South to a New Place: Region, Literature, Culture

South to a New Place: Region, Literature, Culture

by Suzanne W. Jones

ISBN-10: 0807128406

ISBN-13: 9780807128404

Pub. Date: 11/28/2002

Publisher: Louisiana State University Press

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Louisiana State University Press
Publication date:
Southern Literary Studies
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.00(w) x 8.75(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Foreword: Inventing Communities, Imagining Places: Some Thoughts on Southern Self-Fashioning
Introduction: South to New Places1
Pt. ISurveying the Territory
Where Is Southern Literature? The Practice of Place in a Postsouthern Age23
Dismantling the Monolith: Southern Places - Past, Present, and Future44
Race and Intimacy: Albert Murray's South to a Very Old Place58
Southern Culture on the Skids: Punk, Retro, Narcissism, and the Burden of Southern History76
Larry Brown's Joe and the Uses and Abuses of the "Region" Concept96
Pt. IIMapping the Region
I'll Take My Land: Contemporary Southern Agrarians121
Toni Morrison's Revisionary "Nature Writing": Song of Solomon and the Blasted Pastoral147
Native American Literature, Ecocriticism, and the South: The Inaccessible Worlds of Linda Hogan's Power165
Queer Locations, Queer Transformations: Randall Kenan's A Visitation of Spirits184
Into the Suburbs: Richard Ford's Sportswriter Novels and the Place of Southern Fiction196
Placing the Postsouthern "International City": Atlanta in Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full208
Outsiders with Inside Information: The Vietnamese in the Fiction of the Contemporary American South235
Postmodern Southern Vacation: Vacation Advertising, Globalization, and Southern Regionalism253
Pt. IIIMaking Global Connections
Italy and the United States: The Politics and Poetics of the "Southern Problem"285
North, South, East, West: Constructing Region in Southern and East German Literature303
"Of the Same Blood as This America and Its History": William Faulkner and Spanish American Literature320
The South and Britain: Celtic Cultural Connections340
Afterword: The South of the Mind363

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