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Speak from the Heart: Be Yourself and Get Results

Speak from the Heart: Be Yourself and Get Results

by Steve Adubato, Theresa Foy DiGeronimo (With)

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In Speak from the Heart, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, newspaper columnist, and motivational speaker Steve Adubato reveals the secrets to being a great communicator -- with a program that will dramatically change the way you talk, listen, and connect with others.

Steve Adubato's life experiences, both professional and as a husband, son, brother, and father, have


In Speak from the Heart, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, newspaper columnist, and motivational speaker Steve Adubato reveals the secrets to being a great communicator -- with a program that will dramatically change the way you talk, listen, and connect with others.

Steve Adubato's life experiences, both professional and as a husband, son, brother, and father, have taught him invaluable lessons about the power of personal, sincere communication. In Speak from the Heart, he demonstrates that being a truly great communicator is not simply about being articulate or being a "good talker." It is not about fancy visuals and PowerPoint presentations, or hard-core sales pitches, or even who has the most facts, figures, and technical wizardry. What really counts is making an authentic connection with other people that comes not merely from the intellect but from the heart.

If you want to make a lasting impact, Dr. Adubato shows you how to engage people through empathy and understanding, how to be a great listener, and how to make an audience -- whether one, one hundred, or one thousand people -- care about you and your message. He helps you to rely less on written speeches, teleprompters, and index cards full of too much forgettable information, and learn, instead, how to tell a compelling story and create excitement and enthusiasm. You will learn, for example, how to:

• Lecture less and engage more

• Communicate under pressure

• Make effective use of eye contact

• Develop a conversational style

• Inspire in a human, personal way

• Become comfortable with your core message

Speak from the Heart will not only make it easier for you to communicate your message without being ignored or misunderstood; it will also improve your relationships with other people and help you to become more productive at work -- with more satisfaction and less stress.

Written by a man who has trained thousands of professionals in all walks of life, including corporate managers, lawyers, educators, health professionals, salespeople, and customer service reps, Speak from the Heart is for anyone who interacts with others at work, at home, in the community, or at social functions.

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From the Publisher
Mark Victor Hansen co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul The heart of speaking is speaking from the heart, and Steve Adubato has mastered this important art form and shares with you its mighty secrets.

Bill Bradley former U.S. Senator It took me ten years of public speaking to learn what Speak from the Heart shares in a few hours of reading...A great resource and a fun read!

Tommy Lasorda former manager, Los Angeles Dodgers, two-time World Series Champions Steve Adubato has hit a home run with Speak from the Heart. It's passionate, personal, and practical.

Bill Baker President, WNET/Channel 13 (PBS), New York Steve is a one-of-a-kind communicator who gives advice that can help you get heard in an increasingly superficial world.

Laura Berman Fortgang author of Living Your Best Life Whether you need to make a speech or talk straight with your kids, Speak from the Heart will become your bible for expressing yourself.

Dr. Jane Greer author of Gridlock: Finding the Courage to Move On in Love, Work and Life In Speak from the Heart, Dr. Adubato demonstrates how passion and compassion can empower and enrich all your personal and professional relationships...A must-read.

We often forget how closely the physical act of speaking is tied to our fortunes in the world: Even the word vocation derives from the Latin word vox, which we would translate as "voice." In this well-presented book, Steve Adubato, himself a television anchor and voice trainer, and his coauthor, Theresa Foy DiGeronimo, teach you how to understand and manage all the major facets involved in communicating with others. From body language to eye contact, empathic listening, and the basics of small talk, the authors explore all the nuances and possibilities that we often overlook. From there, they go on to offer specific suggestions on how to be a better speaker in work situations. People who wish to improve their communication skills will find the advice and instructions contained in this book to be of real help.
Library Journal
These two books treat similar subjects, but the contrasts are significant. One covers the entire landscape of speaking, whereas the other focuses just on "small talk." The title of Speak from the Heart describes the book's very solid premise. Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and motivational speaker Adubato emphasizes the importance of being genuine as he attempts to cover every conceivable speaking situation, including public speaking, private conversations, group discussions, and listening. He guides readers in the use of eye contact, developing a conversational style, and being comfortable with their message. Despite many charming personal anecdotes and stories drawn from other sources, this book remains a heavy read. Ironically, while Adubato tells us to make a connection with our audience rather than to "cover the material," he does a much better job of covering the material than of connecting. In contrast, Fine fully engages her audience. She involves readers in the discussion and gives lists of lines people can use to start, maintain, or end a conversation. She discusses conversation topics and how to use them and also includes quizzes, throws in a poem, and scatters a few cartoons to break up the text. Originally released as an audiocassette in 1997, this work comes across much like one of her seminars on small talk. The Fine Art of Small Talk does everything that Speak from the Heart says should be done. Adubato's book is best for academic libraries or large public and business libraries. Fine's is a better choice for most public libraries, as well as business libraries. David Leonhardt, Toronto Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush faced the most difficult task of his presidency. As a public figure not known to be a compelling or charismatic speaker, he had to talk directly to the American people about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — acts that were beyond words, beyond description, and beyond comprehension. What could he say to address our fears and bolster our spirits? After much soul searching, he chose to leave unspoken the political jargon and the facts and figures of central intelligence. Instead, he offered America a glimpse of his own feelings and emotions — his own sense of patriotism. On that day, and for weeks and months after, President Bush was more than simply a politician. He was a compassionate and caring leader to the thousands of grieving families of those who had died. And his words continued to be a steady and calming presence in the midst of horror and devastation for all of us. You can't do that without speaking from a highly personal and human perspective. You can't do that without speaking from the heart.

