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by Brooke Cumberland
When your past controls your future, how do you move forward?
Velaney Wills knows about that all too well. Weak, powerless, and fearing the one person who has hurt her the most...can she overcome the barriers to move forward? Being saved by a muscled Godsend was never on her agenda, but when firefighter, Eric Reilley comes into her life unexpectedly, everything


When your past controls your future, how do you move forward?
Velaney Wills knows about that all too well. Weak, powerless, and fearing the one person who has hurt her the most...can she overcome the barriers to move forward? Being saved by a muscled Godsend was never on her agenda, but when firefighter, Eric Reilley comes into her life unexpectedly, everything changes.

Velaney has never felt loved or cared for, and her past prevents her from letting anyone in. Eric manages to break down her walls--despite the repercussions that come for them afterwards.

They have an undeniable spark--something she has never felt before, but will it be enough? Can love overcome all obstacles?
Can they save each other to protect their love or will her past shatter everything she never knew she needed...?

**Spark is for mature audiences only--strong language, explicit sexual content, and sexual abuse are apparent.**

Editorial Reviews - Tabitha Coots
I would recommend to anyone who will listen to purchase this book. It is worth the money and you will not regret it, and you will find yourself enthralled and love it! You will laugh, possibly cry, smile, growl, chew your nails and fall in love. - Kim Kimball
I thoroughly enjoyed Spark and will warm you that there is a small cliffhanger at the end, HOWEVER, it is a HAPPY ENDING. The cliffhanger isn’t bad, it just makes me look forward to Burn even more! It is a great read full of charm, giggles, CRAZINESS and love. You would be cheating yourself not to read this book… - 2 Chicks & their Blog Book Soulmates
"When you feel that SPARK, anything is possible, Brooke Cumberland hit this one dead on. Absolutely brilliant, more than just pages of a story...a true work of art" - Nadine Hook Me Up Book Blog
The story has it all: great character/story development, backflashs, and an awesome epilogue! This book is filled with love, angst, passion, and humor. I enjoyed reading every character, especially Eric's - he is a real gentleman and yep I fell for him badly. Carissa is the best friend every girl whishes for and Laney can be lucky to have her. Of course there is one character (I can't tell the name) which I hated, and trust me you'll hate him too and wish him very bad things in life!

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Brooke is a midwestern gal, from the cheese state of Wisconsin! Go Packers! She's a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful children (one daughter & two stepsons) and a black furry dog. She's studied psychology in college, and counseling and education in graduate school where she found her love for writing. Most days you can find her reading or writing, or just hanging out with her family! She loves movies, cooking, and shopping! She's addicted to Starbucks, Coach purses, and wearing yoga pants.

