Space, Time, and Geometry / Edition 1

Space, Time, and Geometry / Edition 1

by Patrick Suppes

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Springer Netherlands
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Synthese Library Series, #56
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8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

I / Causality and Time.- Causal Models and Space-Time Geometries.- Temporally Symmetric Causal Relations in Minkowski Space-Time.- Notes on the Causal Theory of Time.- Earman on the Causal Theory of Time.- Kant’s Formulation of the Laws of Motion.- On Travelling Backward in Time.- The Flow of Time.- II / Geometry of Space and Time.- Poincaré’s Philosophy of Space.- On the Structure of Space-Time.- Topology, Cosmology and Convention.- Grünbaum on the Conventionality of Geometry.- Reflections on a Relational Theory of Space.- The Ontology of the Curvature of Empty Space in the Geometrodynamics of Clifford and Wheeler.- Relativity Principles, Absolute Objects and Symmetry Groups.- Nondirected Light Signals and the Structure of Time.- Coordinate-Free Relativity.- Some Open Problems in the Philosophy of Space and Time.- The Naive Conception of the Topology of the Surface of a Body.

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