Space Probes to the Planets

Space Probes to the Planets

by Fay Robinson

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Deborah Abbott
ger for reading aloud. Young children know about astronauts and rockets, but the importance and tasks of space probes lack the publicity given to manned flights. This compact volume, with smooth text and sharp, stunning color photos (many from NASA) and diagrams, provides enough information to answer many questions about space. Using simple--but not simplistic--explanations, the book begins with a general discussion of space probes and then reveals some of the findings of the probes, beginning with the Mercury project and continuing through our Solar System planet by planet. Young readers will learn interesting space facts (three planets in addition to Saturn have rings, and some astronomers consider Pluto a double planet as it has a moon about half its size) as well as some limitations to scientific advances (Pluto remains unexplored by our probes). It is a bonus to find a science book that--in visual appeal, content, and presentation--so neatly meets the needs of a given age group. Consider buying multiple copies.

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Whitman, Albert & Company
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Product dimensions:
8.25(w) x 10.34(h) x 0.37(d)
Age Range:
5 - 8 Years

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