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A Sparrow Falls

A Sparrow Falls

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by Wilbur Smith

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These audiobooks from Macmillan UK offer abridged readings of some of the world¹s most popular authors. Handsomely packaged, they feature readings by eminent actors of the stage and screen, including James Fox, Martin Shaw, Tim Pigott-Smith, and David Rintoul.


These audiobooks from Macmillan UK offer abridged readings of some of the world¹s most popular authors. Handsomely packaged, they feature readings by eminent actors of the stage and screen, including James Fox, Martin Shaw, Tim Pigott-Smith, and David Rintoul.

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“Wilbur Smith is an adept at thrilling and harrowing scenes, researches his facts, gets it all too horribly spot-on. Terribly competent ...” —The Sunday Times

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Random House Adult Trade Publishing Group
Publication date:
Courtney Series, #3

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A Sparrow Falls

By Wilbur Smith

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 1977 Wilbur Smith
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-9679-2




"Triumph of the Sun is everything [Smith's] fans have come to expect: masterful storytelling and breathtaking adventure ... chalk up another winner."

Times Record News (Wichita Falls, TX)

"Espionage, disguise, stabbings in the dark ... a story that is — like the Nile itself — swift and powerful."


"Wildly entertaining, compulsively readable."

Sunday Telegraph (UK)


"The eleventh volume in Smith's saga of the Courtney clan is every bit as riveting as its predecessors. Brimming with bravado, greed, and romance."


"Really big retro-fun."

Kirkus Reviews

"A swashbuckling, brawling, sprawling historical epic. Rich, exciting, and fascinating."

Library Journal

"Adventure and danger at every turn."

New York Daily News

"Gripping. The writer's fans will enjoy the ride."

Publishers Weekly

"Master storyteller Smith takes his story into another generation of adventurers battling on the sea and on land in the settling of South Africa."

Tulsa World

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"Everything Smith's fans have come to expect from his epic adventure novels. His consummate skill at crafting vast battle scenes, passionate and wildly romantic characters, cruel and bloodthirsty villains, and larger-than-life heroes make Blue Horizon irresistible."

Journal (Flint, MI)


"When it comes to historical fiction, Smith is without rival. He is a warlock of writers."

Tulsa World

"Filled with enough action, adventure, battles, betrayals, and actual cliffhangers to satisfy Indiana Jones, Wilbur Smith's new novel Warlock is a rousing and worthy sequel to River God."

The Plain Dealer

"Seamlessly composed, this epic historical drama by veteran author Smith tracks a power struggle in ancient Egypt between false pharaohs and a true royal heir, evoking the cruel glories and terrible torments of the era. Those willing to brave the blood and gore will be carried away by the sweep and pace of Smith's tale."

Publishers Weekly

"Each time I read a new Wilbur Smith I say it is the best book I have ever read — until the next one. It's the same, with Warlock. Brilliant ... irresistible and impossible to put down."

Times Record News (Wichita Falls, TX)

"Those of you familiar with Smith's writing ... can expect more of his signature brand of pulse-pounding, 'Perils of Pauline'— style of adventure and excitement, with more blood and guts than a slaughterhouse."

Tampa Tribune Times

"This summer's most entertaining read ... another full-blown tale of war, intrigue, murder, lust, and true love set in ancient Egypt. [This] is really the book Taita fans have been waiting for."

Flint Journal

"Smith is at the top of his game in weaving exotic adventures in this work. Very highly recommended."

Library Journal

"Smith ... returns to the genre with this epic action tale of intrigue, suspense, and adventure set in ancient Egypt. His many fans will be clamoring for copies of this one."


"A stirring tale, full of chariot battles ... Smith has whipped up a heady brew ... and undoubtedly deserves his immense popularity far more than most of his rivals."

Evening Standard (UK)

"You can almost feel the heat and taste the dust as the narrative builds to a cracking pace ... [Warlock] is a ripping yarn and a classic adventure story."

Irish News


"A grand tale of intrigue, deception, true love, and exile."

The Denver Post

"Vivid and fascinating ... packed with passion, war, intrigue and revenge ... sprawling and absorbing ... gripping ... A racy rampage through ancient Egypt that puts the reader right there with details that are intimate, inspiring, horrifying.... The author makes you see it, hear it — even smell it ... Fans will be happy to know Smith hasn't lost his touch for the dramatic, exotic adventure story."

The Orlando Sentinel

"A page-turner ... few novelists can write action scenes that all but leap off the page the way Smith can ... his detailed portrait of ancient Egypt is fascinating."

Anniston Star (TX)

"Smith tackles the elevated literary fields of ancient Egypt, and comes up with a full-blooded epic."

The London Times


Excerpted from A Sparrow Falls by Wilbur Smith. Copyright © 1977 Wilbur Smith. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His bestselling Courtney series includes Assegai, The Sound of Thunder, Birds of Prey, Monsoon, and Blue Horizon. His other books include Those in Peril, River God, Warlock, The Seventh Scroll, and The Sunbird. His books are now translated into twenty-six languages and have sold over 120 million copies. Smith was born to a British family in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, in Central Africa, and attended Rhodes University in South Africa. He has homes in Cape Town, London, Switzerland and Malta.

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