Space and Astronomy: An Illustrated Guide to Science

Space and Astronomy: An Illustrated Guide to Science

by Diagram Group

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Children's Literature - Greg M. Romaneck
From the dawn of recorded history, human beings have stared up into the night sky and wondered at what they saw. The twinkling points of light that we now call planets, stars, comets, and other heavenly bodies, were nothing more than mysteries to our ancient predecessors. Now, with the aid of modern science, people are far more capable of understanding some of the workings of the vast reaches of space. In Space and Astronomy readers are provided an illustrated guidebook that taps into some of the most current research dealing with the science of space exploration and astronomy. As part of the eight-volume "An Illustrated Guide to Science" series, this particular book adopts a structural tone similar to the other books in the set. Each topic is presented in a primarily visual manner with a heavy reliance upon charts, graphs, illustrations and other visual presentations. Subjects such as space travel, astronomical research, theories of universal causation, and our solar system are each presented through this visual milieu. The end result is a valuable learning tool that combines a carefully constructed narrative with ample visual teaching materials. Space and Astronomy serves as a fine addition to any class or school library designed to broaden students' understanding of the universe that we are but one tiny part of.

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Facts on File, Incorporated
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Science Visual Resources Series
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8.70(w) x 11.38(h) x 0.76(d)
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11 - 17 Years

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