This compelling example and my own experience as a state legislator, broadcaster, motivational speaker, and university professor have taught me invaluable lessons about the power of honest communication. Speak from the Heart shares these lessons and introduces a new way of communicating and connecting with others. You will learn that being a truly great communicator is not about simply being articulate. It is not about being a "good talker." It is not about fancy visuals and PowerPoint presentations that are nothing more than data dumps. It's about feelings, and human connection, and engagement, and empathy. It's not about who has the most facts, figures, and technical wizardry. It's about who can make an audience care about the message and who can find the words that touch not only the intellect but also the heart.

The title of this book perfectly expresses what these pages boil down to. My premise is that too many of us don't understand how to communicate in ways that reach others on a personal human level. I believe that the way we have been taught to view communication is convoluted and often counterproductive. From elementary school on, we have been told that the purpose of communication is largely "to transmit information." What a narrow view! The problem with simply giving out information is that it is a one-way experience and not especially engaging. Effective communication means more than just sending out a message and hoping it is received. It means touching people, moving people, and connecting with people, be it one or one hundred. From the U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell and former Dodger Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda to lesser known but no less dynamic communicators, this book explores the essence of being real with yourself and with your audience.

This book is for all those who were taught to give book reports as little kids by reading verbatim from a piece of paper to make sure all the material was covered. It's for those of us who were forced to listen to unimaginative college professors who lectured from the same tired notes year after year without passion or enthusiasm, much less with eye contact. It is also for the PTA president, community activist, or toast giver who is deathly afraid to speak in public because he or she lacks the tools, and therefore the confidence, to do it well.

Beyond public speaking, this book attempts to understand what it takes to engage in a meaningful conversation. Small talk can pay big dividends. Together, we will explore the power of what we don't say and also how body language and nonverbal cues can either support or contradict our words. We will delve into how to make a positive first impression while still being true to yourself and not being a "phony." We'll consider what it takes to be a truly great and caring listener. We'll discuss the importance of empathy and compassion and of improving our relationship with family, friends, and colleagues.

This book is especially relevant to all those who lead or are part of a team. I am fascinated by teamwork and the communication skills required to keep a group of unique personalities focused on a single goal. To show that there is no one "correct" way to lead a team, I have profiled numerous leaders with differing styles, from the quiet, calm, and supportive Yankee manager Joe Torre, to an intense, in-your-face CEO who believes you need to "kick some ass" to get your people to respond. I have also shared my own experiences as a flawed but always ready-to-learn leader, who believes that what it often comes down to is the ability to communicate compassion, caring, and confidence to those who are willing to stand beside you. These teamwork tools and tips are no less relevant to a family team of five than to a corporate team of five thousand.

No book about communication would be complete without addressing the influence of information technology. If you use computers, e-mail, PowerPoint, cell phones, faxes, or beepers, I'll show you why, as great as high-tech tools can be, you must avoid the temptation to hide behind them or let them control you or your message. It's crucial to remember that the message is always in you — not in the equipment. In a world dominated by instant and constant high-tech communication, keeping the human touch is more important than ever.

We will also explore the world of gender communication, drawing on the expertise and wisdom of gender experts Dr. Patricia Kuchon and Dr. King Mott, as well as a group of men and women, including some of my closest friends and family, who were willing to share their feelings, fears, and confusion about communicating with the opposite sex.

Ultimately, speaking from the heart comes down to being real and knowing yourself. Being a great communicator is not about copying someone else's style. It is about knowing what's in your heart and asking yourself what you truly believe, then having the courage, passion, and conviction to share those beliefs with others. How can you be yourself without knowing yourself? From Oprah and actor/entertainer Joe Piscopo to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anna Quindlen, the final chapter makes the case that speaking from the heart requires a level of honesty and introspection that many of us have not yet explored. It requires us to ask challenging questions. It is the answers to these questions that allow us a level of freedom and confidence that is amazingly liberating. I know because I've asked and answered some of these questions, and I know what it has done for me as a person and as a communicator.

Copyright © 2002 by Steve Adubato

Meet the Author

Steve Adubato, Ph.D., has enjoyed a distinguished career as a broadcaster, author, university professor, and motivational speaker. Steve is a Rutgers University lecturer, four-time Emmy Award-winning television anchor for WNET/Channel 13 (PBS), and newspaper columnist. In addition to his work on public television, Steve is an expert commentator for ABC/7 in New York. Adubato also served in the mid-1980s as New Jersey's youngest state legislator at age twenty-six.

A much sought-after motivational speaker, for the past decade Dr. Adubato has conducted communication, leadership, and team-building workshops for a variety of clients in the corporate and nonprofit sectors, including Prudential, PaineWebber, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, the United Nations, and the American Cancer Society. His motivational program, called "Stand and Deliver: Speak from the Heart," is a dynamic, hands-on professional development and training program that Dr. Adubato created to help professionals reach their potential as communicators and leaders. You can visit the program's Web site at www.stand-deliver.com.

Currently the anchor of two WNET/Channel 13 (PBS) broadcasts and a syndicated television series called "One-on-One" with Steve Adubato, Adubato has interviewed hundreds of guests, including such public figures as Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Bill Bradley, Al Gore, Bobbi Brown, Ralph Nader, Sam Donaldson, Tommy Lasorda, David Dinkins, Ed Koch, Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson, and Christie Whitman. He has also gone one-on-one with CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, and athletes, as well as with ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

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