Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

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by J. M. Jeffries

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Southern Comfort 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Southern Comfort with a capital "S". This was a great read. I am not very big on mysteries, but this one kept me reading. The plot was very easy to follow and very interesting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Army Lieutenant Hardesty Arnaud had seen action while in Kuwait. In fact, she returned as a war hero! After years of planning to leave her hometown (St. Martine, Louisiana), she found herself wanting nothing more than to return to it. She accepted the position of police chief. Yet she still felt that no matter what she managed to accomplish in life, the town would never see her as more than a mixed-race woman playing a game. She wanted the respect she had earned! When Lorenzo Capizi, a mob lawyer, ended up murdered in her bayou, Hardie knew the FBI would swarm into her territory expecting an illiterate hick, easily duped. They were in for a rude awakening! FBI Special Agent Nicholas Brannigan knew his case against the Patrinis family was in trouble. Nick's ambition was to be the first black director of the FBI. It would fade to dust if the Patrinis family got away. His only hope was to find a solid link between Capizi's murder and the mob family before word of Capizi's death got out. The St. Martine Police Department seemed to be stuck in the dark ages. It needed to be brought into the twenty-first century, badly. But it could not be done in time to help him. When Nick met the new police chief and found out she was extremely intelligent, he believed the situation pertaining to his case was in dire trouble. Instead, he learned the savvy chief put her military training to work for her. Even without up-to-date equipment, Hardie was more than his match! **** The author succeeded in showing that Hardie and Nick came from totally different back grounds, yet both had spent their lives trying to prove themselves to the world. The romance seemed to bloom naturally and the murder investigation went at a steady clip. No sudden jumps in plot or scenes. However, whoever did the editing of the book did NOT do a good job. At least three times I found a string of letters that made no sense. Turned out that the spaces between words were missing. This meant I had to reread and figure out what the actual words were. The editor should have easily caught them. Otherwise, this story was AWESOME! I highly recommend it. ****
harstan More than 1 year ago
Former Army Lieutenant Hardesty Arnaud gained plenty of experience in law enforcement during her ten years as a military police officer. However, that work would not have dented the patriarchal gang of three that run her hometown of St. Martine, Louisiana to enable Hardesty to become the town¿s police chief. It took an act of the President shown on national TV when she received a medal for her bravery under sniper fire in the Kuwaiti Desert to obtain the job of St. Martine Police Chief.

The comparatively easy assignment turns deadly when a murder victim with ties to the mob is found. FBI Agent Nick Brannigan arrives to learn why Brooklyn born Mafia attorney John Capizi hidden in St. Martine is dead, how much damage to the Feds¿ case against the Patrini Family has that caused and where is the missing US Marshal assigned to protect Capizi? As the two law officials squabble over jurisdiction and cooperation, they fall in love, but both know that the case must come first besides he is big city while she is backwater.

SOUTHERN COMFORT is not the typical romantic suspense cozy-like tale, but more a gritty police procedural romance with the humorous bantering between the lead protagonists used to offset the graphic crime scenes. The lead couple is a delightful duo fighting with one another over the investigation and the attraction. Sub-genre fans will enjoy this fast-paced regional tale and want J.M. Jeffries to provide a sequel starring the law enforcement duet.

Harriet Klausner