine   Composer
Josh Farro   Composer
000 Marbles 10   Composer
Alex Gaskarth   Composer
Fucked Up   Composer
James Root   Composer
Blackout   Composer
Bring Me the Horizon   Composer
Kyle Shutt   Composer
Bryan Richie   Composer
Pierce the Veil   Composer
Liam Cormier   Composer
Scott Middleton   Composer
Adam Savage   Composer
John "J.D." Cronise   Composer
Miss May I   Composer
Maurice Bryan Giles   Composer
Thomas Delonge   Composer
Michael Stafford   Composer
Ryan Burt   Composer
Aaron Beam   Composer
Larry Muggerud   Composer
Robert Schmidt   Composer
Gormley   Composer
Marker   Composer
Of Mice & Men   Composer
Sleeping with Sirens   Composer
Jaye Schwarzer   Composer
Crossfaith   Composer
Kellin Quinn   Composer
Periphery   Composer
Chase Brenneman   Composer
Shayne Lundberg   Composer
Matthew Postal   Composer
Aaran McKenzie   Composer
Sean Long   Composer
Mat Welsh   Composer
Scott Rosenfeld   Composer
Manson   Composer
Versus the World   Composer
Mike Peters   Composer
Alex Koehler   Composer
Northlane   Composer
James Shanahan   Composer
Troy Brady   Composer
Ahren Stringer   Composer
Joel Birch   Composer
Daniel Lamond   Composer
Con Gilmorem   Composer
Bill Crook   Composer
Andrew Carlston   Composer
Adam Willard   Composer
Haley Williams   Composer
Joel Strozel   Composer
Jacob May Harmond   Composer
Loren Legare   Composer
Lawrence Taylor   Composer
Landon Matz   Composer
John Sherman   Composer

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