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Space Rocks

Space Rocks

by Jack E. Nelson

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This is my never-ending adventure about three space rocks that travel through the universe, having adventure after adventure.


This is my never-ending adventure about three space rocks that travel through the universe, having adventure after adventure.

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Space Rocks

By Jack E. Nelson

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Jack E. Nelson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-5466-3

Chapter One

Shooting Star, Asteroid, and Comet had just spent the morning watching the sun come up. "It is so cool watching the sunrise!" said Star. "I agree," said Asteroid. Comet said, "I like to wear special glasses that keep the sun's ultraviolet rays from burning my eyes. I love to feel the heat. It is nice and warm." Let's start from the beginning, on how our three friends came to be.

Shooting Star, just a baby at one million years old, was born in the Milky Way. There, she had a very close family with many brothers and sisters. They always had tons of fun together. Everything was going terrific, until one day the galaxy exploded and Shooting Star was shot out into the UNIVERSE away from her family.

Asteroid was born about five million years ago. He also had lots of brothers and sisters, and they all would cruise the UNIVERSE together checking out all the planets and solar system. One day, they ran into a planet named Jupiter, and it caused them to be separated from each other. Asteroid was pushed one way and his family was pulled another way.

Comet was about ten million years old. He didn't have any brothers or sisters but had spent most of his life traveling through the solar system, dodging stars, planets, suns, and black holes. He knew he had to be very careful around the black holes because if he got too close, it could suck him right up. Every fifty years or so, Comet would ride by Earth.


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