Spaghetti Rag: Rag Music with Mandolins

Spaghetti Rag: Rag Music with Mandolins


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  1. That Italian Rag, song
  2. Bunch o' blackberries
  3. A' Frangesa, Neapolitan two-step for piano
  4. Spaghetti Rag, for mandolin & harp (or ensemble)
  5. Lady of My Hearts Rag, for ensemble
  6. The Entertainer, for piano
  7. Solace: A Mexican Serenade, for piano
  8. Maple Leaf Rag, for piano
  9. Ragtime, for ensemble
  10. Rubber Plant Rag, for ensemble
  11. Russian Rag, for jazz ensemble (after Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C sharp
  12. The Funny Old Fakir, song
  13. Detective Rag, for ensemble
  14. Mando Rag, for mandolin ensemble
  15. Operatic Rag
  16. Flirtation Rag, for ensemble
  17. Ragtime Offering
  18. The Goldberg Rag
  19. The Art Of Rag
  20. Calace Rag, for mandolin ensemble

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alessandro Bono   Guitar,Mandolin
Ugo Orlandi   Mandolin
Center Boys' Rag Band   Band
Raffaele Calace Plectrum Quintet   Ensemble
Italian Mando-Rag Club Città di Brescia   Performing Ensemble
Daniele Bosio   Tuba
Maura Mazzonetto   Piano
Claudio Mandonico   Piano
Italian Mando-Rag Club Città di Brescia   Ensemble
Maura Mazzonetto   Piano
Daniele Bosio   Tuba (Contrabass)
Center Boys' Rag Band   Ensemble
Raphaele Calace Quintet   Ensemble

Technical Credits

Gian Andrea Lodovici   Producer
Matteo Costa   Engineer
Walter Jacobs   Arranger
Ugo Orlandi   Arranger,Liner Notes
Marco Lincetto   Engineer
Fiorenzo Gitti   Liner Notes
Susannah Howe   Liner Note Translation
Claudio Mandonico   Arranger

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