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Spark 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Just_Booked_Monique More than 1 year ago
What starts as a SPARK, can cause some SERIOUS HEAT…REAL FIRE…A DANGEROUS BLAZE…SMOKIN’ HOTNESS…WILDFIRE ….INFERNO…and sometimes REAL FIREWORKS!  Spark is a Velaney Rose Willis and Carissa Wright, her best friend, are roommates in an apartment after graduating from college. Velaney and Carissa have been best friends since they were two years old, so Carissa knows the demons Velaney harbors from her childhood and provide the security in which Velaney’s parents never could provide. Due to the years of torment, Velaney struggles with dating and relationships finding her to damage for anyone to try to fix. Then the spark begins….BFD firefighter, Eric Reilley, enters her apartment to find Velaney asleep in her bed. Velaney feels as she is floating, then realize someone is carrying her then smoke in the air thickens and Velaney coughs, so Eric places the oxygen mask on her while carrying her out to safety.  "My eyes wandered up to his abs, triceps, and pecks. His shirt looked painted on, it was so tight against him. The V-neck was a perfect touch, giving a small view of hair and tattoos on his chest. His jeans are ripped, of-freaking-course, and his shoes—no boots, cowboy boots are sticking out the bottom. He stands so tall and anly—I squint to make sure he is for real." – Velaney Eric is HOT SOUTHERN TEXAN with piercing diamond emerald green eyes, dark eye lashes, dark hair, square jawline, high cheekbones, tattoos and a piercing. Velaney not only finds herself physically attracted to Eric, but also feels a spark of something she cannot explain in which makes her consider letting her walls guarding her heart. “The way he made my whole body quiver took every ounce of pain out of me. The way his lips bruised my skin as he suckled on my neck washed away every pained memory I ever had. It is as if he was just what I needed…the spark to help me live again.” - Velaney Eric has a mutual attraction for Velaney and he is unable to stay away from her, so much that they constantly runs into her and feels a need to protect her. He relentless to persuade her to give into her feelings he knows that she has for him, because he also knows she feels the same spark he feels for her. Unfortunately, Velaney past comes back to haunt her and new challenges arise. Will Velaney allow herself to love another? Will Eric help Velaney overcome her past? Will Velaney past put out the spark before she can ever ignite it? Spark is a SPARKLING HOT LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and will be unable to put the book down. While reading, you will find yourself on an INTENSE emotional roller coaster experiencing many emotions. Brooke Cumberland’s romance novel, Spark, is her first novel in the Spark series and with much relief does not end with huge cliffhanger. Brooke will not have us to waiting too long to find out more about the lives of all the characters in the second novel in the Spark series, Burn, because it will soon be available and Brooke provides a prologue for the sequel.  I rate Brooke Cumberland’s romance novel in the Spark series, Spark - 5 HOT STARS!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so good! The spark between Valaney and Eric was wonderful. Brooke you have done it again absolute perfection!
clpetit56 More than 1 year ago
Brooke Cumberland keeps her readers captivated. Drama, angst, passion and hot sex! This book had it all. Can't wait for Burn!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was suggested by another favorite author of mine, Britney King that wrote Bedrock. Im so thankful i listened to her advise because this was an amazing book. I got sucked in from the get go and i laughed and cried and it had lots of unexpected twists and turns. Highly recommend it and i hope theres book #2 coming!!
Tazzy-TMH1 More than 1 year ago
**Reviewed on behalf of Round Table Book Reviews** I really struggled to put this one down and finished it within a day. I even took public transport to work so I could continue reading instead of driving! This is a highly recommended 5 star read. Laney and Eric meet when Eric rescues her from a fire in their apartment block. They are instantly attracted to each other. However, due to Velaney’s childhood she doesn’t have the ability to interpret his actions for what they are and Eric doesn’t know how to get his point across with an innocent like Velaney. I fell in love with Velaney’s character from the very beginning, it’s hard not to. She’s suffered through a horrendous childhood at the hands of her family members. Her brother is a scum bag and her parents will do anything to protect their family image. Even if that means Velaney is left to suffer. She is plodding along through life when she meets Eric and starts experiencing feelings that she doesn’t know what to do with and quite frankly scare her to death. I love the way her character develops and gains strength, trying to take back control of her life in the face of her past. Eric, Eric, Eric. No you can’t have him, he’s mine! Seriously Eric is the type of bloke that when you see him walk towards you, your brain short circuits. He’s fit, he’s tattoo’d, he’s pierced and to top it all he’s a fireman! He can rescue me anytime. It’s obvious from the start that Eric has a thing for Velaney but has never had the response from a woman that he’s getting from her which is putting him off his game. I also love Eric’s character development, he has the bad boy appearance but with a heart of gold. Brooke took me on such an emotional roller-coaster with Spark and has done an amazing job with this book. There are a few sensitive issues in the storyline which have been handled sensitively. I don’t know how many times I ended up on the edge of my seat with my heart-rate rising while reading this book. The book twists and turns and keeps you constantly guessing. This book drags you in, holds you hostage and then refuses to let you go. Talk about book hangover. The story flows and the dialogue is real. You actually feel the emotions as if it was you and not Eric and Velaney. Looking forward to book #2 in the series
CACathyQ More than 1 year ago
