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Space Colonies

Space Colonies

by Dennis Brindell Fradin

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
ea. vol: 45p. photogs. glossary. index. (New True Bks.). CIP. Childrens. Nov. 1985. PLB $7.95. Gr 2-5 Here's yet another introduction to the astronomical event of the year, printed on coated paper, in large type, and illustrated with colorful photos. Unfortunately, the photos are often irrelevant (nice picture of the full moon over a winter landscape), pointless (section of starry sky, apparently a close-up view of the constellation Taurus) or confusing (a composite photo of six planets). The text is acceptable, but this is recommended only as an additional purchase; buy Branley's Comets (Crowell, 1984) first. In Space Colonies , Fradin attempts to revive the thoroughly debunked idea that such orbiting towns will relieve population pressure here on Earth. He asks the right question``Why would anyone want to leave our planet and live in a space colony?''but then fails to address it, preferring instead to describe, in very general terms, what the design and building of some kinds of colonies might require. Again, the color illustrations are not always apposite: for instance a suburb in the U.S. is used as an example of overcrowding. Although better books on the subject, such as Branley's Space Colony (Lodestar, 1982), are longer and aimed at more practiced readers, this one will not serve as a reliable introduction for younger children. John Peters, New York Public Library

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Scholastic Library Publishing
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New True Books Series
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5 - 9 Years

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