South Pacific [2001 Royal National Theatre Production]

South Pacific [2001 Royal National Theatre Production]


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First Night Records


  1. Prologue
  2. Bloody Mary
  3. There Is Nothin' Like a Dame
  4. Bali Ha'i
  5. Cock-eyed Optimist
  6. Twin Soliloquies
  7. Unspoken Thoughts
  8. Some Enchanted Evening
  9. Dites-Moi
  10. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
  11. Reprise: Some Enchanted Evening
  12. A Wonderful Guy
  13. French Reprise of Bali Ha'i
  14. Younger Than Springtime
  15. This is How it Feels
  16. Act 1. Finale
  17. Act 2. Opening
  18. Happy Talk
  19. Honey Bun
  20. My Girl Back Home
  21. You've Got to be Carefully Taught
  22. Now Is The Time
  23. The Take Off
  24. This Nearly Was Mine
  25. Communication Discontinued
  26. Operation Alligator
  27. Finale Ultimo

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steve Dinwoodie   Violin
Clare Hoffman   Violin
Helen Kamminga   Viola
Richard Nelson   Viola
Chris Pitsillides   Viola
John Shrapnel   Vocals,cast
Sonia Slany   Violin
John Trussler   Violin
Allen Walley   Double Bass
Gillian Findlay   Violin
Paul Willey   Leader
Bernie LaFontaine   Piano
Philip Taylor   Cello
Susan Briscoe   Violin
Helen Keen   Flute,Piccolo
Sophie Langdon   Violin
Philip Quast   Vocals
Marcus Tilt   Keyboards
Nick Holder   Vocals,cast
Joe Young   Vocals,cast
Aaron Thomas   cast
Adrian Hallowell   Tuba,Bass Trombone
Amanda Smith   Violin
Miffy Hirsch   Violin
Clive Lander   Violin
Mark Pollard   Bassoon
Richard Addison   Clarinet,Saxophone
Sarah Ingram   Vocals,cast
Stuart Milligan   Vocals,cast
Chris Holt   cast
James Barron   cast
Richard Pettyfer   Vocals,cast
Timothy Walton   Vocals,cast
Neal Wright   Vocals,cast
David Smith   Violin
Lauren Kennedy   Vocals,cast
Steve Brooker   Conductor
Peter Collyer   Viola
Laura Melhuish   Violin
Golda Rosheuvel   Vocals,cast
Sarah Leatherbarrow   Vocals,cast
Phong Truong   Vocals,cast
Marcus Bates   Horn
Renée Montemayor   Vocals,cast
Melanie Henry   Clarinet,Saxophone
Judith Herbert   Cello
Sarah Bayliss   Vocals,cast
Richard Ashton   Horn
Edward Baker Duly   cast
Christopher Bevan   Violin
Penny Bradshaw   Cello
Mark Hilton   Vocals
Benjamin Gant   Trumpet
Matthew Draper   English Horn,Oboe
Tam Mutu   Vocals
Timothy Grant   Viola
Ian McLarnon   Vocals
David Bentley   Horn
Zehra Naqvi   Vocals
Antony Cross   Trumpet
Caresse Mingo   Vocals
Branwell Donaghey   Vocals
Elaine Tan   Vocals
Christopher Holt   Vocals
Malissa Tang   Vocals
David Smith   Violin
Sheila Francisco   Vocals
Catrin Morris-Jones   Harp
Sarah Manton   Vocals
Melanie Min Yin Hah   Vocals
Sasha Oakley   Vocals
Monty Tang   Vocals
Mark Coldrick   Percussion
Daniel Stockton   Vocals
Rebecca Vere   Vocals
John Trusler   Violin
David Stothard   Vocals
Kevin Tan   Vocals
Nicola Jane Filshie   Vocals
Robert Evans   Horn
Lorraine Chappell   Vocals
Michael Smith   Percussion
Paul Hawkyard   Vocals
Monica McCarron   Flute,Piccolo
Stephen Brooker   Conductor
Wai Chun Cheung   Vocals
James Barron   Vocals
Jean McGlynn   Vocals
Gordon Campbell   Trombone
Cathy Cogle   Vocals
Yu Yasuraoka   Violin
Thomas Aaron   Vocals
Stephen Dinwoodie   Violin
Samuel Manisty   Vocals
Miffi Hirsch   Violin
Claire Hoffman   Violin
Natasha Lee   Vocals
Edward Baker-Duly   Vocals

Technical Credits

Richard Rodgers   Composer
Robert Russell Bennett   Original Orchestration
William David Brohn   Orchestration
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer,Lyricist,Book
John Haynes   Production Photography
Jeanette "Baby" Washington   Dialect Coach
David Omar White   Producer,Engineer
Stephen Parkinson   Programming
David Gallagher   Management
Johnny Kenton   Management
Bernie LaFontaine   Rehearsal Accompanist
Toby Alington   Engineer
Paul Groothuis   Sound Design
Trevor Nunn   Director,Liner Notes,Direction
Tania Toomey   Video Producer,Videography
Paul Wiley   Orchestra Leader
Steve Brooker   Musical Director
Stewart Mackintosh   Producer,Engineer
Sarah Bayliss   Dance Director
Courtney Bryant   Stage Manager
Patsy Rodenburg   Vocal Coach
Caroline Waterman   Costume Coordinator
Kevin Leeman   Management
Joshua Logan   Director,Book
Benjamin Polya   Lighting Assistant
Lee Keen   Assistant Management
Kerry McDevitt   Stage Manager
Joan Washington   Dialect Coach
David White   Producer,Musical Supervision
Stephen Brooker   Music Direction
Charlotte Conquest   Director
Thomas Vowles   Assistant Management
Tanya Toomey   Video Producer,Videography
Cathy Joyce   Lighting Assistant
John Kenton   Management
Elise Napier   Costume Design

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