REVIEWED FOR ROUND TABLE BOOK REVIEWS Spark by Brooke Cumberland is a riveting read. I quite literally couldn’t put it down it was so suspenseful. Although there were also times I wanted to throw it across the room. Velaney has been through hell and come out the other side strong but also emotionally stunted. Warning: this book covers some very uncomfortable topics related to abuse. Thankfully she has an outspoken best friend and roommate, Clarissa, who takes great care of her.    Eric, a firefighter who lives in her building, saves Velaney from a fire in the building. The story of her resistance, his persistence and their attraction creates the “bumpy ride” that makes the story.  Some of the secondary characters and their motivations are confusing to the point of frustration. And, the ending has a nasty, giant cliffhanger! Ms. Cumberland, please write as quickly as possible! I want to read more about Velaney and Eric!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
**Reviewed for Round Table Book Reviews**      It's rare that I read a book in its entirety in one sitting. I found the spark I was looking for with this one. I not only love Eric and Velaney, but also Carissa. I'm secretly hoping that Carissa gets her own story because she deserves it. Velaney has a story that a lot of people would be able to relate to. Only Carissa knows all that causes Vel to keep her guard up. Here comes Eric. He's a firefighter walking around oozing sex appeal with an oxygen tank slung over his shoulder. He can save me any time. He's willing to do whatever it takes to break through to Velaney, if only she'll let him.     With strong characters, lots of flirtatious banter, humor that will have you laughing out loud, and a plot that keeps you on your toes guessing, Spark is a book that you will not be able to put down. I can't wait to see what Brooke comes up with next. If it involves more guys like Eric you can surely count me in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Round Table Book ReviewI absolutely LOVED this book! I instantly fell in love with all three main characters; Velaney, Rissa, and Eric. Eric is a hot fireman with tattoos and a nipple ring (big sigh), and not only is he a southern gentleman but he is charming and persistent. Come on girls, we all know we want a guy to chase after us and he does not disappoint. He is a hero...literally! He saved Vel from a fire (swoon-worthy). Vel is a klutz and keeps away from men due to her troubled past and the belief that she is "damaged." Rissa is the big-mouthed best friend that we all know and love. The question is, can Vel get over her past and let Eric sweep her off her feet? I’m not telling! One thing is for sure, I got a mild case of whiplash from all the twists, turns, ups and downs (loved every second of it). I'm anxiously awaiting book 2...this cliffhanger is going to kill me. I CAN NOT wait! Do you hear me better be releasing #2 soon?! The suspense is killing me!s
Book_Bug_Reviews More than 1 year ago
I knew I would love this book, but I wasn't expecting it to be so heart breaking and emotional. It blew me away.This book was darn near impossible to put down, and I somehow managed to read it in a quarter of the time I normally read books. It was just that good. There was a new mystery or problem for Velaney at every turn of the page. It keeps you wanting to read more and more so you can find out what happens next. This is one cliffhanger that made me SO glad the second book was already out! Velaney has to battle her past that keeps coming back to haunt her. She has to deal with the scars her childhood has left her with. Then The one person who made her life a living hell since she was 8 comes back to make the pain fresh again, to once again gain control of her. Velaney fights to gain control of her past and future and move on so she can allow herself to care about someone other than her best friend for the first time. Eric was always casual with his relationships, never finding the one who would make him want to go further, emotionally. That is until he rescues Velaney from a fire in their apartment building. Immediately he feels that spark he's been waiting to feel. He pursues Velaney wanting nothing more than to be with her and keep her safe. I loved this book, the supporting characters were amazing. Great character development. Carissa, the best friend is spunky and hilarious. The villain, is ... real, dark and evil.You can't help but admire the author for creating a villain who does his job like that. This book broke my heart so many times. You fall in love with the characters and become so drawn into this story that you are concerned for them, you can't put the book down because you want to know what happens next. Velaney was memorable and her history was tragic. All the characters were wonderful in that they were wonderful but not perfect, they were 3 dimensional and you saw them struggle and grow throughout the book.
Patriots12FG More than 1 year ago
Holy Frack!! OMFG!!!! I was on edge from page 1. Such a great book!!! Everyone should read it!! Already reading Burn too!!
ssmommie75TB More than 1 year ago
Spark is the first book by Brooke Cumberland I've read and I have to say it was amazing! If this is what she is capable of as an author I can't wait to read more of her books.
Angellicia More than 1 year ago
This book had me laughing in the first few pages, thanks to a lace teddy and Scooby Doo! Velaney can't bring herself to say curse words, and it's adorable to listen to her thoughts. But in the very beginning of the story, she finds herself up close and personal with one very hot, very sexy firefighter named Eric. Heaven knows I wish I had me an Eric!! He's Velaney's knight in shining armor, her guardian angel, her protector all rolled up in one hot, muscled package! But Velaney isn't as quick to admit that as the reader so she keeps denying herself the one thing we keep begging her to give into. She's got some baggage from a bad history and it keeps her from moving forward in life and relationships. Carissa is Velaney's best friend in the world and is there to keep waving her magic wand and pushing Laney to live life and not let the past hold her back. Eric refuses to give up on what he knows feels right, although he does come off a bit stalkerish at first. He's hot, and his heart is in the right place, so it's easy to forgive him. Velaney finally makes progress moving beyond her nightmares and starts accepting what Eric so eagerly has to offer; however, as fate would have it, the past comes back to haunt her and threaten her newly found strength and happiness. She does what any distraught book damsel does, she runs from the one person she should be running to! You find yourself yelling at her to stop, but she doesn't listen right away. She finally comes to her senses, but is it too late for her and Eric?? This is NOT a stand alone novel, unless you're into nail biting, heart stopping cliffhangers! You find yourself rooting for these two to get their HEA, but you won't find it in Spark...hopefully we'll get it in the second book in the Spark series, Burn.
Dragonskull2523 More than 1 year ago
So anyone who has read any of my reviews knows I hate cliffhangers. This one wasn't horrible and I absolutely loved the story! I can't wait to get the second one and continue. :) Great, great book. It wasn't a squealer but it made me cry and laugh.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have to say if my boyfriend kissed the way Eric does I would never leave the house. Velaney meets Eric who is a firefighter in an unusual way. Don't get me wrong I would love to meet a HOT, tattooed, southern fireman just not in a fire. Velaney grew up in a christian home but she wasn't close to her parents or brother. Matter of fact her brother is a pervert. As I read Velaney's memories of what her brother did to her, I thought I was going to get sick. But this happens believe it or not. I have to give it to her though. I think I would of snapped with in those 2 yrs that her brother Aiden tortured and molested her. Then to have her parents not do nothing. Oh hell no. Eric does his best to get Velaney. He knew he had to have her the minute he saw her laying in her bed, in her lace nightie. He was done for. After some coaxing and a few dates that were not really dates, Velaney gives in. She can't deny that she is totally attracted to Eric. I mean just his kiss makes her insides sizzle. There is a SPARK between them. With every relationship there are bumps, trials and tribulations. That is to be expected. Your past comes up and you learn to work through it. Only Velaney she can't. With her bad childhood she doesn't let anyone in. She is afraid to love and be loved. It takes a while for Velaney to warm up to Eric. They mess around, make it to 3rd base but no more. There are things that Eric does that reminds Velaney of her past, her brother and what he did to her. Eric,though he helps her get past this. As every day goes by Eric falls more for Velaney.  Once everything was out and in the open about her past, well most of it. Velaney let Eric in. Boy I have to tell you, the sex was great!! I get Velaney I really do. I don't want to get into it to much but I have been in her shoes only it wasn't a brother. I ran like she did. I ran and never wanted to look back.  This story was more in Velaney's point of view. You need to pick up a copy of this book. It is amazing. I have had it on my kindle for some time. I am not sure why I have waited so long to read it. Thank you Brooke for opening my eyes up to hot fireman
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Round Table Book Reviews In books that center around romance, the one thing that has to be felt maybe even more so than the plot is the connection between the male and female character. This book very much lacked that connection or any chemistry. I didn’t feel the sexual tension. I couldn’t understand their relationship, why he (Eric) felt for her when none of his actions showed that, why she (Velaney) felt for him when none of her actions showed that. I was just lost on them. And it was a little cheesy that he was always there “saving” her or she was constantly running smack into him. When I don’t feel the connection, it’s really hard to get into the story. I also had a hard time with Velaney and her roommate/friend Carissa. I wasn’t sold on them either.  The premise of the story could have been fantastic, guy saves girl can be a lovely storyline. But, the sentence structures were stilted with 4-5 words per sentence and a lot of things were repeated multiple times, such as her need to run, the anger she felt, or the fact that Carissa couldn’t cook. I would constantly think that I had just read that same line a few paragraphs ago. Also Eric is supposed to be from Texas and sometimes he would speak like it, and other times it would be completely normal so there was a lack of consistency.  I know a lot of people loved this book, but I just couldn’t get into it.  There were no spelling errors or anything to take me away from the story; it was just how the story was told that didn’t keep me entertained. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was not that good of a book.